MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dogs caught chasing deer may be killed by a person other than a peace or conservation officer, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Between Jan. 1 and July 14, a person other than a peace or conservation officer may kill a dog that has pursued, wounded or killed a big game animal.

Dogs chasing deer this time of year is an annual problem, according to a DNR report. The deer are cold and struggling to survive while dogs are full of energy and ready to run.

The report urged dog owners to keep control over their dogs.

DNR Enforcement Director, Col. Jim Konrad said, “The DNR doesn’t perceive this as a dog problem. We perceive it as a people problem.”

The owner of a dog that kills or pursues a deer is guilty of a petty misdemeanor and may be fined up to $500 for each violation.

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  1. shortgus says:

    we have too many deer, why does it matter if a dog chases one? shoot the deer the dogs chases and donate the meat to a food shelf, and ffed our homeless….don’t shoot the dogs!!!!

    1. Sb says:

      Good reply shortguns! It’s not fair to kill a dog for having lousy humane owners.

    2. rjd says:

      Deer are nothing but BIG rats. We have way too many of them. The DNR has way too nuch authority!

    3. Good Ol Boy says:

      It isn’t to protect the deer, you goofball. It’s to keep them from being chased onto highways. You won’t see a dog catching a deer unless it has it cornered, which is also unlikely…

      1. Scott says:

        I had a german shepard that I watched take down a deer. Deer are fast but can only run in short burst while a dog can continue to pursue.

    4. Carl Bailey says:

      shortgus, there are too many morons like you on this earth. Let us cull them!

      Actually, I don’t agree with killing either deer or dog. Eliminate the stupid, imbecile owners.

  2. Nick says:

    This is ridiculous.

  3. Random Anonymous Blackmail says:

    Can dogs claim ignorance to the law? Thanks for wasting time lawmakers, there are bigger fish to fry.

    1. Bunny123 says:

      Dogs can claim ignorance to the law but their owners cant…

  4. the Truth says:

    I say everyone in the equation gets shot the dog, the deer and the owner, and then the person who shot them all.

    1. roberta13 says:

      dont’ forget the politicians who made the stupid law

  5. Pat says:

    This law has been on the books for decades. This is not news and it is not a problem.

  6. Jen says:

    I agree, John. Almost wrecked my car over the weekend when I attempted to avoid hitting someone’s dog that wasn’t leashed or fenced and ran into the road. The dog didn’t get hit…got lucky and survived…but there was no way I could stop on the snow-covered street even doing only 10-15 mph. The dog’s owner seemed upset with ME even though he was breaking the law and letting his dog roam free..and didn’t even come over and see if I was alright after my car spun around. Dog laws should be enforced. Although this sounds extreme, it’s for the safety of all. Dogs chasing deer = deer and dogs running into roads = even more accidents.

  7. Command of the Obvious says:

    Isn’t it a fair assumption to say that people who allow their dogs to run loose and chase deer do not really care about their dogs? Therefore they probably do not care if the dogs are killed. It’s probably just a law on the books to make sure people keep their dogs leashed and under control if they really do care. There need to be some consequences for stupidity to deter it.

  8. merks says:

    The DNR has too many liberties. They can have a road side check and pull anyone over they suspect of hunting or fishing yet the police cannot have road side checks. The DNR can go on your property without permission to look for violations yet the police need a search warrant.
    It’s time we reign in the renegade organization who have abused the rights of all the outdoorsmen!

    1. carl says:

      I agree, I repair boats for a living and having said that I’ve found that the DNR can harass me about other people’s boat violations and even threaten me with fines while the boats are on my lot… I’m not even the owner of the boats and their threatening me? Tell me how that works…

      1. Carl Merks says:

        If there was no DNR there wouldn’t be anything left to fish or hunt. Clowns.

  9. carl says:

    So if someone shoots his neighbors dog claiming it was chasing a deer and no one else is there to aid in proving that the said dog was chasing deer then what? It sounds like it could open the door for someone to shoot another persons dog for another reason at will having a grudge for whatever reason as long as no one is around to witness it thus said shooter only has to say they witnessed the dog chasing deer… Sounds like the more people learn of this law or statute can really open a can of rotten worms for many many people.

    1. TW says:

      Carl, you arrived to the party a bit late. The scenario you describe has been happening for decades. Dogs get shot, shooter claims the dog did this or that but the shooter is the only witness so the dog owner has no claim to make. For those who hunt the night time and chase raccoons as a legal activity they have to deal with this more than bird hunters. Bottom line is if you have a dog and it is allowed to run loose either hunting legally or just running for any reason it can be shot, hit by a car, picked up as a stray or plain disappear and you have to just take what comes. Good luck to those who have a hunting dog they like, every time you turn it loose could be the last. That is the price of owning and hunting with a dog.

