ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Religious leaders from around Minnesota are gathering at the Capitol to meet with state lawmakers on issues including poverty, taxation, human rights and health care.

The Joint Religious Legislative Coalition holds its annual “Day on the Hill” on Thursday. The group represents leaders and activists from Protestant Christian, Catholic, Jewish and Islamic communities. Last year’s “Day on the Hill” drew more than 800 people.

The event starts at St. Paul’s RiverCentre with a keynote speech by the Rev. David McCauley, the interim director of the Minnesota Catholic Conference.

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  1. Tom says:

    While I admire them for wanting too talk about these issues instead of their usual stuff . But on the other hand since they don’t pay taxes they really have no voice. If they would start paying taxes then they can talk all they want.

    But yet in the same token they are really wasting their time because they are not going too get anywhere with the Republicans anyway.

  2. nomi says:

    can u say: Christopher Hitchens?

    1. Tom says:


      If you comparing too Christopher Hitchens one of many well known athiest you are sadly mistaken. I am not an athiest. But what I mentioned above is fact. We go threw this every election cycle. Whether it is priests, preachers, pastors, etc, believe they have the same rights about who they want too endorse as everybody else does from the pulpit. But because they are tax except because churches whether they are regular churches or mega churches they have no voice from the pulpit. Anybody who pays taxes can say what ever they want. If they want too endorse someone from the pulpit they can start paying taxes then they can say whatever they want.

  3. ThinkAgain says:

    TOM, do you want the TAXPAYERS to foot the bills for the millions of turkey dinners the church people pay for every year? happy thanksgiving 2 POOR people TOO! if the churches got taxed to death, who would pay for the 1000’s of shelters for people to AVOID being totally homeless? do you want taxpayers to take over costs for the 2000 PREGNANCY help centers Church people pay for? should the taxpayers cover the costs of CHRISTMAS programs that are done FREE OF CHARGE? Christmas dinners? perhaps taxpayers could pay for tickets to some poofy concert put on by hollyweird? obama’s $3000 PER NIGHT 11 day vacation in hawaii, compliments of the TAXPAYERs, would pretty much blow out the buget for many churches.

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