ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A House panel is expected to vote Tuesday on two proposals that would require voters to produce photo identification before voting.

The Government Operations and Elections Committee is considering bills from Republican Reps. Mike Benson and Mary Kiffmeyer. The panel heard from dozens of people on both sides of the issue last week.

Both bills would require voters to show a photo ID before receiving a ballot. They would also allow for free government-issued IDs for those who don’t have driver’s licenses or other acceptable photo IDs.

Registered Minnesota voters currently don’t have to show photo identification before voting.

State law also allows election-day registration with proof of residence such as a driver’s license, expired ID with a utility bill or having a registered voter vouch the voter’s residence.

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Comments (30)
  1. Ellen says:


  2. 1627 says:

    Unless there is an electronisc system thar catches this it won’t work… Not that I care one was or another. And is this really that big of a deal when so many people are still unemployed, gas prices are rising, funding for seniors is being cut, funding for education is being cut and this list goes on. As far as I am concerned stop wasting my money on stupid issues and lets start facing some of the big ones.

    1. mark from says:

      @1627 You play a victim very well, but we have heard enough from people like you. Game over get an ID

  3. Mike says:

    This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to distract people from the real issues (It’s the economy people.) This is nothing more than scare politics that get people like Ellen all worked up and posting in all CAPS.
    If you’re worried about your rights being taken away look no farther than big business, big banks, and the stock market. That’s where the real fraud exists.

    1. hoover says:

      Mike – give me a break – this about showing a photo ID to vote – it’s a very simple concept, certainly not worthy of your ranting about big business- get off your soap box

  4. hoover says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could be against this. Aren’t you supposed to carry an ID regardless? It’s a really easy step to take to try to deter voter fraud.

    1. Another Bob says:

      According to the right leaning Supreme Court, “NO”. You are not required to carry ID.

      1. Not sure says:

        I think that if a police officer asks you for an id and you don’t have one you get arrested.

  5. fan says:

    How big is our government going to get- now we might have to show id to vote? More rights being taken away.

  6. Another Bob says:

    Is there money allocated to help elderly and diabled get to wherever they can get a card?

    How do you handle absentee voting?

    This is directed at eliminating the votes of the poor.

    “Excuse me boss sir, but I need to take time off from (one of) my low wage job(s) to get a card to vote. No don’t worry my landlord won’t charge me rent and I really don’t have to eat. . . “

  7. Another Bob says:

    This starts to sound like a revival of the poll tax.

    1. CACHE says:

      Hey clueless…I’d like see a rule if you pay NO taxes, are on welfare or don’t own any land you don’t get to vote…period…I sick of the voters who keep voting in thug politicians who are give away merchants to get votes!

      1. Another Bob says:

        The top %1 of this country’s wealthy do not pay taxes. So, they don’t get to vote?

      2. Dumb says:

        I think that those who wish to take away anybody’s right to vote based on their economic status once again show that they don’t have any clue what they are talking about most of the time. Period. Turn off Fox News… must own land… omg, what a bunch of crap.

  8. MAJ says:

    I am a Sr. Citizen and do not know anyone who does not have a Drivers License. If these folks can get to the polling places they can think ahead and go obtain ID. All the excuses do not fly with me. Speaking of flying, I’m assuming they have NEVER had to show ID at an airport. Voting is a privilege.

    1. Another Bob says:

      The poor do not fly. I’m sure that doesn’t apply to any of your friends.

      Most do not own a car. “ditto above”

      I have been at my polling place to vote and have seen the buses of elderly in walkers and wheelchairs coming to vote.

      Voting is a privilege open to everyone. If you can afford to get a card. Make no mistake this will cost money.

      ID cards cost $18.00.

      You willing to pay more taxes to cover the cost?

    2. Another Bob says:

      Voting is a Right not a privilege. Check the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

      Please fact check not gut check.

  9. Flanders says:

    I almost didn’t stop by to read these comments. I’m glad I did. Thank you all. This was fun.

  10. Chuck says:

    My 93 year old father does not drive anymore, but he DOES vote. He lives on SS and a few investments. Should he have to go someware somehow to get an ID now that he has let his drivers license laps? What will it cont him and, oh by the way, he is a rural person and to get any kind of ID he would have to travel 10 miles to the county seat to get it. Maybe he could do it b y phone, oh I guess that wouldn’t stop any fraud would it?

    1. Cache says:

      My 90 year old mother does not drive anymore but she still has her old clipped photo Drivers license…to cash checks and vote….get real!

  11. MAJ says:

    Chuck – when you live in the country as I do every place is ten miles. (Short distance for country folks.) Check with your Dad. He probably kept his Drivers License. How could you not keep it for sentimental value. I’m sure he as a neighbor that would take him to get an ID. That is what country folks do.

  12. Cache says:

    ……Last election we had 30,000 more votes than registered voters…What? An the AG and Sec. Ritchie say ‘I dunno”! We got Fruitloop Franken…No Fraud…do we have democrats????…I rest my case

  13. Chuck says:

    MAJ So your answer is to use expired drivers licenses, how about SS cards. We don’t have any false ones of those in this country do we????????

  14. Karen says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. A person should have to prove that they are legally elegible to vote. A person has to prove they can legally buy liquor, cigarettes, rent a car, etc. No one should kick about being required to prove they are legally elegible to vote.

  15. dunnski57 says:


    Re-read your post. What is it about same day registration that you don’t understand??

    This proposal is a solution in search of a problem – kind of like putting a dome over Minnesota to keep the Martians out – it would probably work work but not be necessary.

  16. HMMMMM says:

    I think an ID is a great idea I went to school at UWRF and a student asked me to go vote with his group they just got done and heading over to go vote again and wanted me to go to other poll sites with him. One guy said he voted three times. I did report this and all that was said we will look into it

  17. Alex V says:

    This is a solution in search of a problem. It will cost our state $40 million at a time when we are broke. It won’t do anything to address the concerns that proponents raise, which are non citizens voting and felons voting. Your ID doesn’t have your immigration status or criminal history on it. You don’t have to be a citizen to get a driver’s license. Furthermore, if you bother to read the bill, you will see that it prohibits those who are physically unable to fill out the ballot themselves from receiving assistance. Clearly a violation of the federal ADA. It also stops college students from voting at school. The bottom line is that this bill will stop many more people from voting legally than illegally.

  18. Kevin says:

    Good God…how will my friends come over from Wisconsin to vote several times? This just sucks!!!!

  19. Allah says:

    You know idiots….it really easy to get an ID….you can get a state ID….its really easy!!!! So if you want to vote…..have an ID….if not….oh well….

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