MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Congresswoman Betty McCollum received a threatening fax after proposing to cut advertising between the military and NASCAR.

“It was threatening,” said Bill Palmer, McCollum’s Chief of Staff. “It was very racist. It depicted acts of violence against President Obama. It was sexually very crude and vulgar.”

McCollum is proposing a bill that would remove advertising between the military and NASCAR. She argued that more than $100 million has been spent on sponsorships over the last decade and it’s been a waste of money. The bill is one of hundreds proposed in the house.

“The Marine Corps, Navy, and Coast Guard all dropped their NASCAR sponsorships because they couldn’t track their effectiveness in recruiting,” said Palmer.

But some disagreed, saying NASCAR is an obvious choice for recruiting.

The bill wouldn’t stop the military from recruiting at NASCAR races. It would simply remove all advertising.

Palmer says $7 million gets a sticker on the car and some driver appearances.

“That’s a big price tag and we feel that would be something that if the private sector wanted to donate a department of defense sponsorship we would welcome that. But it shouldn’t be taxpayer dollars,” said Palmer, adding it all comes down to choices. “The congress is talking about cutting emergency heating assistance to seniors. They’re talking about cutting support programs to homeless veterans. They’re talking about eliminating more than a billion dollars for community health centers. If they want to spend money on race cars they have to make a choice. This is really about priorities.”

After receiving the threatening fax, Capitol Police were alerted. Palmer says the McCollum is satisfied with their response.

He said the fax is more about, “a disturbed individual than anything else.”

Palmer says the McCollum will continue to pursue the proposal that will be voted on the House floor later Friday.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Bill Palmer

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  1. elaine says:

    let’s get real, does the military really need to advertise?

  2. mark from MNtaxwaste says:

    Well she is out there, I still can’t believe she was voted back into office. I hope my comments didn’t hurt her feelings. Maybe she should take a trip to mamby pamby Land and talk about it.

    1. mickey12345 says:

      Maybe you should move to Somalia. Sounds like a perfect place for you and your diatribe.

  3. jlynn says:

    If this ist he first time this CAREER POLITICIAN has received something like this she is lucky.

  4. MICK says:

    With all the waste that goes on by “Career Politicians” you want to cut out advertising on a car that millions of young people see which may help them to decide that serving there country maybe a good idea. (PROTECTING OUR FREEDOM) Lets go back to when this country first began a nation. There was no career politicians. They came to serve the people and was not even paid. Now the politicians have many people working in their offices wasting more of our money. Case in point, Obama served 170 some days of his term and run for president and missed some votes. But still had people in his office collecting a pay check doing nothing. GIVE A BREAK!

    1. Mike says:

      Why don’t you move to Somalia? No taxes, government, or regulations. It is a liberatarians utopia!

  5. Jay says:

    Really, a vulgar letter. Someone progably doesn’t like your liberal agenda

    1. Samir says:

      Mike, are you recruiting folks to go to Somalia? The FBI may be looking for you.

  6. James says:

    Betty, I agree with you for once. Cut NASCAR advertising. Then cut the 1 billion dollars to community health centers. That’s a great idea betty. Let’s see those cuts. Then you can figure out what works and what doesn’t work with the veterans support programs, but cut the fat and quit bchiting about your favorite programs. Then cut the phone line to your fax machine and stop wasting money on paper. It’s called email lady, get with it.

  7. Chris K says:


  8. BudK says:

    To a liberal, anyone or anything not liberal is considered racist or vulgar.

    1. ken says:

      no, Bud. comments from the right just happen to be racist and vulgar. They just are. It’s good to have the right wing remove itself from any chance for my support by the kind of comments placed on this board and others. I vote against hate. Right-wingers are always hating on liberals. Liberals don’t hate like that except for their vile hate comments against Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin. I despise the left-wing hatred against these women. Therefore, I’ll vote third party. But, mainly- I’m for anything that’s not empowering hatred.

      1. Santa Claus says:

        Good luck with that Ken.

      2. digger says:

        Ken, did you live here when the Republicans had their convention here? How about when republicans came to the Wellstone memorial, and tried to show their respect.
        I can go on and on with examples if you like. BUT I think you might hate that. what cave have you been living in. BOTH sides have shown it . And I didn’t even have to mention Bachmann or Palin. You say third party but I think by your statement where your vote goes. don’t pretend to be middle road. I think your in England driving on the Left.

  9. carl says:

    Pedro where is your green card?

  10. mike says:

    wow cutting $10 mil a year from the fed budget!!! big help there loser!

  11. Dave Campbell says:

    It’s a legitimate cut. If the military says they can’t track how effective it is, then it is not needed. Ten million dollars is a lot of money just to get a sticker on a car. As far as a threat against her or the president goes, it needs to be treated as a terrorist act. The fact that she is a liberal or a conservative is immaterial. A threat against a government official needs to be taken seriously.

    1. mike says:

      But NASCAR backers say McCollum ignores the value of the dollar spent at NASCAR. According to Col. Derek W. Crotts, who manages the Army’s NASCAR marketing and advertising program, nearly one-third — 46,000 — of the 150,000 leads Army recruiters get each year come from motorsports events.

      looks like tracking pretty well DAVE

  12. retired person says:

    I agree, do we really need to advertise the military? Is there anyone in this country who doesn’t know we have one and they can join? Get real here folks. it’s not against the military. And If you think it’s a paltry sum, then why are we trying to cut a miniscule amount of the budget on the backs of public employees? some of you would be the first one to want to do that when it’s a very small percentage of the whole budget but yet complain when someone wants to cut what you consider small out of a budget. Just like republicans to think that way.

  13. ReasonLost says:

    What’s even more distrubing and a tragic example of what this country is becoming are the various responses here. Unbelievable……….

  14. MN Tom says:

    quit the advertising. just start the draft up, every citizen should serve a minimum of 3-4 years in the service of their country.

  15. Speedy says:

    I can’t help but wonder if the people complaining about McCollum are the same ones that complained when a Union sponsored a race car?

  16. Norge says:

    Threats against families, children, and themselves never ever make news when the threats are against conservatives, but it is headlines fortwo days running when a crybaby liberal is ‘offended’. When all the conservatives stop enlisting-re-enlisting (as they make-up almost 82% of the military) it is going to get real interesting when they have to draft the cowardly shirlker liberal draft-dodger types, what a joke. And “Move to somalia Mike: you must be one of those poor crack-babies all growed-up now who thinks he knows something….not!

  17. merks says:

    McCollum has to do dimwitted things like this so people still know she is in congress. Otherwise her whole record is voting for the progressive agenda where after 10 years she has yet to make any kind of impact!
    I really liked the photo op she had with the puppets demanding more money for NPR and PBS!

  18. Synchronus says:

    New lows have been struck here. Liberals average IQ scores are 105, conservatives 95. That is very significant and glaringly obvious by the comments made in this post site. Too stupid to know when they have been played for fools by their masters, the monetarily endowed…

  19. Brian says:

    Thank you Betty. I’m with you 100 percent. Finally, COMMON SENSE!