By Holly Wagner, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Schools in Hudson, Wis. canceled classes Friday because of the high number of teachers that called in sick.

Parents got a call from the district just before 10 p.m. Thursday night notifying them of the decision.

Laura Schoenrock has an 8-year-old who is home from school.

“I find it a bit of an inconvenience that we get a call at 10 o’clock last night that you need to find an alternative for your kids because teachers called in sick and we don’t have enough subs,” she said.  “I don’t know that we should be penalized because of something that’s out of our control.”

Schoenrock said she happened to be off  work Friday, but she knows other parents who had to scramble to figure out what to do because their kids are out of school.

Schoenrock is hoping this won’t be a problem on Monday.

When asked for the number of teachers that called in sick, the district administrators would not give a statement.

The note from the school district said teachers were strongly urged not to call in sick and that the district is sorry for the inconvenience to parents.

No word yet on what will happen Monday.

Comments (70)
  1. Tom Willard says:

    Laura Schoenrock finds it an inconvenience that she didn’t have to get her child off to school? She ‘happened’ to be off work Friday anyway. What happened? Had to cancel Yoga or coffee with the girls?

    1. Mike says:

      Typical liberal response…. . teachers call in sick because they don’t want to pay their 6% increase in health insurance premiums and can’t handle putting their OWN MONEY AWAY FOR A PENSION!! Their leaders at the capitol run to another state and hide in a hotel room because they don’t want to debate- nice leadership. The longer this goes on the worse it makes them look. So Tom, my guess is your either in a union and paying your dues while your union bosses are laughing all the way to the bank or collecting your weekly unemployment check & hoping the benefits gets extended for another year or two so you don’t have to work.

      1. Xtina says:

        Mike, the unions have agreed to the pay cut. That is NOT what this is about. They want the right to collectively bargain. For teachers, this not only includes pay and benefits, but even classroom curriculum. The teachers I talked to really wanted to be in their classrooms. One told me he’s very conflicted because some of his students consider school their safe place. But with Walker being so heavy handed and refusing to listen to anyone, they really had no choice. My daughter was at the square in Madison with her teacher and classmates (No she was not told to be there, we just happened to run into them) learning about what democracy and fighting for your rights is all about. Its an inconvenience to parents, but this is bigger than having to find alternative care for your children. This is about union busting and Walker being more a dictator than a governor.

    2. dan says:

      Maybe she was a teacher calling in sick…

    3. John says:

      You know, all teachers could use a day off to get a pedicure. Go Hudson school district!

    4. Lori says:

      Hey, Laura is a great woman and a great mother. Your remarks and tone are totally unwarranted.

  2. Phil says:

    Poor, poor Laura. So sad what those mean old teachers did to you. When your child is sick, do you call the school to see how many others are sick before you keep her home?

    1. Fire the Teachers says:

      You have to remember they took part of what she said. Clearly she meant it was an inconvenience to parents who couldn’t find alternate care for their children and therefore had to take off of work. How many people out there will be reprimanded for taking a day off of work for school closures? You seem to forget in a private sector, we do not get such luxuries. If we don’t show up for work, we lose our jobs

      1. JJ says:

        To ‘Fire the Teachers” Maybe you should organize a union so that your employeer doesn’t exploit you.

    2. HudsonMom says:

      This was an incomplete article. The teachers are not sick. They called a sick out so they could go to Madison and protest. Read the national or Wisconsin state news for more info–this article didn’t give the whole story.

    3. lori says:

      Phil. How did what Laura say warrant such a negative comment? I’m in the union. I even support them. Children should NOT be put in the middle. There is a better way to get the point across.

  3. John says:

    I hope they fire all the teachers, seems to be plenty of HARD working unemployed people who would love to have that job and benis

    1. Lori says:

      I hope more teachers join the crowd!!! Go Teachers and government Workers!!

      1. AS says:

        And I suppose you would just rather have the state of WI file for bankruptcy.

      2. MIke says:

        Wisconsin wouldn’t have the problems they do if Walker wouldn’t have handed out the surplus he walked into when elected. Maybe you should tune into something other then FOX the entertainment network.

    2. guest says:

      They could hack it!

    3. billybaroo says:

      Being unemployed and wanting to work hard does not qualify you for the job of a teacher. Some obviously think being smart and knowing more than the young people in your class earns you the title of “teacher”….you could not be further from the truth!!!

