By Jason DeRusha

By Jason DeRusha, WCCO-TV

We’ve had more than 70 inches of snow, and winter isn’t even over yet. So when, on average, is the snow gone from the ground in the Twin Cities?

When will this be over?

“I was just thinking, I could just not do this one more time,” said Lesley Hunt, while she shoveled her driveway, again.

We were teased with an end to winter last week. On Feb. 13, there was 11 inches of snow cover on the ground. By Feb. 20, seven days later, that was down to just 2 inches, according to the National Weather Service.

“We can get rid of it almost as quickly as we stack it up,” WCCO-TV Chief Meteorologist Chris Shaffer said.

On average, April 2 is the last day there’s still an inch of snow cover on the ground in the Twin Cities, he said.

“March is our second snowiest month, we’ll pick up an additional 10 inches,” Shaffer said. He noted that people forget that because in 2010, we got no snow in March.

The good news about March is that the temperature really starts to heat up. On Feb. 21, the average high temperature is 33 degrees. By March 21, that average high is 43. By March 31, it’s 49 degrees.

“In April we get snow, but it’s so warm a lot of it melts away within a day or two,” Shaffer said.

According to the Minnesota Office of Climatology, the latest we’ve had more than an inch of snow fall was May 20, 1892 (a 3-inch snowfall).

“It’ll be done when it’s ready to be done,” said Hunt, as she looked at her growing snow pile.

If people think we should be done with the snow now, Shaffer laughed, “Think again.”

Comments (7)
  1. red says:

    At least someone appears to be enjoying the snow. (meaing the dog)

  2. Don says:

    Let’s not get in too big a hurry to melt it all away. All of this has to go down stream. A slower melt will be better.

  3. sjkble says:

    I live in Carver,mn. and we had alot more than 2 inches before the last dump. Where was that 2 inches?? We are getting ready for floods! Oh Great. We are waiting for that stuff called grass..

  4. Nancy Pierce says:

    Why is your channel so much louder than other stations? I have been a watcher of Channel 4 for more than 50 years…not any longer. Too loud…I am moving to another channel for my news etc.

    Nancy Pierce
    Rochester MN



  6. Tanya Sirianni says:

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    1) Is it legal that Delta can require its Sky Members to hold a credit card that has annual fees to take advantage of their “Pay with Miles” member benefit?
    2) What are my daughter’s rights to full membership privileges when she cannot obtain a credit card due to her age (10 years old)? She is a full member of the program and has been for years but cannot use this member option. This seems to lead to legal questions of age discrimination with their program.

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