ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Target Corp. has revised its policy concerning political giving a few months after a controversy over its $150,000 donation to a business group that was backing a conservative Republican candidate for Minnesota governor.

Support by the group, MN Forward, to Republican Tom Emmer angered gay rights groups that had seen Target as an ally. Emmer, who lost the race to Democrat Mark Dayton, was an opponent of gay marriage and other gay-rights initiatives.

Target spokeswoman Jessica Carlson says Thursday the company reviewed its donation policies following the controversy.

Among the changes is the creation of a committee of senior executives responsible for guiding decisions about financial support of political activities. The committee will determine whether the company makes contributions directly to candidates, political parties or political committees like MN Forward.

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Comments (5)
  1. Hayward says:

    I love my Wal Mart

    1. jimmy says:

      A committee? why not just fire the useless CEO that’s too stupid to do it by himself.

  2. rjon says:

    Pollitcal correctness is a never ending battle. Can’t have it both ways. Looking like Target might win the PC battle but lose the war to other retailers who don’t play that sticky game.

  3. lib says:

    If target knuckles under to this special interest group will it knuckle under to others? Who ever said that Target could only fund liberal and gay candidates? I have shopped at Target for years and i knew that they had supported groups that I in my personal and political life would not, but I also had the understanding their political dollar went to conservatives as well. If Target knuckles under to yet another demand from the screaming gays, I will shop elsewhere.

  4. Felix Bocanegra Jr says:

    I will continue my Costco membership (which BTW has saved me a ton of money) until Target’s ACTIONS (not words) prove they will not support hate. My boycott of them continues – especially since I have a choice of retailers that stay uninvolved.

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