    4. Roland says:

      people, why are we blaming teachers for the bad use of government spending, teachers get paid on one of the lowest scales and have way more responsibility as compared to higher people in office who have assistants helping them make bad economic decisions which have led to the possibility of a state becoming bankrupt, I also beleive that teachers should be payed on performance and numbers they teach. also to have better teachers the college students who want to become teachers should be put in the classroom as a apprentice and learn with the teacher and help them in the classroom, gov’t can cut subs totally or at least half by getting rid of subs using future teachers in college and thereby they gain more experience too!!

  4. Rick says:

    Any teacher who called in sick and can’t produce a Doctor’s excuse should be immediately fired–just like anyone would be in the private sector who decided to protest something happening at work–by not showing up…

    1. guestalso says:

      What are we suppose to do, just take it. I wouldn’t want my kids being taught by teacher’s that were yes men/women. I want a teacher with a back bone. Thiose are good teahcers. Teachers are not your slaves!

      1. Rick says:

        Easy solution. Then quit…and let somebody take your job who knows why they’re there–and actually appreciates the opportunity to instill in our children a good education. If you have grievances–then find a responsible way of acting upon them and be an honorable role model to the children who look up to you… Facing adversity with blatant dereliction of duty and cheating the children out of a day that you’re paid to provide them with an education isn’t a role model I want around my children anyway. As I said–I think resigning is your best solution for all involved parties…

    2. dunnski57 says:

      Two words – Minute Clinic

    3. Mike says:

      They would be fired if they DIDN”T CALL IN SICK!
      Try thinking before posting.

      1. Joe says:

        I hope they all have a doctor’s note! If not, every single one of them should be fired!!!! Walker for President!

      2. Robert says:

        LOL! You’re a real brainiac, Mike. Thanks for that ever so insightful contribution. I bet you’re a tenth grade school counselor and asst. basketball coach… No?

      3. Jason says:

        Mike, you sure like to call names and belittle others. I have seen your other posts in many stories. Thats a tactic used when you have little to contribute.

  5. drz says:

    What are we suppose to do, just take it. I wouldn’t want my kids being taught by teacher’s that were yes men/women. I want a teacher with a back bone. Thiose are good teahcers. Teachers are not your slaves!

    1. Dave says:

      Teachers have a sweet deal compared to private sector workers. You forget that. You are paid far higher with more pay increases and such good benefits. And then you think you have the right to not show up for school. Yes, let us teach our children that when you don’t get your way, just don’t show up. That will fix this state and country. IDIOT!!!!

      1. Michael says:

        Excuse me Dave, but teachers are NOT paid far higher. Studies show that teachers make 60% to 80% of what other professionals with similar jobs and degrees receive. Yes, they get good benefits, but they’ve received that INSTEAD of wage increases for the last 15 yers in WI.

        Walker and his cronies tried to push this bill in 4 days with no debate to fix a budget gap he created by giving breaks to all of his big dollar supporters. He’s left regular people little choice but to let their voice be heard through protests.

      2. Art says:

        Yes, Michael…and Teachers work 9 out of the 12 months per year–so they only work 75% of the time a comparably educated and skilled professional would work. Couple that with FAR better benefits than are almost ever seen in the real world–and an almost impossibility of being fired for any performance related deficiencies…and I’d have to agree–Teachers, like most government employees, are overcompensated–especially the ones who don’t even have the degree of dedication to their students to show up for work when they paid to.

        The more I think about this–the more I agree with the premise of what Walker is trying to do… Without the unions–these teachers who have lied and called in sick when they weren’t–could be fired for their inappropriate actions– Personal responsibility for your actions–just as it should be.

      3. Michael says:


        Your ignorance is showing. While teachers have summers off, they are attending college courses AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE to keep up their certification. Also, most teachers are spending nights and weekends during the year correcting tests and preparing lessons plans because, unlike the private sector, they only get a fraction of the time to do that during the day.

        As for being dedicated, how many in the private sector buy supplies for their company when the company can’t afford them? Studies show that the AVERAGE teacher spends $250/year on additional school supplies.

        Teachers can most definately be fired for lack of performance. You just need administrators to step up and do their jobs.

        Lastly, teachers don’t take 3 months (actually its 10 weeks) off because they want to. This is the schedule given to them by our outdated system. And time and again it’s PARENTS that shoot down any attempt to change that schedule.

