DULUTH (AP) — A Democrat running in a special election for a northern Minnesota House seat is criticizing an ad that shows a hunter sighting along a gun with the line “take your best shot.”

The Duluth News Tribune reports that the brochure was mailed this week by the GOP in support of Republican Paul Jacobson. Jacobson is running against Democrat Carly Melin in the Feb. 15 election.

Melin’s photo appears on the page after the hunter’s photo. Melin says no candidate should be subject to what she calls an assault.

Republican State Party Chairman dismisses Melin’s criticism as ridiculous. He says the ad is about sporting issues.

Independence Party candidate Cynthia Kafut-Hagen is also in the race.

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Comments (6)
  1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    If the ad is about sporting issues, why is it next to Melin’s photo?

    1. John says:

      News story said it appeared on the page after the hunter (ANOTHER page, duh!).
      Might want to check Melin’s platform on what type of gun you should be allowed to have.

  2. Scott Jungmann says:

    Man up Sally Pants.

  3. F says:

    Yup, just likeSarah Palin’s “surveyor crosshairs.”

  4. over here says:

    Incredibly bad timing for this ad. Both parties belong in remedial therapy.

  5. Mason says:

    Pay attention. Stop dismissing things likt this as nothing. Another example of Republicans pushing buttons.

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