By Angela Davis, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A decision that each of us has to make every morning is what to wear. Or, in some cases, what not to wear.

That is why, all this week, your morning crew is getting some fashion advice for ourselves and for you.

WCCO called upon a fashion expert, Sara Rogers, the trend specialist at Mall of America, to show us how to beat the boredom out of our wardrobes and go from drab to fab.

And we can’t wait to show you what we learned about dressing well without spending a lot of money or buying a bunch of new clothes.

From hooking up your winter coats with colorful hats and scarves, to jazzing up boring business suits for men and women, you’ll see what Rogers taught us.

We also discovered what business casual should look like for both women and men.

Tuesday we start with our beloved general assignment reporter Holly Wagner.

Most days you see her reporting live from some outdoor location, even when the temperature is below zero. For her, coats and hats and scarves are an important part of her business wardrobe.

Even though we are experiencing a warm up in the weather this week, there are still several more weeks of winter ahead of us.

We asked Rogers to show Wagner what to do with outerwear.

She took us to Bloomingdale’s and had quite a few ideas.

First, he picked out a lovely French Connection gray coat with a ruffled collar for Wagner. It was on sale for only half-price and cost $80.

Then Rogers topped the coat off with some beautiful bright colors; a purple hat and a purple and green plaid scarf.

She also had Wagner try on a lovely red cashmere beret with a gray and black leopard print scarf. Rogers says both animal prints and plaids are hot right now, especially in accessories.

You should be aware that now is an excellent time to buy a winter coat. Prices are deeply discounted at many stores because for retailers it’s the end of the season and they want to get their spring stuff out there.

All the items that Wagner tried on were from Bloomingdale’s at Mall of America.

The folks there put together a price list for us to share with you.

Wagner’s First Outfit

Grey French Connection Jacket $80

Purple Aqua Gloves $48

Purple Aqua Knit Hat $58

Purple/Green Echo plaid scarf $48

Wagner’s Second Outfit

Red Bloomingdale’s cashmere beret $62

Black Leopard Scarf $48

Black Bloomingdale’s leather gloves $68

-See the slideshow here.

On Wednesday, Rogers will show Angela Davis how to make business suits more interesting, instead of going out and buying a bunch of new ones.

Comments (3)
  1. Tim P says:

    Got this early this morning – proof one doesn’t need to spend a fortune to look great.
    As far as Holly goes – she is easily of the nicest looking ladies out there. Dig her looks, love her persona on the tube and the “neat and sweet” girl next door (we wish. lol) vibe she gives off.
    Nice clothes-adorable gal. Todays Winner. 😉

  2. Victim Du Jour says:

    I get the same exact feeling in my heart watching the sun go down on the Pacific Ocean, when you can feel the tide smashing into rocks.

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