      1. carl says:

        Well then it certainly sucks to own a dog…better keep tabs on the son of a gun.

      2. EL says:

        I think it would suck to be the dog.

      3. carl says:

        EL why would it suck to be a dog? Wouldn’t you like to be able to lick your own red rocket? 🙂

      4. EL says:

        Hey Carl, It would suck to be the dog which got shot. Also, how do you know I can’t do that now?

      5. steve says:

        EL, i bet the dog that got shot doesn’t know any better.

  10. fun dumb says:

    What about the tree rats taht chase the deer then moleste them and get free rides on them!!!??

  11. Cat Shooter Wannabe says:

    Can I please shoot the cats that are running loose in my neighborhood? They are on my property. They are not mine and I do not want them on my property. I would really like to shoot all those wondering cats.

    1. Cat Shooter Wannabe says:

      Sorry, I would like to shoot the wandering cats, not just the confused ones which are wondering.

      1. DOCHOLLIDAYDDS says:

        I love this blogger…..you and I are now officially a pair!!!

      2. DOCHOLLIDAYDDS says:

        Cat Shooter – you dah Man!

    2. Fun says:

      I shoot them out of my windows with a bb gun. I just pump it enough to give a good stinger. Works for squirrels too.

  12. Bryson Powers says:

    How about probation first? Maybe some counseling.

  13. ok says:

    Does this mean wolves also!

    1. Wolf Lover says:

      Yea Yea Yea. Shoot the wolves, Shoot em ,Shoot em ,Shoot em all!!!! Aaaaaaaaa!

  14. Jim says:

    This story left out a lot of information.

    Despite what you may think, it is actually smaller dogs that are the problem at this time of year. They can run deer while staying on the crust of the snow while the deer, with their sharp hooves, cut through and have to negotiate the deep drifts.

    The dogs bite the deer’s achilles tendons, rendering the deer helpless. Often they will wander off and die a slow and painful death.

    Also, be aware the laws in neighboring states do not necessarily mirror Minnesota. A friend of mine shot a dog chasing a deer in Wisconsin and was promptly sued by the dog’s owner.

  15. Why not says:

    Two Scottish nuns have just arrived in USA by boat and one says to the other, “I hear that the people of this country actually eat dogs.” “Odd,” her companion replies, “but if we shall live in America , we might as well do as the Americans do.”

    Nodding emphatically, the mother superior points to a hot dog vendor and they both walk towards the cart. “Two dogs, please,” says one.

    The vendor is too pleased to oblige, wraps both hot dogs in foil, and hands them over the counter. Excited, the nuns hurry to a bench and begin to un-wrap their ‘dogs’. The mother superior begins to blush and, then, staring at it for a moment, leans to the other nun and whispers cautiously, “What part… did you get…?”

    1. FEISDEE1 says:

      LOL!! Way to add some humor to the conversation Why not!!

  16. Just saying says:

    As an elderly lady sat on her front porch reflecting on her long life, a Fairy Godmother suddenly appeared and offered to fulfill three wishes for her.

    “Well,” said the woman, “I guess I’d like to be rich.”
    POOF: The Fairy Godmother turned her rocking chair into solid gold.

    “And I wouldn’t mind being a young and beautiful princess.”
    POOF: The Fairy Godmother turned the old woman into an exquisite young princess, with a priceless crown of jewels.

    “Your third wish?” asked the Fairy Godmother. “Could you possibly turn my wonderful dog into a handsome prince?”
    POOF: There, in front stood the most handsome young man anyone had ever seen. She stared at him in awe, completely smitten.

    As he came toward her, her knees weakened. He bent down, brushing his lips across her ear as he whispered, “I bet you are sorry you had me neutered.”

  17. Olaf says:

    Can I shoot the deer chasing my dog?

  18. MJ says:

    I’m so frustrated with stupid, no common sense people. Just like the deer who are searching for food, dogs are doing what is instinct in them, as would any animal. The problem is 100% HUMANS!!!!! But yet instead of the so called owners being 100% responsible, now animals that are only doing what comes naturally to them if not restrained, are going to be killed…….now you have given cold hearted, angry non animal loving people to use this lame excuse….even if there wasn’t a deer!! Has anyone..especially the idiots who are coming up with these horrific laws ever thought about the many, many times pets chase other animals away in order to protect their owners???????

