By Rachel Slavik, WCCO-TV

ROGERS (WCCO) — The Rogers Police Chief and a police sergeant are on paid administrative leave, following an investigation.

Chief Jeff Luther was placed on paid leave at 5p.m. Thursday. Sgt. Joleen Pitts was placed on leave at 6:30 p.m. Thursday.

City leaders aren’t giving any information on this case stating in a letter, “Because this matter involves private personnel data, the City is precluded by the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act from commenting further.”

“The investigation is ongoing so there’s no comment I can make about it,” said Captain Scott Fildes of the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office.

To avoid a conflict of interest, on Wednesday, Rogers city leaders turned to an outside agency, the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office, and requested them to conduct an investigation on their behalf.

A city councilor said Luther had been on the job about two years, but did not know how long Luther or Pitts have actually been on the force.

Rogers has a fairly small police department with approximately 13 officers, so the absence of two is noticeable.

Captain Mike Miller will serve as the acting chief while Luther is on leave.

Luther was a veteran Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension agent for almost 25 years before becoming Rogers police chief in July 2008.

Comments (27)
  1. Bluepmil says:

    This city has been in the news twice in the last month. Last time it was a fire fighter. It all starts at the top, control your monkeys.

  2. Shane G says:

    How can people risk sacrificing such good incomes? First it was the Nurse stealing painkillers..who probably makes about $60,000 a year. Now it’s the Police Chief who makes say $75,000 a year and the SGT. $59,000 a year. I would love to make that kind of money and would do everything I could not to lose my job.

    1. Billy says:

      Cuz stupid people like that think they are above the law and won’t get caught.

  3. getridofdruggies says:

    Ramsey is the next problem precinct.. The cops always protect the drug dealers. Why do they question the people that submit the information and treat them as criminals? It is a pretty scarey world. I guess if they can pay for their mortgage (no matter how questionable it is) they are just people who keep different hours and lifestyles. Amazing! This area has the highest meth use in the state, but the cops cannot or willnot investigate. Ramsey has people living in $800,000 houses and neither spouse works. Cars come and go all hours of the night. Citizens provide license plate numbers and video. They get a response that they are harassing the offender. A complete overhaul needs to be done to ensure the public has honest cops that are working on their behalf and not the thugs.

    1. getridofnosyneighbors says:

      Let me guess, this is how your “getting involved” works in Ramsey. Phone call to Police–“I have terrible neighbors who are drug dealers.” Police–what are their names? You-I have no idea, that’s your job to find out. Police–Why do you think they’re drug dealers? You–There are people coming and going all the time. Police–What are they doing? You–I have no idea, that’s your job to find out. Police–Have you ever seen any activity that would constitute a crime so we can act on it? You–No, that’s your job to find out. Police–If we make an arrest, would you be willing to testify about what you saw and why you called? You–of course not! That’s your job. I’m too busy watching too much tv and spying on my neighbors who I know nothing about, but I know everything because I watch CSI.

      Then while the police are trying to build a case based on nothing, and taking their time to try and do the job right so when they are able to make an arrest, it doesn’t get tossed out in court, you are busy criticizing them and thinking you know everything, because you just got done watching Law and Order, NCIS and Criminal Minds, so you KNOW that all crimes get solved in less than an hour and the police have all kinds of fancy equipment at their disposal and really are just lazy and don’t know what they’re doing. Drug investigations take YEARS. The police can’t just walk into somebody’s house and arrest them because a neighbor says to. When you’re done spying on all your neighbors, get a life and find out how the real world works before you shoot your mouth off about things you know nothing about.

  4. hejlena says:

    whats a bag draining?

  5. Friend of Mrs. Pitts says:

    I am good family friends with the Pitts family and the same age as her daughter. I have never seen Joleen without a smile on her face and shes always willing to listen. Her and husband are some of the leaders at our Sr. High Youth Group at church and we all appreciate their presence. Shes an amazing women and no matter what happens we will always be glad to see her, and we hope this all clears up quickly. We are praying for you Joleen!

  6. Old man gus says:

    What I don’t understand is that if John Q Civilian pulled what ever shenanigans these two obviously pulled, they’d loose their jobs and pay checks in a heart beat and the media would be all over it like stink on dung, If you’re a cop, it’s all cool and apparently OK. The difference between a bad guy & a cop?…..A badge.