      4. Art says:

        MY ignorance is showing, Micheal? The very fact you offer a rebuttal pointing out that you actually have to allocate some time after hours to your profession–reflects an utter cluelessness and what is expected of professionals in the private sector.

        And $250 a YEAR for school supplies?! Oh the horror! Do your have ANY concerpt of the unreimbursed expenses that they typical professional just automatically covers in a given year–from unreimbursed travel expenses to laptops… Just the travel element alone–where a good percentage of private-sector professionals are required to be away from their children…and away from their spouses–hurrying through airports and running to catch cabs–while at the stroke of 5–you’re out the door…and tuck your children into bed each/every night…

        Please–I know the reality of the big picture comparison…and that reality exposes the delusion of you–and others like you.

        Try going out–and only eating what you kill…ONE DAY in your life… You’d be like a cougar born into the captivity of a zoo for all it’s life–then released into a jungle in Tanzania.

  6. Bob says:

    This is disgraceful! Walker and the legislature is doing what we elected them to do. It’s not an attack on teachers. He’s saving jobs and making state EEs contribute towards health and pensions – like every othr taxpayer does. Teachers shoud go home and teach and be penalized for calling in sick when they aren’t.

  7. Bill says:

    Way to go teachers! If the entire state is forced to shut down because the public employees are getting treated like this, maybe THEN Walker will finally realize what an idiot he’s being!!! SHUT THE STATE DOWN!!!!!

    1. Amber says:

      So every private sector should also walk off their job and shut down the state as well! You are a complete moron. Maybe you should convince the teachers to go back and teach you an education. It’s time for change. Fine, kill the bill. Hope you are one of the 6000 in the state of WI to lose a job then!

  8. K. says:

    Beyond her control…give me a break! What about when you get 10 feet of snow and school is called off!
    Keep your sick kids home instead of sending them to the school to “babysit”! Suck it up and be a real parent!

    1. L says:

      That could be a huge problem for this state…we send our kids to school to be babysat! I would have thought we send them for an education. WI students are dumber and dumber each year so it’s time teachers have to join in and pay. If I don’t do my job, I do not get a raise! It’s common sense. Or should there just be layoffs?

    2. HudsonMom says:

      K. Usually if there is a weather event that cancels school, the weather forecasts predict it and you can plan a little in advance. Her kids were not sick. The teachers called a sick out so they could go to Madison to protest. It is an illegal practice unions sometimes use.

    3. Lori says:

      How do the two situations compare? Weather is out of control, this was a conscious decision made by the teachers. Children shouldn’t be put in the middle.

  9. dunnski57 says:

    Go teachers! and nurses! and plow drivers! and social workers! and DNR officers! and DVM workers! and road repair personnel!

    Don’t let the GOP push you around. They may have brainwashed private sector employees into putting on the kneepads, don’t cave in!!!

    Walker should be arrested for impersonating a human being.

  10. Joe says:

    WALKER FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Will teach for work says:

    Get back to work for the student’s sake and leave your union fights to the subs. Tax payers deserve teachers that care more about the students than their guaranteed annual pay increases, great benefits, and over indulging pension plan no matter the results they put out. Under performing schools and overpaid teachers is not a successful recipe. You’ll find these same teacher’s and other undeserving gov’t employees on the carmichael rd bridge tomorrow.

  12. Tom says:

    fire them I can’t just not show up and keep my job they make to much anyhow

  13. Kathy says:

    This is about losing the right of collective bargaining. This is WI. Does a parent not have a back up plan in case of bad weather, child’s illness or other unplanned days off from school. New York has now endorsed what the demonstrators are doing in Madison. Read
    Governor Walker has created the budget deficit due to his manipulations. We cannot backslide over 50 years in collective bargaining. Good Luck WI demonstrators!

    1. Jason says:

      Walker created the 3+ billion hole in 6 week? That is a very bold statement.

  14. button says:

    Why so much anger towards teachers? Walk in our shoes for a week and see how it is, especially in the poor areas of the cities. How about looking at what doctors make? Ever thought about capping their million-dollar incomes? Maybe then health insurance premiums would stop rising so fast. Go teachers and all the government sector workers!

    1. Sara says:

      they will be next!!!