  19. And that's what I have to say about that says:

    People who let their animals run loose (defined as not within their own property boundaries) are thoughtless, inconsiderate and should be given a hefty fine; repeat offenders should have their animals taken away from them.

    Deer are a more than a nuisance and have unfortunately been allowed to explode in population. Lengthen the deer season, lower the license fees, and let hunters take two for the price of one. Thin the herd … or let the dogs do it.

  20. Dogma says:

    Hey, the only reason my dog was chasing the deer is because the deer walked up to my dog and said something about his mother.

    1. Nut Newswurthy says:

      sticks and stones man… sticks and stones…

  21. No Trespassing says:

    Well, I’m an animal lover, but I don’t like children. I think it should be okay for me to freely shoot any that trespass into my yard. It should also be okay for me to smack any children being obnoxious in supermarkets, restaurants, airports, and, of course, those chasing deer, and to punish their parents for failing to train them properly. Maybe if we all practice intolerance and work at being as intolerant as we can possibly be, we’ll really gain something, or prove something, or achieve lasting happiness. Or maybe our legislators can come up with a bill to promote intolerance, and then we can give them a pay raise, increase their benefits, pay them a pension in perpetuity and a bigger per diem, no receipts required, just to honor them for being the dutiful servants they are and for always knowing what’s important.

    1. EL says:

      I am only intolerant of stupidity. And boy do I see a lot of stupidity around here.

    2. Good point says:

      Yes!, if someone in government say it- it must be virtouos meaningful and crystal clear pure- they would never do anything in they’re own personnal best interests (like grandstanding, and not caring of the reprecussions of they’re actions on others). that’s why we have government making laws like this to keep us sheep in line.

  22. Steve says:

    I have no clue why this is such a big story today. This law has been on the books in the hunting regulations for YEARS.

  23. nunrleft says:

    Seems CBS is trying to instigate something. This law has been on the books for decades. Nothing new here or even news worthy.

  24. mike says:

    I had a dog about 20 years ago that started running with the neighbors herd of dogs. As much as I tried to break the dog of this , I couldn’t. One day coming home from the shop I saw my dog crossing a field by itself. I stopped and called to it and it just kept going. I went to my home , got my rifle and went in search of this animal. If I had seen it again I would have killed it to keep it out of the area. After that sighting I never saw it ever again. My dog at present is trained to never leave the property and wont unless I ask her to heel with me. As far as taking care of deer chasing dogs, I believe that if the dog is not with its owner(master) and is roaming around with another or a group of dogs, it(they) are a nuisance and should be removed.

    1. mike says:

      I meant dogs chasing deer.

    2. what? says:

      I don’t understand. Your dog took uo with the neighbors dog, you saw hiom and called to him and he didn’t come to you, so you went home and got a gun to kill him? am I missing something? had he become vicious or rabid? Seems extreme

      1. mike says:

        To What? These dogs were (15 of them) traveling the neighborhood and the neighbor didn’t have the money to feed the damm things. There were so many because of continuous breeding. My dog was fed, but had learned to enjoy the hunting with the other dogs. By the way another neighbor and I whittled that pack down to a couple after about 6 months. I have no regretts for the thinning and would do it again.

  25. Russell Link says:

    stray cats eat many of song birds

  26. Trayce says:

    Does this mean we can shoot the kids who tease and chase the deers–I don’t sounds reasonable to me. Maybe, we should stop ripping out all the woods so the deers and other wildlife can live a secluded life again.

    1. Trayce says:

      I apologize for the 2nd sentence–I think it was edited and only part of it shows up–Should read: It sounds reasonable to me..

    2. steve says:

      Trayce, do kids lick themselves and smell each others butts? No, they don’t, so lets not go comparing children to dogs.

  27. jon says:

    Deer murder motorists every year. Let the dogs have their fun.

  28. tak says:

    My cousin lost his Jack Russell to a neighbor who shot the dog dead because it was chasing a deer. This is one of the most stupidest laws the state has.

    1. steve says:

      Most stupidest huh?

  29. steve says:

    Ya, great idea. I love how stories like this bring the most irrational people out of the woodwork.

    1. Mike says:

      I’m with you steve. Irrational is right. This is why some people can’t have intelligent conversations with other.

    2. carrie says:

      Irrational? I’m pretty sure that dogs chasing deer is called nature. Let’s punish an animal for following their instincts. That’s completely rational.

      1. bob says:

        Well if you actually read the post you would see that he was saying the people talking about shooting humans instead of dogs are irrational, not the dogs themselves.

  30. Victim Du Jour says:

    Didn’t a woman get in big trouble for killing a cat with a hammer?

