SIREN, Wis. (AP) — A Minnesota woman is arrested for drunken driving again — potentially her tenth offense for driving under the influence.

Cynthia Bearhart-Benjamin, 53, of Sandstone was pulled over in Burnett County Sunday afternoon. A state trooper stopped Bearhart-Benjamin on Highway 77 near Danbury. She was arrested on suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

The Duluth News Tribune says a passenger in the vehicle was cited for having open intoxicants.

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Comments (72)
  1. Pate says:

    How did she get away with racking up her tenth?!

    1. BP says:

      She got her 10th DUI because she drove drunk after her 9th DUI. Its just simple math. If she drinks and drives again and gets caught then she’ll be at number 11.

    2. migizi22 says:

      yeh I don’t understand that one either? these days u get 1 and they throw the book at u for only 1 i know people can b addictied to alcohl but can get help only if they want to i know no body would have too tell me twice!!!!!! luckly! she didn’t hit or kill sumone well having her fun my opion 4 years ain.’t enough to make her reilize time is soooooooooo short on earth why????? waste it

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our legal system is inadequate. This shouldn’t happen, nor should the mom from Mendota Heights have a limited license again (yes, it is true, even after her latest incident in November). It’s unfortuate that their addiction and DWI’s won’t bring more change until more people die at their wheel.

  3. String her up says:

    She should be jailed 1 year for each DWI. This is ridiculous!!!

  4. Norge says:

    Bulgaria had best method: 5 yrs hard labor first offense, second offense summary execution along the road by the police who saved a blood sample to prove intoxication ‘after’ bullet to back of brain. Left body for two days as object lesson to driving public before family could retrieve. Adds new meaning to Geo Thoragoods song “I Drink Alone”. Now Bulgarias a “free” country, probably have whinny ACLU chapter who portray drunken killers as victums, so much for democratic progress.

    1. GetReal says:

      If you want that kind of justice…move to Iran. What a joke…you sir, need a reality check!

    2. Mary Ellen O says:

      It sounds like you have missed your calling. I hear they are looking for new tyrants and dictators across the pond.

  5. anonymous coward says:

    She only got caught 10 times. Imagine how many times she actually drove drunk and got away with it.

  6. Bryan says:

    I hope burnett county catches all of the drunks, there are alot of them on the wisconsin side too.
    cuff em and stuff em

  7. bluepmil says:

    Too bad, let me guess, she was just turning her life around? She’s a wonderful human being that helps the children in her community. This is a shock.
    Maybe you send her to Shakopee for 10 years and attend AA three times a day.
    That might slow her down.

  8. KJ says:

    I think that we should adopt Norway and Sweden’s policies on drunken driving—–the first offense results in a permanently revoked license. That won’t necessarily stop them from driving, but it would make life a lot more difficult for them. Once is ENOUGH.

    1. TS says:

      I think people will take drunk driving more seriously with more serious punishments. It shouldn’t even have been possible to get to their third offense. Please tell me she was driving without a valid driver’s license.

      Another thing… why is my car insurance more expensive with a speeding ticket (10 mph over) than my co-worker’s insurance – when he has a DWI? Is driving 10 mph over the speed limit – totally in control of the vehicle – really worse than someone impared because of liquor?

  9. Paula says:

    She has fallen through the judicial cracks. She obviously has not gotten the treatment or help that she needs. Maybe the judge/lawyers should beheld accountable also.

    1. olaf says:

      How do you know she “obviously has not gotten the treatment or help that she needs”? Maybe she’s gone through treament and knows all the right words they want to hear and she “completes” her treatment.

    2. markH says:

      We have to stop using euphemisms like “cracks” when referring to repeat drunk drivers. These are not “cracks”, they are carefully orchestrated slaps on the wrist by a legal system (that is at least partly owned by the beer and liquor industries) that tacitly condone drinking and driving because the revenue from alcohol sales is just far too great to really punish the offenders. Peace.

      1. Chris says:

        I think your comments are half baked and an exaggeration…
        Look at the changes and progress made in the past 30 years = no comparison…
        Sure there is more to be gained, but it will never get 100% of them stopped…
        Let’s be realistic already and stop with the conspiracy theories!

    3. ryan says:

      How do you get someone to quit who doesn’t want to?

      “Help” isnt always the answer. The sad truth is that some people dont want help….they dont want to get better…….thats just how it is.

  10. Tonia says:

    I’m speechless.

  11. Tom says:

    This is getting pathetic! How many DWI’s or DUI”s is it going too take to get these people off the roads? And everytime they go in front of the judge they go threw the same song and dance, “im sorry your honor”, ” i have seen the light now your honor”, ” i know i have a problem your honor” ” i promise too get myself help your honor”. Then 6 months later they see themselves back in front of the same judge for the same thing. And the sad thing i know they are just doing their job but you have the lawyers who defend these repeat offenders..

