By Kerry McNally, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A half a million people visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts each year, including 80,000 kids.

“Any weekday morning, around about 10 o’ clock, you’ll see all the school buses lined up and all the kids are very excited,” said MIA spokesperson Annemarie Wagener.

Imagine that — kids excited about going to a museum. It’s actually not that surprising when you check out everything the MIA does for kids.

President and Director Kaywin Feldman beamed as she went down the list.

“We have an ongoing series of programs for children. We have our family center at the museum for families and children to come to. We have special tours throughout the galleries and scavenger hunts for children,” she said.

Feldman believes that her career was inspired by the trips she made with her parents to museums when she was a little girl.

“People like me, who spend all their time in a museum, started as a child going to museums. My parents took me to museums from the time I was very young,” she said.

Perhaps that’s why there’s such a commitment to growth and expansion at MIA. The new Titian exhibit gives art lovers of any age insight into the man who inspired Rembrandt.

“It’s a selection of masterpieces, world-renowned masterpieces, from the National Galleries of Scotland in Edinburgh,” said Wagener.

She should know. Wagener grew up in Scotland and worked at the National Galleries for seven years.

“They have never left the country before. So this is an amazing opportunity for the public to see these masterpieces of the Italian Renaissance,” she said.

Renaissance is a wonderful way to describe the rebirth and revival that is taking place every day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

MIA displays over 80,000 works of art and is open Tuesdays through Sundays and, with the exception of special shows like the Titian exhibit, is entirely free to the public. Tickets for the Titian exhibit are $8 for adults and $4 for kids under 12. The museum is located on 3rd Avenue South in Minneapolis.

Comments (10)
  1. JB says:

    I do not remember being very excited as a kid on one of those buses waiting to get in the door of the MIA. So glad we fund this but won’t fund a football stadium. I’m sure the MIA brings in way more revenue for the state!

    1. Symantics says:

      Paintings of naked people frolicking around. Isn’t that porn?

    2. Tom Willard says:

      Careful JB…your IQ is showing.

    3. Spiking Viking says:

      Indeed, art is a poopy waste of time and money, but it’s very very PC. Football rocks, and hundreds of thousands of our residents are hardcore Vikes fans, but the dorks and nerds of this state go hogwild against a new stadium!

      1. Todd W. Olson says:

        How really, very sad this is . Ignorance and barbarism claim another victim. I am sorry for you.

    4. Mike Trovis says:

      MIA is a non profit and it’s funded by private donors and membership. I bring my kids all the time to that museum and they love it. Too bad you didn’t as a kid. Each to their own but try to get your facts straight.

      1. Mandy Reker says:

        Thanks, Mike. I was absolutely appalled to read those comments – you’re not forced to like anything in this world, but toleration keeps us all level. I just hope if you commented negatively on this topic, you wouldn’t scoff at your child in the future if they asked you to take them to this (or any) art museum. The arts (as well as sports!) are incredibly important for anyone to grow into a well rounded, experienced, and cultured person. The museum’s funding comes from very just places, please check your facts before you jump into comments!

  2. edamomie says:

    MIA has done a great job with kid-friendly programming like their second Sunday family days and partnering with so many schools for their Art Adventure program. Not only are they getting kids to the museum, they are training adults as volunteer docents and Art Adventure “Picture Persons” to expand the knowledge and interest of the collections in the community.

  3. Maria M. says:

    I can’t WAIT to see this. I saw a number of Titan paintings at the Vatican last spring and they are amazing in person. Everyone should go!