  31. MJ says:

    How about poachers then…….can we be tougher on them??????? At least the dogs have that basic instinct of going after other animals…..people know when it is legal and when it is not legal to hunt, but yet they continue to do so with a slap on the wrist…..so obviously the people who agree with this law are holding dogs to a higher standard than humans and are expecting them to obey the law or get killed by anyone, anywhere……but humans can repeatedly break the law and not get killed?????????? Good thing that animals are smarter than humans!!!!!!!!!

  32. Poor Puppy says:

    If people in your area do not like your cats and dogs then it is dangerous for your pets to wonder or chase deer. Keep your pets at home where they belong if you love them; otherwise, every time your pets step out of the yard there is a chance you may never see them again 🙁 and that would be devastating.

    Let the wolves thin out the weak and old in the herds of deers like God intended.

    1. steve says:

      Technically dogs are supposed to be wild to. Food for thought.

  33. SW MN says:

    Stop building all your fabulous homes and ripping out all the areas where wildlife needs to live. We have too many people coming into this country (living for free) and wanting fabulous homes. Stop over populating this country and let wildlife exist as it should.

    As for cats_when I lived in S Mpls and if air rifles were legal I would have been after those bird killing felines on my prperty that their ‘loving’ humans let run on & into my fenced in property & kill the birds I enjoyed feeding. Leave the deer and dogs alone. Kill the cats. Eliminate over populating our once great country.

  34. Southern Girl says:

    After reading all these comments, i’m sure happy I don’t live in Minnesota.

    1. Who Cares? says:

      Yet you’re commenting on a MN news website, you must be bored in the south.
      We’re happy you don’t live here too.

    2. Go back to Bubba says:

      Yes, because all the rednecks in the south don’t drive around with shotguns mounted in their back windows and confederate flags in the windows, shooting at every thing that moves (including people of different color) while booze cruising. Who cares is right, we’re happy you don’t live here too!

      1. ROC says:

        What TV program have you been watching? Jerry Springer? Figures for a redneck Yankee to get their ideas from television. If you think that is they way the south is you need to come and visit. Unless you would rather continue to live in ignorance. Hell, you are the people shooting dogs. Scary.

  35. Donna W. says:

    every dog owner SHOULD control there dog. No dog should be allowed to chase game unless there on a hunt with a hunter and it’s OKAYED by the state in which the hunt is set for. I love all animals and no PET should be allowed to run amuck anywhere or time.

  36. Bill Cody says:

    This is old news and moreover I can’t seriously believe anyone is going around shooting dogs for chasing deer.

    Shoot my dog and I shoot you. Period. I’ve made my decision. Make yours.

    1. steve says:

      BIll, you probably have a lap dog so i wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  37. Bb says:

    Good god. MN and WI are now the most f’d up places up north. I’ll never live there and be damned if I visit again. This is nuts.

    1. Anne says:

      And they will both be better places without you. You can stay in kentucky and procreate with your siblings.

      1. Daniel Williams says:

        Anne, MN is full of poor and ignorant people. I respect the wealthy areas.

        PS – I have more money than you, so what do you have? Nothing.

  38. unarmed Canadian says:

    yes the great American answer to everything , just shoot it.

  39. Lisa says:

    You Dummy Mike—It’s “Quiet” Not “Quite”
    Quite the sexist eedjit YOU are!

    1. Daniel Williams says:

      Correcting people’s spelling is for people who have zero self confidence.

      Earn some money and stop being a poor idiot.

    2. Daniel Williams says:

      I could literally buy your worthless family and your poor person house.

  40. BB says:

    Anyone that has seen a deer brought down by dogs will understand this. Dogs live in a home are well feed and kill the deer not to feed themselves but because they don’t know any better. The deer struggle to survive and any dog owner that lets a dog run free to chase deer is much more guilty than the dog but we can’t shoot them. It is difficult to prove unless you have evidence “ie a dead dog” I would suggest that after to dog is stopped the owner face a significant fine. I have seen deer killed by dogs , their hind legs chewed so they cannot stand and then left to die. Dog owners need to be responsible and not let their pets run unchecked .

  41. Connie says:

    Well steve, spelled with a small s for your self-righteousness…how about you say something worthwhile? Like telling me the difference between a human shooting a deer for “sport” and a dog chasing the deer for instinct? You shouldn’t talk about driving a Prius when you take the bus!

  42. Thievish Town Deer says:

    I have deer coming and eating my vegetable garden right here in Stillwater’s town. They sneak in at night or very early morning. I would rather you eat the deers in town rather than let them eat people’s gardens; besides don’t they carry wood ticks and diseases. In fact, a deer ran right into our car in town probably being chased by a dog. Love the snuggly wiggly wondering poopy dogs and cats better than those thievish deer.

