MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An I-TEAM investigation that sparked concerns about the risk of fire in hundreds of homes is getting results.

The I-TEAM found out lawmakers were transferring money from the Department of Labor and Industry to help pay off the state’s debt. The money was supposed to be used for electrical inspections.

In some cases, the I-TEAM’s investigation found unlicensed workers doing electrical work.

State Representative Tim Mahoney introduced a bill Thursday that would stop the transfer of money and get inspections back on track.

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  1. Darby T says:

    As a former state electrical inspector….I can attest to the abuse of power and the way decisions are made by a group of men that are well past retirement age. As an example of inspections not made,one single county in central MN, MDLI wrote off $17,000.00 worth of inspections. At a $50.00 average inspection fee….thats roughly 300 wiring projects without proper inspections. There is no dividing line anymore releasing liability from homeowner/owner and the contractor….A virtual GOLD MINE of lawsuits just waiting to happen. And to my fellow tradesman: ITS HIGH TIME TO TAKE BACK THE STATE BOARD OF ELECTRICITY!!! Allowing OLD SCHOOL politicians to run our division,drive a once solvent ,well managed board into the ground,is just not acceptable.

    ONE LAST WORD; If anyone feels they have the backbone to stand for what is right,and save our trade….STAY TOGETHER….I stood up to the main man and took it in the rear-end pretty hard….They will destroy your name and credability without blinking an eye. I can speak now because I have nothing more to lose