WCCO’s Dave Lee Interviews Sen. Klobuchar

By Courtney King, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In late January, Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota and Sen. Scott Brown of Massachusetts introduced bipartisan legislation that would help revitalize America’s innovative edge and ability to compete in the global economy.

“We looked at a bunch of things to see what’s really going to help here. One, making it easier to export and what are the barriers for some of our top exporting industries,” said Klobuchar. “That includes Minnesota things like agriculture, agriculture machinery, medical devices, and a lot of our high-tech work.”

Klobuchar said the second thing is making sure when people go to get a degree — whether it’s at a college or a technical school degree — that it’s really aimed in an area where they’re going to be able to find a job.

Another of the senator’s concerns is the shortage of drugs, especially cancer drugs.

“We are trying to get the drug companies to give an early warning to the FDA. So if they are going to run out of a drug or stop making it, it’s not the patients that have to bare the problem here, or the doctor’s.”

Senator Klobuchar may have many important issues on her plate, but there is only one she calls “Taconite Tator Tot,” her award-winning hotdish.

“People like it, except my daughter and a few Scandinavians thought it was too spicy because of the pepperjack cheese. It’s just a little pepperjack cheese. I made it for the Super Bowl and she thought it was a little spicy,” joked Klobuchar.

Comments (9)
  1. Joey Joe Jo says:

    Who cares what your degree is in. I have a B.A. and I’ve never held a job even remotely close to that field, yet I’m happy and successful. Quit trying to control us! Klobuchar is another politician that needs to go.

    1. bob says:

      Whine whine. The USA needs to compete, we lack behind in almost everything. I too hold a BA and never held a job related to m field but my BA has oepned the door for other field opportunites for me.

      Maybe you should go!

    2. anonymous says:

      But just having the degree is a benefit for you over people who don’t.
      At least Klobuchar actually works to do things for MN. I suppose you support Bachmann who hasn’t done anything specific for our state.

    3. lefty says:

      what does your stand big a$$ and i am sure if you could have gotten yours for half the price you would have turned down the opportunity to save some money two faced idiots maybe you should go try Alaska

      1. righty says:

        Lefty – HUH?!?!?!?

    4. Cache says:

      You are maroon and a maroon live in la La Land. You have drank the Klobuchar Cool aid. She giving you the Cheshire grin as she slips a chive in your back. look at what she votes for versus what she says…for the dense…she is a liar!

  2. Vincent says:

    She talks about helping the med device industry after she voted for Obamacare which put a huge tax on med device companies.

  3. Terri says:

    Does Bachman look like Nixon in that picture or what! she looks like she has all the answers doesn’t she. She is a joke. Vote Amy.

  4. Norm ledeboer says:

    Senator Amy Klobuchar;

    Thanks for your good and hard work for USA. Wefeel that the USA should take a long & hard look at all the financial aid we are giving to other countries, especially now in light of our huge debt and the interest on this debt. Much of this aid is not appreciated and may be wasted as well. Thanks, Norm & Sharon Ledeboer

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