He’s been said to have the voice of an angel, offering a slice of heaven here on Earth. His powerful vocals have been known to make those in earshot break down in tears and on more than one occasion, he’s changed the lives of others simply through song.

Everything about Robert Robinson is larger than life — his influence on the community, his impact on gospel music and yes, even his mere presence. But the one thing you won’t find to be above-and-beyond from this uber-talented musician is his ego.

Though he’s on the cusp of recording his 13th CD, which highlights and honors some of the greatest songs of his extensive career, Robinson’s humility is something to behold. It’s clear that after 20 years of founding and leading the Twin Cities Community Gospel Choir, both his faith and his passion only continue to grow.

While many credit gospel music for the start of their singing careers, Robinson says simply, it’s just what he was meant to do.

“This is not to say that other people don’t have personal relationships with God, but my personal relationship with God has just been so overwhelmingly powerful in my life,” he said. “I just really have been blessed by being a part of gospel music, a part of what it has done for people, what it says to people. I love the affect of it all. I’ve always just been very thankful to be a part of it.”

Robinson said for him, there’s never been a desire to do anything else.

“This is just where my heart is, it’s where I feel like I was born to share my gift,” he said. “I’m comfortable here.”

And comfortable he should be. Robinson has been recognized both locally and nationally for that powerful gift of his, being named everything from “Minnesota’s Master Male Vocalist” to “the Pavarotti of gospel.” His voice has touched people in a way so powerful that it’s given the hopeless something to hope for and those looking to start anew, a reason to sing again. And it’s with this prowess that Robinson is eager (and admittedly a little anxious) about his newest project.

On Saturday, Feb. 12, Robinson will bring together two Twin Cities’ church choirs for a live concert that will be recorded for his new CD. The concert will feature fan favorites and never-been-recorded songs.

“The music that we’re going to record for this are songs that I have been singing with the two choirs that I’ve been working with, St. Joan of Arc and Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church choirs. I have been singing with these choirs for 10 years or better, doing concerts with them, services on Sunday morning,” Robinson said. “And they’re songs that have all touched us or moved us in powerful ways.”

Robinson said the process of recording these great songs should be a great time for anyone who wants to come and watch some music in the making.

“We’re going to sing til we drop,” he said with a laugh.

The event takes place at 7:30 p.m., doors open at 7 p.m., on Saturday, Feb. 12 at the Hopkins High School Auditorium, 2400 Lindbergh Drive in Minnetonka. Tickets are $15 and can be purchase online here. For more information about Robert Robinson and to hear some of his music, check out his website.

Sara Boyd is a web producer and columnist at WCCO.COM.


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