RICHFIELD, Minn. (AP) — U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar appeared in Richfield at a supportive housing facility for veterans to promote a bill aimed at putting more homeless veterans in similar housing situations.

She said that it was the least those men and women deserved after fighting and sacrificing for the defense of the nation.

She said the bipartisan Homeless Veterans Support Act would strengthen an existing federal program that provides chronically homeless veterans with housing vouchers and provides other benefits.

A St. Paul-based research organization found that veterans make up 10 percent of the homeless in Minnesota and 20 percent of the homeless men. Wilder Research’s 2009 study said more than half of homeless veterans have a serious mental health problem and nearly half are addicted to alcohol or drugs.

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  1. A Veteran says:

    I thought she was going to stop the wars? That all seemed to change when her party won the presidency.

    End the expiration date for 10 year eligibility on the old GI Bill, that would help some Vets get back in school, make it lifetime.

    Don’t put any strings on the housing. Offer assistence voluntarilly.

    1. Native American and Vet says:

      Show me some statements from her as proof here junior and maybe I’ll buy into some of what you say. None? Imagaine that.
      She’s not a fan of war or conflict but she’s not one to turn her back on our Vet’s either. Kuddo’s to her. And for those who love war – maybe you need to pay some heed to the so-called leadership that sent you off but turned their cheeks when we got back.
      Korean Vet 1954-1955. POW Camp survivor. War is hell. Simple as that

      1. Dennis says:

        No she is not going to stop the war. She is not capable of stopping the war. Neither is the current Obama adminstration capable of stopping the war. What will stop the war is when the taliban and other terrorist who sent over three thousand innocents to their death are eradicated. You may even ask those in Spain and other countries who have been victimized by terrorist too. Your a Korean War Veteran and a POW. I salute you and I respect you and I honor your sacrifice. I will not even try to understand what you went through as a POW because it is something that only those who have experienced can share amongst themselves. But, I have to disagree with your comments.

        Twenty years in the Marines as an Infantryman.

  2. Cache says:

    I’ve watched her career. Where has she been in the past???????? Sounds to me like typical democrat hooey; an is just looking for press time and an election gimmick! Me?…. USNavy Veteran… served ’61-67!

  3. me says:

    It doesn’t matter what her reason is….some of these people need help. The served our country, and we just kicked them to the curb literally. How fair is that?

  4. Embarassed at our treatment of Veterans says:

    I’m not a veteran, so tell me if I’m wrong on this. Just giving housing will not solve the problem. If they have mental illnesses and/or substance abuse problems, don’t they need support there too? Give them the WHOLE package! They’ve earned it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ThomasD says:

      No, it won’t but it’s a start. And a bigger start than many have offered up – and that includes the true Hawks under the Bush regime. I never understood it – send them off and then flip your back at them when they need us vs US needing them. Makes me sick.

      @Cache We have lost 13 family members from WWI thru the Viet Nam war so please don’t play that political BS with us Cache. It’s never mattered what party is in power. It DOES matter the person behind the push. And for whatever reason _ and I hate to say it _ the Dem’s usually offer up a helluva lot more support than the Reps.
      And I and my family are maybe 80% GOP’ers so this is not a party line comment obviously. 😉

    2. Geo says:

      it’s supportive housing…that is exactly what she’s talking about “.

  5. Lance says:

    Just political theater building her resume for upcoming election. I sent her office a letter three years ago for some help in veterans benefits and got a form letter back saying she supports the vets and nothing else. Just another political phony.

  6. paab says:

    The problem here is not that Vet’s need housing, it is their mental and physical condition. We live in a free country, do you think these men would be on the street if their mental condition didn’t put them there? You can have all the big money programs you want and you can have all the housing you want, but if they don’t want to go there, you can’t make them. Ms Klobucher will just then find another place to spend the money, you know like keepimg Somoli’s whose visa has expiered in the US to continue to threaten us.

    1. Really? says:

      Paab you are so wrong! Are you for real?

  7. MAJ says:

    Many of these men need three meals a day and a place to sleep. They are beyond the stage of rehabilitation. Many never got over the horrors of the VietNam war. Lets help our homeless veterans.
    Amy Klobuchar is a good American.

  8. Justme says:

    ??????? How is she going to make this happen when they are cutting funds?????? Sounds like BS… Would love if it WOULD happen!

  9. Drawa says:

    Amy K knows how to get her face in the public when she is close to facing reelection. WHERE HAS SHE BEEN FOR THE PAST 5 YEARS??? These men were homeless when she first took office, but she didn’t need them for her “cause.”
    Her “reelect me cause.” What a phony. I work with homeless of all types. She has
    NEVER been a factor in this arena, and SHE NEVER WILL. I completely disagree with her insincere tactics in this case. She could do this quietly behind the scenes and gain some actual RESPECT from those of us who know what she will really do.
    Watch out MN; the “attention grabber” senator is about to get going!!