    1. Shelley says:

      Innocent until proven guilty….you have no idea what they may or may not have done. Wait until you find out before judging.

    2. whatever says:

      They are on leave and they’re faces are plastered all over the media, so apparently its not cool and okay. What more do you want? Since you don’t know what “shenanigans” they pulled, your comment is completely uncalled for and immature “Old man.” Let me guess, one of these officers gave you a ticket and you were of course completely innocent??

  7. Arnie says:

    One patriot (Shelly) 12 cinics. It may have been someone making trouble or maybe not.

  8. Vonney says:

    Everyone – take a deep breath & STOP judging. We don’t know the facts yet. Anyone can be accused of anything at any time. There but for the Grace of God go I. Let’s use our energy to pray for these two human beings who are going through so much stress right now, instead of blindly condemning them. Thank you.

  9. Old man (2) says:

    Hey ‘CCO. Your story is off the mark. Your missing the story.
    The real story is the council is trying to fire the chief and get their drinking buddy Capt Miller appointed chief. They are still mad that their old buddy chief got fired. Here is some invesitgative work done for you. Ask Mayor Grimm, Council member Bell and Council member Bunting the following question: Before chief Luther came on , what was the nepotism policy of the Rogers Police Department? Then ask them why this question should be asked. See if they will tell you the truth.

    Then ask if there is any connection with a month old case about the son of a VERY prominent family who also is a senior employee of Rogers getting busted for DUI.

    1. rich says:

      Sounds like some of the stuff that goes on in the city of Blaine

    2. chimp says:

      so how does a young female off. play in to the story, listen old stubborn pile, you will be surprised about y thyre on leave it has nothing to do with ur old wrinkly chief ok near death bg of skin

    3. the Voice says:

      Please get your facts straight…The old CHief did not get fired, he retired…

  10. Dear Old MAn 2 says:

    you sound like sour grapes to me. Two totally different and unrelated events, but of course you will capitalize on anything to try to discredit the current administration. Hey Adams and Davis, sour grapes or what? You were voted out because you took your agenda too far, just like the democrats in the senate this past November. Keep spouting off and you may find that rail can carry more out of town than just trains. By the way, why have you two been meeting privately with the on leave cheif for the past two months? What business could you two have with him, the man that you put into that position?

    1. Scott Adams says:

      I am the Adams referred to in this posting, a Former Rogers Councilman. I am no longer on the Council and am a private citizen. This posting is false, contains lies and is slanderous. You have 24 hours to remove it or the next person you hear from will be my lawyer.

  11. stu says:

    So if the police arent commenting and the council cant comment then why is a former council member commenting? Any information he would share with the media may compromise the investigation or at the very least it would seem extremely unprofessional

  12. getaclue says:

    Hey Old man(2)….sour grapes from the last disfunctional council. Love your conspiracy theories! We’ll find out soon enough why Luther is on leave. At least they did the smart thing and have someone outside investigating. You might want to READ the Star Trib. Grimm said Miller will absolutely not be the next Chief.

  13. Mike Murphy, Monticello, MN says:

    Which is more disgusting? A person stupid enough to rush to judgement on the basis of a news headline or a news outlet willing to publish the drivel coming out of that person’s mouth?
    I have known Chief Luther and Sgt. Pitts for many years and know them both to be of high moral character. I would gladly place my life in their capable hands any day of the week and twice on Sunday. By right of their long public service, if nothing else, they deserve the full support of any fair-minded, thinking citizen until and unless they ar PROVEN to have committed any misdeeds.

  14. wayne says:

    wcco….why are you wasting my time with this story in which you dont know if there is a story because the story hasnt been written yet.and no body is talking about it….lets face it your holding back on the news release because you were told to by some political figure…who dosent exsist because i m not saying anything at this time….poor investigation by wcco…find some real news and leave the mystery to the writers

  15. Concerned Citizens says:

    Reinstate Chief Luther and Sergeant Pitts: #Rogers #Police

  16. Denise Flowers says:

    That chief has not had a complaint in 30 years and that Sgt had to arrest someone who she should have never had to arrest. That city counsel is hiding facts. Those two Officers have great records.

  17. stu says:

    seriously you are pointing your finger and calling someone a liar? Hahahaha

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