    1. Chuck says:

      What about lawyers that defend “these people”???
      Do not think for a minute that the all are trying to do the right thing?

  12. mnsnoman says:

    Truth be told, this country is not serious about Drunken driving. I think that the first DUI should net a minimum of 90 days or more in jail. I believe that the first one is critical time to send a message. Usually this is a young person who does not have a lifelong habit of doing this and if we get them early, they have something to think about when they are still very impressionable. It is much harder to change behavior after someone attains the age of 40, 50 or even 60 plus.

    1. SICK says:

      90 days is really rough man for first offense… I don’t agree with that.

      While I know most people aren’t able to change their habits like I did, 1 time was lesson learned.

      Parents should be scaring their kids with these things.

      I think kids need to watch the movie DEVIL at a young age too….
      That will teach them. 🙂

      1. ryan says:

        But how many people are out there like you? I guess that’s the better question.

    2. Slim says:

      I think you are over the top on this…
      That kind of sentence would do more damage than good to young violators…
      A felony or worse could put them on a path of no hope and no return…
      Most get the point after the first offense and some will never understand!

  13. K says:

    She’s a seasoned pro, thanks to our good ol’ judicial system. She needs to do some time.

  14. SICK says:

    I had 1 when I was 21, and that lesson was lesson learned. I couldn’t imaging going through it again…

    10 times is absolutely ridiculous.

  15. Greg The Optician says:

    wow…her life is one big party at the expense of our safety! Jail her, treat her, but in jail. There has to be a punishment aspect to this and Wisconsin is just the state to dish it out!!

  16. tom says:

    Just slap her on the wrist this system is pathetic why is she not in jail! will she have to kill someone before that happens i am so sick of this court system.

    1. ryan says:

      Why incarcerate people when you can build a bike path?

  17. besen says:

    I still feel that what they need to do is on the first offence yea people make a mistake the 2nd take there car and if they still have a loan out on it Oh well and a year in jail and 6 years probation .
    3rd offence they are sent off to a work camp for 5 years no drivers lic ever again .
    in germany your first offence your in jail 5 years lose your car your lic and after 5 years in jail your job I thinks its time we made the punisment fit the crime

  18. GW says:

    Revocations and light probation sentances do not work! Repeaters WILL drive drunk again, with or without the licence. Too easy to get your hands on a used car in someone elses name…. Drink again… Caught again, slap slap… naughty alcoholic .go to treatment….. Then repeat the whole process over and over until someone gets killed …..this is what a liberal “social worker” / victim based system does !

  19. welfare_for_poors says:

    stop giving this piece of trash welfare checks… that’s the only mode she has left for buying alcohol…

    1. up north granny says:

      I am sure she receives per capita money every month. As long as we gamble the checks are there. Being a native american also gives her more rights than the rest of us and different rules to follow.

  20. Ed says:

    Toss her in jail for ten years? Take away the car? Are you kiddin me?
    Maybe you haven’t noticed but these people don’t pay much attention to the laws so they ARE going to drive with or without a license, insurance or owning a car.
    Like it or not but DUI’s are money makers, jails are not.
    I’m fed up with paying for all these people in jail, then guess what? they get out and are going to be needing some help to get back on their feet cause now you just released a angry hardened criminal back on to your streets.
    Either spend that time and money to treat them to change their ways, or man up and start using capital punishment to eliminate the problem.

    1. ryan says:

      I would vote for capital punishment.

  21. Ignorance must be bliss says:

    HAHAHAHAHA the war on drugs and alcohol was made by a republican (your poster boys wife) yet you claim that this is a “liberal social worker” system. Just like a republican, always trying to weasel out on something that they made cause it was not made correctly.

    1. me says:

      A Republican may have started it, but I didn’t see Clinton or your Golden Calf doing anything “change” it. It’s just like a Liberal to blame a Republican because they don’t have the courage to do anything because it might hurt someone’s feelings. Just remember, anything wrong in this world is Bush’s fault; much easier to explain to the brainless drones watching MSNBC and listening MPR.

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        Did I say anything about Bush? Maybe you should not read into comments and actually read what the comment said. Nothing about Bush or anything about blaming anyone. I was making the comment as this was being blamed on liberals and was not even started by 1. Having trouble finding any basis for the comment that was posted back. Better luck next time.

    2. Chuck says:

      Just say what you mean then!

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        I did say what I meant. What is it about people not being smart enough to read the post that is there and not read into it? I thought this was supposed to be a blog that people read and not just post a comment like this. If you have any questions with a post maybe read it again, but I do not believe that if you do not understand the post it is my job to hold your hand and explain it.

