We don’t get it.

But the “birthers” are still out there and in a recent poll 51% of the Republicans asked, said they don’t believe President Obama was born in this country.

We doubt he was part of the poll, but Texas State Rep. Leo Berman is definitely a birther. Anderson Cooper had him on several weeks back and took it to him on the silliness of this debate.

Check out the video for yourself by clicking here

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  1. liberalism is a mental disorder says:

    the editor of this story is a typical liberal disease. i can show you my long form birth certificate. all we want to see is his. done and done. why even bother talking about it until he can show it to us. there is no arguement needed. just show it. long form, not an electronic copy. lets see this paper from hawaii. oh yea its not there. derp. anderson cooper you should have stayed in eygpt longer.

  2. Kay says:

    I’m sorry, but you birthers are morons. This type of stupidity is why I am no longer willing to associate myself with the republican party.

  3. Kris says:

    Just wanted to point out that different states have different forms. My husband was born in Iowa and his birth certificate states: “Certificate of Live Birth”.

    As far as Michele Obama saying her husband was Kenyan… duh. I’m german, my best friend is irish, in reference to ANCESTRY. Don’t you think she might have been talking ancestry – if she even said that in the first place.

    When these people rail on and on about this birther nonsense (and all the other nonsense they spew), they make themselves sound like uneducated hicks.

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