    2. Tom says:

      you teachers are all the same,you think your god

      1. JJ says:

        You should hang out with more teachers. At least teachers can spell and complete a sentence.

    3. Jim says:

      Doctors pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for ELEVEN years of post secondary education… Most work from 50-70 hours/week…and are in highly stressful roles with the threat of medical malpractice hanging over their heads every minute…

      Teachers put in their 40 hours a week and enjoy every summer off with full benefits…require nothing more than at most, a bachelor’s degree–and you want to suggest that they should be making anything close to the same money?!

      See–here’s the problem generally with government employees–COMPLETELY CLUELESS about reality in the real world… They think somebody OWES them something. Good laughs!

    4. Jason says:

      How about living in the (poor) area of the city? Maybe you would start teaching the kids differently other than the poor me, take care of me mentality. Also if these teachers took my kids to this dnc rally the school board would NOT appreciate my 2 cents.

  15. merks says:

    3 days is not a protest but an illegal strike! And to lie and call in sick and drag students to the protest without there parents permission is not only the wrong thing to teach them but also criminal for taking the kids with them.

  16. Jefrey says:

    As was reported, the AVERAGE salary in WI for a teacher is 88 thousand give or take a couple of bucks when you add in the health and retirement benefits which are totally chipped in by the state. Private sector same working average is less than 64 thousand. And the teachers complain about paying 8% of that chip cost? That’s 8% of their individual health and retirement cost, NOT 8% of total salary. Even paying the 8% what an awesome deal! We in the private sector should have it so good, on the average.
    ” Walk in a teachers shoes” someone said, well, considering education scores have continually been tanking, but teachers seem unaccountable, maybe I’d like to walk in those shoes. In the private sector if I don’t give positive results I’m replaced.
    And lastly, no unions or collective bargainers are being kicked out, the state simply wants teachers to be given the right to choose wether or not they want to belong to and pay into the unions. They don’t have the right to that freedom of choice? They are teachers, they are smart enough to decide for themselves, not be forced.

    1. Michael says:

      Where is the salary $88,000 a year? I don not know a single teacher that makes that much money. I have a master’s degree and 20+ years experience and make just over HALF that.

      And for the 1000th time, we are not protesting because we’ve been asked to contribute more to our benefits. We are protesting the bill’s removal of future bargaining rights. This has NO economic impact on the state – it should not be in the bill. Notice that Walker left all of these rights and benefits in place for the unions that supported him in the last election. This isn’t about money – it’s about retibution.

      1. Cynthia says:

        You, of course, mean “retribution”, right Michael? Probably a math teacher, eh? 😉

      2. Mike says:

        NO economic impact??? What do you bargain for? More coffee in the break room? Peanut butter cookies on Friday’s? Maybe longer lunch breaks? You don’t, everything you bargain for revolves around MONEY! And who ends up paying the tab? The tax payers do – so please… to say this doesn’t have an economic impact your wrong. Which is why Walker wants to LIMIT THE BARGAINING so it doesn’t get out of financial control for the tax payers. I’m assuming your gathering your information off of an email sent to you from your union. You can still bargain on your wages based on the CPI and if you want more it goes to your employer – the tax payers, for a vote. Why don’t the government unions see how Walker plans plays out, and if you still don’t like it, well guess what… there is always another election. The problem is, liberals don’t like that, if they don’t have their way now, they panic, scream, complain, and protest like a little child throwing a temper tantrum at Target because they didn’t get a toy they wanted.

  17. paab says:

    Now you see the unions at work. They drove GM broke and millions of jobs out of this country to they could prosper and the rest of us suffer.

  18. lib says:

    Teachers have never put in a full days work, why expect it now. They tell you they care about the children and the childrens education. Well now we all see, actions speak louder than words.

    1. good grief says:

      This is utterly disrespectful. Let’s see YOU try this for a month. I bet you wouldn’t last a day.

  19. respect for teachers says:

    I’m a Minnesota Public school teacher, and I want you to know I would show up for work. It’s not about me, it’s about the kids. We do care about your child’s education or we wouldn’t be there in the first place.

    I ask for your respect for my profession. It’s a long road of 40 years to be disrespected the whole way.

    1. Art says:

      God bless you and all you do, Minnesota Public School teacher… Finally! I was wondering if any of the truly dedicated teachers who entered their profession actually FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE KIDS would step forward… Teachers like you stand out in the crowd–and ARE RESPECTED.

