PARK RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) — A northern Minnesota teacher is charged with bringing a gun on school property.

Scott Eischens was an industrial education teacher at Park Rapids Area High School in Hubbard County. The 38-year-old Eischens faces a felony charge of possessing a gun on school property. School officials found a hunting rifle in the bed of his pickup truck late last year. Eischens says it was his son’s rifle and he didn’t know it was in his truck.

The Bemidji Pioneer says Eischens taught at Park Rapids Area High School for 12 years until he resigned in December. He’s scheduled in Hubbard County District Court on Feb. 28.

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Comments (17)
  1. America the Critical says:

    In Texas, this would be considered a persecution.

  2. WakeUp and use common sense says:

    In Hopkins we have had 3 incidents I know of where guns have been found in lockers or cars at school. The consequences? A few days off on suspension.
    Here – likely an error by his kid and it cost him dearly. Hunting season – young son – bed of truck open. Yep, happens all the time. I guess the lesson is to do a thorough search of your cars/trucks/clothes (might have a baby pocketknife to clip a nail) and then get someone to sign off that all is good.
    Shame this had to go down like it did.

  3. Yeah says:

    And I bet there were no behavior issues that day. Just sayin…

  4. DS says:

    This zero tolerance law has got to go. Each incident should be evaluated and look at the circumstances rather than this knee jerk reaction. If this is good law, then we should have something like zero tolerance for murdering someone. If you murder someone you die period.

  5. J says:

    Unbelievable. That school district must be filled with left wing nut jobs.

  6. NRA says:

    The father did not teach his kid to be a responsable gun owner, I own 26 guns I would never leave a gun in the bed of a truck, Oh he is a Teacher that explains everything

    1. Bob says:

      I so much wish that everyone could be as perfect as you, what a blow hard…..

    2. NRA member here too says:

      I’m responsible too. And I get how it could happen. I don’t leash my kid to my waist and they can be absent minded. The dummy left it there – maybe borrowed his dad’s truck. Chit like this happens all the time. A rifle. Not a handgun.
      NRA member here and have 3 safes. Yet it has happened twice in my life also. 7 kids. They don’t always do things perfect like you must evidently.
      Actually – you somewhat are an embarrassement to us NRA’ers
      with that last sentence. I’ll just call you Mr. Perfecto. lmfao

  7. Bob says:

    Let he who is with out sin cast the first stone…..

  8. Estelle says:

    I agree that each case should be judged individually! A shame this teacher resigned over it. No matter how hard a parent tries to teach a kid, true responsibility only comes with maturity…and of course some never reach that point. Last fall we heard about a young man who had been deer hunting on the weekend and left his shotgun (unloaded and cased) in the trunk of his car and drove to school on Monday morning. He was absolutely horrifed when he realized it, and thankfully no one found out about it.

  9. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    What ‘responsible’ gun owner leaves rifle unsecured in the bed of a pickup? The son should not be allowed to possess a firearm until he is 25 and has passed an accredited gun safety course.

  10. WOW!!!!! says:

    I just dont see how anyone could be so absent minded as to leave a fire arm in the bed of a truck are people that slow, its a fire arm not a drill, and if your children are leaving them laying aroud you deserve what you get. As a ex military officer if I found a weapon laying around there would be pure HE11 to pay 5000 men it happened one time, If you are teaching your children the correct way this wont happen, monkey see monkey do. Parents need to be strict with there kids about weapon.

  11. Greg Laden says:

    Hey I’m all for increased gun control, but that’s not what this is. This is the authorities being stupid.

  12. Its bad parenting says:

    I agree with WOW an RICHARD, if your kids are leaving guns laying around then you are not watching them, they are learning bad habits from others(parents)Monkey see monkey do!

  13. Jim says:

    More laws equals more criminals. We should make it a felony to leave your keys in your car on school grounds. Another good one is a felony if you leave your house unlocked.

  14. Eddie says:

    They are thinking of making it a crime that I do not have my horses behind a locked gate…some one could ride off on one and cause an accident….

  15. major says:

    This teacher is also a decorated combat veteran who is deploying again. the real reason why he resigned

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