  10. lib says:

    If you didn’t have to fignt the Cival Liberty groups these men would be in hospitals or halfway houses and cared for. we are not able to Force these men to go indoors. This is a feel good program, makes a politican look good but will accomplish nothing. If she gets this through, take the time to see where the money goes and where these men are in a year.

  11. Austin says:

    Don’t you mean homeless vets with one eye and six kids,that would be a better way to get more of my money.

    1. Elmo says:

      I’m a 60% DAV, have no job, and two kids that I haven’t seen, can’t afford it. I have a Masters, yet had to live at my mom’s. I can’t get afford anyplace until i get work

      1. ohoh says:

        You have a roof over your head at your mom’s what is wrong with that? why don’t you tell the people who will be paying for your housing just where you would like to live and how many bed romms and baths. by the way who paid for your Masters? The G.I. Bill and you still can’t get a job? I don’t meand to sound hard hearted buddy, but you are not homeless and down and out.

      2. Elmo says:

        I didn’t use any of the GI Bill. I paid it myself, because I was not qualified after 10 years. I never said I was homeless. I am blessed she is able to help me. When I work again, I will pay her as much as I can. My family lost our home, car, and credit. I am not homeless. But I do speak up for them, and know many of them. I give them clothes, and some basics like soap and shampoo.

  12. elmo says:

    The Government already gives them Housing. 10% of the Prison Population in the USA are Vets. I know I was a president of Veterans In Prison. Stop just incarcerating people or give some of us our Voting rights again. I’m now a 2nd Class Citizen in Minnesota. And try to get a Job? What is that?

  13. Ivan says:

    How many of those of you who commented are honorably discharged vets? I am! Amy Klobuchar is the best Senator we have, she doesn’t self promote beyond getting projects before the Senate, unlike that bitch Bachmann who is always in front of a camera! It would be great to have a place for less fortunate vets, although many of them need more than just a bed and 3 meals a day. There is the question of funding for this, and would the Fed. help out with it? I agree with the guy who said our benifits should be for life. When I got out some ass at the VA misread my discharge papers and denied my benifits!

  14. cindy says:

    Vets should NOT be homeless! Go Amy, should this come from the tax payers, this is one I agree on. Not more stadiums, not paying for welfare moms who keep procreating and cannot afford to feed the children they have or those that are lazy!

  15. greg says:

    Vets already get a GREAT PACKAGE if they blow it Too Bad. I know Viet Nam vets SCAMMING 100% disability riding their Harleys too work. WW2 vets they would damn near die walk with a limp and get 10-20% . They came back worked for a living and stayed clean.

  16. Victim Du Jour says:

    Vets need School benefits, if they are homeless they should be able to live in a dorm and go to school.

    Don’t let chemical addicts take advantage of free housing.

  17. We'll never know what they do says:

    I’m very sad you feel this way. We all know people who are scamming “the system.” That doesn’t mean you take away from the legitimate ones who really need help. It’s easy for you to say they “blew it” but until you know the horrors they went through and then came home to get spit on by anti-war protesters and being vilified by the Jane Fonda’s of the world, you should shut up and grow up. The WW2 vets saw horrors as well, and when they came home it was to celebration and hero treatment, as it should have been. You can’t compare it to the way Vietnam vets were treated. Did you ever stop to think that their treatment here might be part of the reason they haven’t been able to assimilate back into civilian life? I hope you never suffer the way a lot of them did…

  18. Cookie says:

    Judging from some comments left here, people are getting more hard-hearted all the time; just when the needs are getting greater every day. Don’t forget, friends, it could be you on the street at some point.

    1. Hard Hearted? says:

      Hard hearted? Yes. All they ever say in these posts is “because they are this or do that” they add in so many words “we should eliminate them.” I agree many hera are narrow minded and harsh and that is why I think you find our Vets on the street homeless.

  19. Raymond Wolff says:

    My son have a problems, He in the army reserve, he was being deploy to Iraq. I ask for some help from her and they did’nt do anything. So I talk to a lawyer and he made one called and got the problem resolves.
    she all talk and no action.

  20. Todd says:

    Well no one should expect any help from the VA. I was on an Aircraft Carrier in the 60’s for 4 years. Some of that time was spent on the flight deck. Other times I as most would have to chip paint off of steel walls with a metal scraper so they could be repainted. Hitting steel on steel. No ear protection. In one instants a elevator door weighing 1000 pounds crashed to the deck below. I was very near this and couldn’t hear for two days. I was subjected to a lot of noise that now resulted in some hearing loss. I applied for hearing aides though the VA. Everyone I talked to about going there told me to tell them I had ringing in the ears. I told them I didn’t have that problem. When I went for the exam the independent audiologist asked the same question. I told him I couldn’t remember. He recorded my comment as did not have ringing in the ears. It was 40 years ago. I was denied the hearing aide. I wrote two letters back to the VA and told them of the facts and the noise I experienced Still denied. So sc rew the VA. You have to lie about your problems to get help. I know one guy who gets 200 dollars a month after telling them he contacted polio in the service. This guy is the biggest liar and fake there is walking around.

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