By Jason DeRusha

So, Paul Magers just lectured me to update my blog. I know he’s a regular reader. OK, not really, he just clicked a link on an e-mail I sent him.

But Paul and I appeared together on the WCCO 4 News at 10 tonight. He’s still beloved in the Twin Cities from his days at KARE. It’s hard to believe he’s been gone for 8 years, he left right after I arrived. Coincidence?

Paul’s famous out here, but he said he’s not as famous as he was in the Twin Cities. Strangely, at his job at CBS Broadcast Center, he ran into Nicole Kidman the other day. And he was out eating, and ran into Mick Jagger. Los Angeles is a funny place.

At any rate, just told us a great story about Mark Rosen. Paul was outside a theatre, getting ready to watch Titanic. He saw Mark walking and said, “Rosey!”

Paul told Mark to not spoil the movie for him, but Mark started telling a story about how the movie was getting to the last five minutes, when the screen started to look like it was setting on fire.

He thought it was the movie, but it actually was the literal film catching on fire. They offered everyone a refund — but who wants to sit through the 2 hour epic just to find out how the movie ends?

I know — the ship sinks. I guess we knew how it ended.

Anyway, the blog’s updated. I’ll write more about Hollywood tomorrow!


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