MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Outfielder Delmon Young and the Minnesota Twins avoided salary arbitration by agreeing Wednesday to a one-year contract worth $5,375,000.

The deal was just below the midpoint of the $6.25 million Young had asked for and the $4.65 million the Twins had offered when players and teams exchanged proposed arbitration figures last month.

Young hit .298 last year with 46 doubles, 21 homers and 112 RBIs, and he made $2.65 million.

Three players remain in arbitration — Toronto outfielder Jose Bautista, Milwaukee second baseman Rickie Weeks and Houston outfielder Hunter Pence — with hearings scheduled through Friday.

Players and owners have split the two cases already decided, with Pittsburgh pitcher Ross Ohlendorf winning and Los Angeles Angels pitcher Jered Weaver losing.

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  1. JP says:

    Good for Delmon and the Twins! Hopefully this season will be as productive as last season was for him. I’m happy that he’s finally becoming the player the scouts had said he would be. Can’t wait for the season to start. WIN TWINS!!!

  2. Shane G says:

    Why do they have to pay these players so much?? I think that all sports, should pay every player a base salary of $500,000 a year. Then for every year that you’re in the League, you earn $100,000 more. So a player will be earning a million dollars a year after he/she been with the team for at least five years. Plus they can assign bonuses for various performance standards. For example..if you hit a Home Run..you get a $10,000 bonus for each one you make plus $1,000 per each person on base. Grand Slam equals a $13,000 bonus. You strike somebody out..or make a catch..you get bonuses for that too. This would make the game more competitive knowing you have to work to make more money. $5.4 million all at once for only one year? What is a person going to do with $5.4 million in one year and why does somebody need that much? These players know they earned the big dollars already so they don’t make an effort to play as hard during the season since they got the paycheck in their pockets. They need to make these players earn the money for each game. Most working class people don’t even earn an accumulation of a million dollars in an entire lifetime of work. Just getting paid a half a million a year is generous.

    1. captainobvious says:

      theres players making 25 mill. a year, and yes they need it because most are idiots and will spend it as fast as they make it

  3. WIN TWINS says:

    CONGRATZ DELMON! I hope his #’s are as good this year as last year! Glad he’s staying here!

  4. Brandon says:

    Everybody Del Young Tonight!!!

  5. linda says:

    You’re right, Shane- love Delmon but that’s a ridiculous paycheck. The best cancer fighting, life saving brain surgeon probably doesn’t even make ONE million a year & maybe not even $500,000.00. My husband & I both work, but with tickets I think cheapest would be $100.00 for a family of 5 -I would NEVER consider paying that to see a baseball game- so a lot of kids miss out. Guess with the paychecks so high seat prices have to pay for the salaries of the players & everyone else involved.

    1. chimp says:

      if you think $100 for an afternoon downtown and a ballgame for 5 people is 2 high, then i feel sorry for your kids on x-mas, what do u expect $3 seats

  6. Norge says:

    Linda and Shane, it is called free market capitalism. If your brain surgeon wants to make more money then he should enter profession that allows it, and if he can hit 21 HRs and hit .298 thru a 162 game season I bet he will. But doctors choose to become doctors and lawyers choose to be lawyers and you can choose not to go to ball games or choose to stay home. But remember that it is the market that sets the price, not politicans, when you get a legislated salary you are either in the military or a communist country. I think actors who make a living ‘playing pretend’ are the most over-paid, under-talented segment of society the civilized world has ever seen, but…. people still pay Will Farrell, and Ben Affleck and Whoopi Goldberg millions to do a performance what any high-school drop out is capable of, and people pay millions to see the stupid movies they make, at least a ball-player has a skill set and talent beyond memorizing a line of dialoge and pretending to cry or be angry. They must perform, and while I’m no big fan of professional sports the stupidity of the owners is equally culpable for the situation being what it is. Don’t really like it either, but the alternatives that Shane proposes and you support start a slide down the slippery slope of socialism where it just doesn’t pay to try to be good at anything.

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