MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A pedestrian was struck and killed by a Hiawatha light-rail train in south Minneapolis Sunday evening.

The incident happened at the VA Medical Center platform around 6:45 p.m.

John Siqveland, a spokesperson for Metro Transit, said about 10 people were on the northbound train when the person was struck.

The passengers were taken off the train and moved onto buses.

The name of the victim has not yet been released.

The driver of the train is being tested for drugs and alcohol, which is routine, Siqveland said.

Buses are currently running between Fort Snelling Station and the 46th Street Station while investigators are completing their work. They will use surveillance video from the train and video from platform cameras to help in their investigation.

Comments (24)
  1. GOD ひらがな says:

    How many is that now where a pedestrian was struck and killed by LRT?

  2. bajensen says:

    Whose fault is it, the pedestrian or the LRT?

  3. IrreverentOne says:

    Hey bajensen, that’s what the investigation is to determine

  4. joe says:

    well it wasnt the trains fault. remember to be hit by a train you have to be in its path .train dont swerve off the track . if you are onthe train tracks you will be hit by a train !!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Marly says:

      That was my Uncle. He was an incredible man. I hope if someone you love is killed – some idiot like you says horrible stuff. He leaves behind so many people who loved and admired him. Can you say the same?

  5. Ouch... says:

    So, have more people been hit by the LRT or have ridden on it?

  6. Fulloid says:

    When did we get light rail?

  7. Gary says:

    It’s the train’s fault!! If man had not made the train, this tradgity would never have happened. And did the pedestrian hurt the train any? He could be in for a huge law suit to fix the train.

  8. Caden says:

    I slipped and fell on to a train track that was covered by snow tonight at the 46th street station. It was in a crossing area. In some places, the snow drifts were waist high. I was on the train when service was stopped. They really need to get people to these transit stations to plow and snow blow so that passengers can be safe. Tonight, conditions were not safe.

    1. Don McPhail says:

      Caden that was my father and the yellow safety lines were covered they are holding video someone on the platform pointed at my dad for over 2 minutes the camer a zoooms in on him and off the trains were also onlly 2 miniutes a apart from the normal 7 to 8 minutes metransit is withholding video from the train and claims oh well shame on them Don McPhail 7632283051 if u were there 2-202011 we could use yr help

  9. Lee L. says:

    Moral of the story: Stay off the tracks.

    1. Marly says:

      Moral of your – life get some!

  10. Victim Du Jour says:

    You mean that bell sound at train stations mean something?

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Even though they sound computer generated?

  11. joe miller says:

    as a driver of light rail, the bell is not computer generated!

  12. LRT rider says:

    @joe miller

    Are you a driver of LRT in Minneapolis? Cause it is an electronically produced bell sound played through a loudspeaker mounted on the front top right the train (and you can see it in the photo at the top of this story). I even remember Metro Transit making a big deal about it in the news media when the line first came online.

  13. Marly says:

    Seriously CBS – why do you allow people to comment when someone dies. You know that there will be idiots out there who say such insensitive stuff. Ever heard the saying: don’t speak ill of the dead. I guess it is easy to sit behind a computer and spout off your mouth. Next time think about who could read what you are saying. He was loved by so many people. What if it was someone you loved?

    1. Lee L. says:

      Marly, assuming that the person that died was your uncle, you have my sympathies. However, people getting killed by the LRT is a far too common occurrence and people need to be aware that the train will kill you if you don’t get off the tracks in time.

      1. Brett says:

        Lee, he slipped. There wasn’t much that could have been avoided. People really just need to stop commenting on this all together. A man lost his life because of an accident and it’s coming off as though people are trying to find excuses for why his death was ok. It’s just not right. I truly feel like comments should be disabled for things like this. Put yourself in our situation, would you really be saying the same thing if it was a family member you loved?

  14. Debbi says:

    I am a bus driver for metro transit. They do go out and plow the tracks. but the way the snow was coming down, it was very difficult for them to keep up with it. That is why when you are going to get on any of the transit vehicles you need to be safe. do not chase the buses when they leave a stop without you..be at the stop at least 5 mins before they are due. also, at the train, do not walk on the yellow line, that is a safety line and yes the dinging noise you hear is to warn you that the train is coming. BE SAFE and WE CAN KEEP YOU SAFE.

    1. Don McPhail says:

      Debbi that was my father. The video shows that the yellow warning line was covered by 6 inches of snow. He meant the world to me.

  15. Brett says:

    I agree. It was my grandpa. Accidents unfortunately happen. Weather was terrible last night. People slip and fall. This was Unfortunately the wrong place at the wrong time. It’s not really something you can or should even pin on anyone. It’s very easy to put blame on someone when you’re not affected by it personally. Bottom line this is just a terrible tragedy. He was an amazing man, and I will miss him terribly, and would hope people would respect the situation and keep negative comments to themselves. It could have very easily been someone you loved.

  16. M and M Smith says:

    Brett and Marly, We are very sorry for your loss. There are always people that love to be negative no matter what they are talking about ,but you need to know that most people really care about what you are going through.

  17. Ridiculous Comments... says:

    People do need to understand that accidents happen. With this much snow the platform will inevitably be slippery and it’s all too easy to lose concentration for a moment and slip. In the most tragic cases, people who trip end up on the tracks. It’s nobody’s fault. Blaming the victim in this case would be like blaming a pedestrian for getting hit by a drunk driver; it’s just stupid because they had no control over the situation. If any of you (i.e. those who have been making negative comments) ever lose a loved one in a similar accident,lease take the time to reflect on the comments you’ve made here.

  18. In an ACCIDENT says:

    In an ACCIDENT, people have to see it as that. All involved are VICTIMS. The man that lost his life in the ACCIDENT. The passengers on the train that had to witness the ACCIDENT, and the driver of the train that was driving at the time of the ACCIDENT. And the families of ALL the VICTIMS!

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