By Angela Davis, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — On Friday many businesses loosen up their dress codes. It’s what they like to call “business casual.”

A lot of the work that traffic reporter Natalie Kane does at WCCO-TV and other places allows her to wear more casual clothes, so that makes up most of her wardrobe.

She said that can be challenging because she still needs to look professional.

The WCCO morning crew has been spending some time with the trend specialist, Sara Rogers, at Mall of America.

Rogers showed her what to do to take her business casual clothes from “Drab to Fab”.

“It is not weekend casual. Take something from what you might wear on the weekend and then put that with something more traditional, business like … this pencil skirt,” Rogers said.

She chose a long-sleeved blue button down shirt and paired it with a striped t-shirt underneath and a Navy skirt, for Natalie.

The next look was a faux leather brown jacket with dark blue jeans and high-heeled pumps.

“I love you in this jacket. My thoughts on this are that you have a jacket that is lightweight enough to be inner wear, but as weather gets warmer, can be worn outside. It has a nice texture, all about the crinkling,” Rogers said.

Next, Natalie put on a gray sweater and ruffled white blouse.

“What I went for here is a cardigan instead of a jacket. It’s a nice alternative. Has a nice pulled together looked. We also have layers … layers are a nice way to show off your creativity,” Rogers said.

As for blue jeans, Sara said dark denim is OK for business casual, and that slim-fitting jeans with a flared leg is in style.

Also, she said a nude-colored shoe is a work horse to have in your wardrobe.

It elongates the leg line and it just goes with everything.

All the items that Natalie tried on were from Bloomingdale’s at Mall of America.

The folks there put together a price list for us to share with you.

Outfit 1
Denim Chambre BCBGeneration button-up: $88
Navy and Cream stripe Guess t-shirt: $64
Navy Elie Tahari skirt: $128
Iridescent metallic Coach pump: $138

Outfit 2
J Brand love story low-rise bell bottom denim: $178
Black and gold stud Pippa tank: $88
White Elie Tahari giselle blouse: $193
Grey Aqua cardigan: $112

Outfit 3
J Brand love story low-rise bell bottom denim: $178
Brown leather jacket: $128
Neptune juun Theory t-shirt: $75
Michael Kors cork camel pump: $195

See the slideshow here.

Comments (9)
  1. Debby says:

    Affordable!! Come to my world in northern WI. The median income in my county is $33,000 and I don’t think I would pay $75 for a t-shirt, even if I could! I feel I dress well, as do my friends–these prices are ridiculous for 1 outfit!
    I am sorry you have to pay these prices, and think they are affordable to all.

    1. winston says:

      where does it say affordable? Any way I dislike this Natalie person and she can go else where. I loved the morning show now I’ll tune in any other station just not to look at her…no talent there!

  2. a;ldjjaf;fkj says:

    I’d do her

  3. Nancy Aleshire says:

    I do like Natalie and the rest of the morning crew. I agree that stores like Bloomingdales and Macys are out of the ballparks for much of us. Maybe they should run a fashion segment for those of us who buy our clothes at ARC Value Village and other thrift or consignment shops. I have gotten some pretty decent clothes from Value Village. Sometimes affluent families will donate their clothes there. It is all a matter of being selective. Many foodshelves will also have clothing outreaches of business attire so people can go on job interviews.

    1. FR says:

      You know who likes Natalie the most? Natalie that’s what she let’s everyone see I think. She is way full of her self.

  4. Jon says:

    I buy my blue jeans at Target for $17. You can get great deals on shirts at Macy’s when they have it 65% to 85% off and Marshalls. I don’t get people spending more on jeans.

  5. Give Her A Chance says:

    I used to work with Natalie before she was doing the news, and she is a really great person. I have to admit that I was jealous of her at one time because she’s just a really outgoing, sweet, fun-loving personality – and any girl would feel inadequate next to her! However, she has been so successful because of her hard work, and because everyone around her loves her. I wish her the best!

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