    3. GW says:

      To: Ignorance Must be Bliss from : GW
      What are you talking about…What state do you frickin’ live in ? Democrats have been responsible for every “Social” program that has ever been created. You sound like an immature smart-#$% punk who thinks they know the RIGHT answer to everything huh? Open your eyes…so you are FOR Drunk driving? Is that what you are saying? Engage the brain before you type !

      1. Ignorance must be bliss says:

        You talk about engaging the brain and are too stupid to read the posts? Really, how many times am I going to be bombarded with stupidity after clarifying a comment that was made to an incorrect post? Who said anything about being for drunk driving? You dumb sh!t$ just come up with anything but the truth don’t you?

        The comment I originally posted was to the fact that GW posted that this was a “liberal “social worker” / victim based system” and this “system” that was put in place was done with the war on drugs and alcohol that was put in place by Mrs. Regan, not a liberal or democratic politician. No idea why you would have such a problem understanding that but you do sound like you are a very angry person that does not comprehend what the eyes intake. Not my fault if you have a problem with what I say as this is a blog and I am able to view my opinions as well. Thank you ever so much for proving that my name is correct and for everyone’s sake that reads this, PLEASE GET A HUG FROM SOMEONE.

  22. Michelle C. says:

    What the fkng hell? Why is she still driving?????

    1. Paula says:

      She is driving illegally.

    2. some people will never learn says:

      to get to the bar!

  23. mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    Maybe we can get some of those Egyptians to come over here, I’m losing more and more faith in our government. This woman should have been in prison on her 3rd!

  24. JASON says:

    LEGALIZE MARIJUANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. mamam says:

      there ya go causr they can’t test for that blowing into thier tube, plus you can still drive!

      1. Chris says:

        What are you taliking about?!
        And the breathalizer does detect pot!
        Nice try, but stick to what you know…

  25. big brother says:

    Is it just me…or is she hot!
    Happy ‘Vaentimes’ Day!

  26. albert says:

    I like the German system – 10 years in jail, lifetime ban on driving for a first offense. Nobody over there ever THINKS of drinking and driving.

  27. sueable says:

    What are they waiting for????? Do they need a death before they the systm slams the door on her??Sure hope she is not driving on my roads!!!!!!!

  28. CC says:

    How many times have YOU Phony people drove after drinking????? NO Liquor at all with driving..Booze is POISION yet people drink it like water and drive..NOBODY can handle it..I loathe drunks.

    1. Slim says:

      Settle down already!!!
      You are not suggesting a solution are you?
      What is your pertinent history causing your frustrations?
      Have you gotten nailed or in trouble yourself?

  29. people says:

    Hobble her,, it’s harder to drive with no feet!

  30. Chuck says:

    The answer to all questions on why she is still able to drive. She is obviously a minority and the legal system is afraid to take action against minorities because they will get a discrimintation lawsuit thrown in their face.

    1. READ ABOVE! says:

      @Chuck..I think you are 100% right!

    2. From WI says:

      That’s pretty uneducated of you to say… 60% of the people in jail and the legal system are ethnic minorities… Sounds like you are racist or prejudice or both Chuck and READ ABOVE. You guys should spend less time commenting about things you don’t know about, and get some schooling.

  31. Dave Campbell says:

    She was driving drunk because she is so unattractive that she couldn’t get any guys to give her a ride home.

    1. Chris says:

      and you are probably 100% correct!

  32. Chris says:

    She should have rented an apartment above a bar.

  33. Dennis Kirchoff says:

    And how many more chances is she going to be given???? I suppose she needs to kill someone first while driving drunk…

  34. schmitty budster says:

    She looks fine, I bet shes got plenty of experiance at it, so she’s probablly one of the best drivers around. I bet she’s never even hurt anyone. let her go, give her a new car.

    1. weee says:

      Right on and give her a case of beer with the new car !!!!

  35. Lo from Ireland says:

    Does anyone realise that the BAC in Sweden is .02? That’s ONE drink for me! Let’s look at what the punshiment is there… 1st offense is a hefty fine that can be as much as €5000/$6,770! 2nd offense loss of license FOR LIFE!

    The US is much …too lenient on drunk driving. Perhaps it’s all a government conspiracy to keep the population down. I mean I’ve already had four of my friends killed by drunk drivers. Seems to be working so far.

  36. Bill Dikant says:

    “D.W.I. is Americas only socially acceptable crime of Violence” , D.W.I. is a money maker, for Lawyers. Alcoholic, mistake, didnt mean it are allthe old excuses used by Liars, er Lawyers.

    Bill Dikant, D.W.I. Victim Advocate,
    Castleton, N.Y. 12033-1604

  37. justice says:

    ten times….put the previous judge in jail this time…give him/her ten years working with victums of drunk drivers and there families…maybe they”ll get a sense of reality

  38. HRSanders says:

    Very neat blog.Thanks Again. Necessitate more.

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