DULUTH, Minn. (AP) — A Duluth woman is accused of stabbing her sister in the face with a piece of wood that had to be removed at the hospital.

Police say 26-year-old Stephanie Lynn Mattinas told investigators a fight started when she discovered her sister was having an affair with her boyfriend. Mattinas is accused of using an 8-inch wood molding fragment to attack her sister at a Duluth apartment Tuesday. Authorities say Mattinas used a baseball bat on her boyfriend.

She was charged Thursday in St. Louis County District Court with first- and second-degree assault. Mattinas’ sister told police she was punched about 15 times and stabbed with the wood. The Duluth News Tribune says she was transported by ambulance to St. Mary’s Medical Center where the piece of wood was extracted.

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Comments (14)
  1. ChickenLittle says:

    Can’t say I blame her. I would happily accept the charges. Judge: “Do you understand the charges against you”? Me: “YES SIR!! BRING ‘EM ON!” Then i’d totally pimp-walk off to my holding cell.

  2. msche says:

    The sister who was beat up and stabbed with the wood should be thrilled! Now her sister, Stephanie, will go to jail and she can have the cheating boyfriend all to herself!

  3. Minneapolis says:

    Yes, agree w/ chicken Little. Totally justifiable. What sister does that?

  4. pandoramn says:

    Excuse me – what kind of BOYFRIEND is that? Is he really worth going to jail over if he’ll cheat on you with your own sister? Not that the sister should be excused, but come on, people. It isn’t worth wrecking your own life over these two skanks. It’s like the old saying goes – “living well is the best revenge”. Walk away with your head held high and find someone who appreciates you. Don’t sink to their level and wind up in jail!

  5. red says:

    so why is she stabbing the sister and not attacking the cheating boyfriend?

    1. NotUrMom says:

      She beat him with a bat.

    2. ChickenLittle says:

      She got him with a baseball bat!

  6. Gena says:

    Are there no other men left in this world or what? And what man is worth fighting for if he’s cheating on your with your own sister? I agree with pandoramn.

  7. Ode to Joy says:

    Sheesh, if they need a man I’ve been trying to dump my husband for years. He’s only slightly used.

  8. Tisk Tisk Ode to Joy says:

    Naughty Ode to Joy! Are you looking for a pool boy instead? lol

  9. Pool Boy says:

    Imagine the sisters are smokin’ hotties, any guy on here that says he wouldn’t tap that is a liar, whipped or gay. She’s only your girlfriend for crying out loud people it’s not like you were going to buy the cow!

  10. Eartha says:

    Hell knows no fury like a Duluth woman scorned. In the land of gotta have a man these women mean bz.