      The profession itself is as noble as they come…and those teachers in it for the right reasons–the kids–bring honor on themselves and their profession in much the same way that all these misguided souls in Wisconsin who lied, called in sick and cheated their students out of an honest days work for an honest days pay–bring dishonor and disrespect to their profession. I’m sorry for the teachers like you who have to suffer for the folly of these fools…

  20. Jason says:

    I contribute 12% of gross to health premiums. 5% gross to retirement. The gov. steals 35%. That leaves 48% of my 50k job to support myself my wife and our two young boys. I can do it, so can the teachers, especially on my dollar. If they cant maybe its time to find different work.

  21. drz says:

    To those of you who have consistently bashed teachers, and schools. You complain about students being unprepared, or as one of you stated”getting dumber”. Remmeber teacher’s don’t get to pick the raw material they work with. If parents would stress to their children the importance of getting a good education, maybe those all important test scores would be better. Secondly support you child’s teacher when indicate a problem with your child, instead of defending them saying it was our fault. I cannot tell you the number of times I have or have witnessed teachers basically pleading with students to give a damn. Teahcer’s work their butts off to help students. Its sad when we seem to care more about a students grade then he/she or their parents care. Notice none of the pro teacher comments above have bad mouthed another profession, unlike some I’ve read that take great pleasure in slamming teacher’s. Too mnay of you have swallowed hook,line and sinker the right wing baloney about the underperfoming schools. I taught in Wis. for over 30 years before retiring, and I know this, all the teachers I knew cared greatly for their students, and wanted them to succeed. Yes, there are some bad teacher’s just like their are bad doctors, lawyers, cooks, police officers, etc. Its up to the administrators or supervisors to do their jobs and evaluate the bad ones,follow due process, and the bad ones can be removed. It had been done. So don’t place all the blame on the unions for protecting bad teachers. The unions are there for our protection, because believe it or not sometimes their are witch hunts to get rifd of good teachers.
    No, teacher’s don’t enter the profession for the beneifts. In those first years of teaching, like anybody on a new job, your happy to get a pay check after spending the college years broke. Teaching like any profession/occupation gets threatened from outside forces, and when you feel your livelyhood changing, the need to fight back is there. Yes, its bad the timing of this dilemna, and considering its been over 35 years since the last event like this occurred(Hortonville 1973 or 74??). There has been tranquility in education between teacher’s and school boards/ state government. This should be allowed to continue. No, I don’t having to pay more for my insurance, but thats life. However, removing the right to collectively bargain is another story, and yes despite your objections we need to stand up for ourselves. Because if we don’t who will????

    1. Jason says:

      Your right this really isnt about underperforming overpaid teachers, the fact still remains either take this MINIMUN concession or people are going to get fired. The truth is not always comfortable but it never can be denied.

  22. drz says:

    Heard an interesting fact today. The supposed shortfall in the budget equals $139 million and Walker gave out $140 million in big business concessions. Hmmm?

  23. dz says:

    Heard an interesting fact today. The supposed shortfall in the budget equals $139 million and Walker gave out $140 million in big business concessions. Hmmm?

    1. Fred says:

      Cuts to business stimulates the economy, which brings in revenue, which decreases debt. High school economics that you short-bus liberals will never understand.
      As far as state employees paying for tax cuts to business, they haven’t paid for shiit in that state since 1959. Time to pony up. The only people paying their fare share are private sector, and they far outnumber the spoon-feds. They have to pay for their own health care and contribute to their own retirements, then watch a bunch of Marxists walk out on teaching their children; the very same Marxists who get their salary from whom?

  24. Fred says:

    When the teachers come back, I’d picket the school and remind those teachers who they work for.

    1. dz says:

      Hey Freddy, Bush’s tax cuts for the rich didn’t exactly set the world on fire. I thought that was suppose to stimulate the economy and create more jobs. At least that what I heard on Fox news(Beck, and others). Also Fred if public employees have it sooooo good, why didn’t you become employed in the public sector. Huh?

  25. Hudsonite says:

    Why won’t the district administrators state how many teachers called in sick? I don’t know of any who did. This leaves me to suspect it was a remarkably small number, and the many other teachers who are being vilified for protesting did so on a day school had been closed through no action of their own.

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