MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — For years, musicians have mixed music with politics. But now, one top performer is mixing politics with business.

Lady Gaga told Billboard.com that when she cut the deal to let Target sell exclusive tracks from her “Born This Way” album, she demanded the store chain change some of its political policies.

The album and the deal are part of her long-standing support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community.

It’s safe to say that Lady Gaga knows how to make a statement.  Her combination of costumes, choreography and charisma fills arenas and sells albums, so Lady Gaga says she got Target executives’ attention when she asked for a meeting.

Upset that Target corporate money helped anti-gay rights candidate Tom Emmer in last year’s governor’s race, Lady Gaga told Target that she would only agree to the partnership if Target started supporting LGBT charities.

She told Billboard, “our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and redeem the mistakes they’ve made.”

And that was music to the ears of Monica Meyer, executive director of OutFront Minnesota.

“I think it’s great that we have celebrities like Lady Gaga,” she said, “who are stepping up and saying let’s really do something bigger and better and different than we’ve done in the past.”

Today Target said it “has a long history of supporting the LGBT community through giving, volunteerism and event sponsorship and participation.” And it has donated almost a half-million dollars to Project 515, a Minnesota group that wants gay families treated equally under state law.

It’s the second political win for Lady Gaga, who also actively pushed to repeal the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy in the U.S. Military.

“I really do think that we’re seeing a new kind of excitement around speaking out and standing up for equality for all people,” said Meyer.

Lady Gaga told Billboard that the meeting with Target officials was one of the most intense conversations she’s ever had.

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  1. DontGiveCredittoGaga says:

    As stated in the article, Target already supported LGBT charities before the donation to Emmer…stop giving Lady Gaga all the credit. Corporations are always going to support politicians that are pro-big business, regardless if the candidate is pro- or anti-LGBT rights. I agree that companies need to be more careful where they put their money – and don’t get me wrong, I am an LGBT Ally – let’s just not give Lady Gaga all the credit.

  2. Calliegirl says:

    What does supporting Emmer have to do with LGBT charities? Corporations and individuals don’t vote on single issue politics. And, while the media avoids reporting on it, there ARE many gay conservatives. I know liberal LGBT members don’t like to hear this, but..it’s the truth. So, once again a celeb is misinformed and clueless. Shut up and sing Lady Gaga.

  3. Victim Du Jour says:

    Isn’t Lady Gaga part of a music corporation, demanding Target to not take part in politics?

    Isn’t this like Lady Gaga with her finger up her nose telling target not to pick their nose?

    What gives the corporate music industry the right to be political? Where Target is suppose to stay out of politics?

  4. vcolson says:

    Enlighten us, Clarence. What did CBS edit/delete?
    Do you have insight on this story that we’re all unaware of?

    p.s. Your caps-lock button needs to be fixed.

    1. Clarence says:

      Nothin’ wrong with my caps button fool, I meant cbs in small caps, moron!

      1. Viens says:

        Bill EarlyWow, what a fascinating read. I’m no eprext on Lady Gaga and have never been to one of her concerts, so thank you for helping me to learn more about her message. The quotations you’ve shared are quite glorious: “I want you to leave here loving yourself more.” “I am the excuse to explore your identity. To be exactly who you are and to feel unafraid. To not judge yourself, to not hate yourself.” ”I totally believe in all love and forgiveness, and excluding no one.” You don’t have to love her music, but what’s not to like in what she’s saying? The girl has a lot figured out for someone in her early 20 s. Art is partly about waking up challenging the senses so that we’re tuned-in with full awareness. I’m happy to know that people are waking up to a message of unconditional love.

    2. Clarence says:

      Who’s US? Speak for yourself you liberal pig!

  5. Michele says:

    I support gay rights. I support human rights, period. But it troubles me that one person can dictate a corporation’s policies. It’s the whole “money talks” thing that bothers me.

    Calliegirl, supporting Emmer has EVERYTHING to do with it. Target paid money to back the Emmer campaign. And OF COURSE corporations and individuals vote on single issue politics. They are headed by people, who all have their own agendas.

  6. Calliiegirl says:

    Michele, my point is that just because Target supported Emmer, does NOT mean they are against gay rights. There is no one politician who meets all of our individual views. So we have choices to make. This is most true with independents, who decide actual elections. So no….people don’t just vote for or against one issue. It’s a decision of several.

  7. leighte says:

    Oh yea right. Go tell it to the Wisconsin people about Walkers “prank phone call.
    He is so full of lies and eception. Sadly you think all is well with the pubes! If the Pubes have it their way we will be living like the Mexicans, Pubes will be filthy rich and the Middle calss will be filthy poor!Also Clarence “PHUCK YOU TOO!!!!

    1. Clarence says:

      Learn how to spell too, you poor liberal idiot!

  8. vcolson says:

    OK… well, Clarence is clearly someone in need of therapy and a padded room.
    Thanks for the insight there, Mr. intellect. You’re a glaring example why siblings shouldn’t procreate.

  9. Clarence says:

    Just do the world a favor, and die right now, and get out of the way.

  10. vcolson says:

    Clarence… it’s obvious you need to just let it out. It’s OK to be gay. We’re here for you. Now’s the time. Stop being angry and embrace who you are.

  11. vcolson says:

    Clarence…. before you know it… you’re gonna find yourself in a bathroom at the airport just like all the other gay conservatives fighting their true selves. All that anger, Clarence. Just let it go!

  12. John Doe says:

    Another reason NOT to shop there.

  13. Allah says:

    My God ……Who cares?????

  14. Victim Du Jour says:

    Seems like Target reported a spike in sales when the BLTers got upset with Target.

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