ST. PAUL, MInn. (AP) — Testing of more than 350 deer has so far found no cases of chronic wasting disease in southeastern Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources began the tests after a deer infected with the fatal brain disease was found near Pine Island last fall. Landowners and sharpshooters have been shooting the deer so officials can test the animals.

Minnesota Public Radio News reports that so far, the DNR has issued 320 deer-hunting special permits to landowners. The department plans to test 900 deer in a 10-square-mile area from Rochester to Wanamingo

DNR big-game coordinator Lou Cornicelli (korn-ih-SEL’-lee) says tests so far seem to indicate the disease hadn’t spread, but he says it’s too early to tell. With 900 samples, he says the agency can be 99 percent sure that the disease hasn’t infected other deer.

The disease is progressively fatal for deer, elk and moose, but there is no evidence it spreads to humans. There is no known vaccine or treatment.

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Comments (6)
  1. Gary says:

    The DNR. think’s that this is a new disease. It’s been around since the early 1960’s. My Father in law shot 1 that U could count every rib on, no fat what so ever, and the meat was the darkest red possible.

    1. justcurious says:

      he didn’t eat any of it off a sick looking deer ,did he?

  2. Buck Commander says:

    Once again the Minnesota DNR proves that they have little to no clue what the heck they are doing! I thought Lou with his west coast background would have known better.

  3. JB says:

    Ah…350+ deer killed and tested is probably enough “Do Nothing Right” DNR

  4. DR says:

    Its interesting that there is no public support for this.

  5. yumvenison says:

    northern illinois ‘n’ southern wisconsin have the CDC zones,and i think it all started with penned up deer farms ,and near Rochester MN they found CDC in elk on a elk farm,so perhaps ,putting these animals into pens isn’t healthy for ’em,eh?

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