  43. Zaskar says:

    My dog chases deer off my property. I will shoot deer on my property any time of the year. They are a big problem eating my crops. Anyone that would shoot my dog would be end of shooter. We have laws that we can shoot people on our property for trespassing with a gun. I would rather shoot some lowlife than a dog.

  44. L. I. Redneck says:

    Ever see a deer killed by dogs??? awfull…all the wounds were inflicted by
    dogs while the deer was alive and fighting for its life…the use pack power…
    2 dogs running the deer while the others rest, when the runners tire the “rested”
    dogs take there place, for the dogs its sport, they dont eat the meat just kill it.
    most states will allow a hunter to shoot a dog runnibg deer during deer season.
    I harvest deer, clean & fast, no prolonged suffering…and I use EVERY bit of
    animal, no waste. L.I. Redneck

  45. RWO says:

    Owner lets dog out to go potty, neighbor sees dog wonder into his yard to relieve himself, shoots dog and claims dog was chasing deer. Owner calls police to report the shooting of his dog. Police arrest neighbor for reckless discharge of a weapon and search home for other weapons. Police find illegal maid working in home, but let her go free, then charges neighbor for hiring illegal immigrants, possession of multiple hunting weapons and ammo that could have been used for a crime or sold in Mexico, charges neighbor with terrorist plots. ATF investigates along with INS, ICE, FBI and DHS. Neighbor goes to jail and dog owner has a coke and a smile while shooting neighbors dog for chasing deer. Cycle repeats…

  46. observer says:

    Too many dogs in the world. Deer are a form of food for some. Dogs are an exspense.

  47. carrie says:

    says the person who used “still” twice in one sentence.

  48. Jilly says:

    Some breeds of dog chase deer. It’s an inbred characteristic. Of course owners should control their dogs, and feral dogs should be rounded up and euthanized, but come on! Someone or something needs to control the deer herds and remove the sick and weak, and the DNR isn’t doing such a great job. Or do they think deer belong only to people?

  49. really? says:

    Seriously stop making comments about how people spell and say things. Grow-up, this is not the hour to correct people read the article and post stuff about it not the people who make themselves look less than intellegent.

  50. pauli says:

    Ahh! Mn. politics at it’s finest!!

  51. Woof says:

    How about dogs disrespecting deers, are they spared death row? Maybe only 20 to life, and on the dog offenders list.

  52. Flipper says:

    Just as long as the dogs, don’t bother the dolphins- otherwise shoot them!


    Welcome to the Midwest. IF you don’t like it – go back to the State you came from.
    Try letting the chase cattle sometime. That’s a no-brainer.

  54. steve says:

    Well connie I it seems to me there is no law against people shooting a deer for sport, thats the difference. Figure it out. And connie, I would rather ride the bus than pedal the three wheeled bike you take to work every day. And by the way. Who’s to say explaining anything to you is worthwhile? You seem pretty irrational.

  55. Patiat says:

    News websites shouldn’t have comments sections. This is unhealthy.

  56. alm1 says:

    Not sure why you find it necessary to be mean and ignorant, but what Amber was trying to get at is the fact that killing a dog because it’s owner is negligent is ridiculous!

  57. Roc says:

    Geez, you are all crazy – Damn Yankees- please stay where you are and don;t come out west.

  58. PT says:

    Killing livestock-chasing dogs is perfectly legal. Dog-ran deer meat – ugh and is illegal in some parts. Loose, uncontrolled dogs should be shot due to damage to people, livestock, property, and environment; the same goes for any other “pet” causing lethal damage. Extreme animalists and environmentalists should be caged/punished to prevent any more damage to the earth.

    1. Maya says:

      No, the people who should be caged are sickos like you who believe that they are entitled to kill any innocent creature they please just because they are inconvenient. Your sense of morality is illogical and twisted, and YOU are the threat to society.

  59. cat94925 says:

    Have any of you ever seen a pack of pet dogs chase down and kill a deer? I have, and it is not a pretty sight. These were four PETS that chased a doe to exhaustion, nipping at her belly until she fled into some thick bushes and died from bleeding and shock. I chased the dogs away at that point, and they still hung around, just out of my reach, until I started throwing rocks at them. If I had a gun, and I wasn’t in the middle of a condominium complex, I would have shot them.

  60. Doubtful1 says:

    Actually yes it should, Cats, both feral and “indoor/outdoor” cats, are decimating certain species of our songbird population. They need to be dealt with as the pests that they are. If you are a responsible cat owner more power to you, but if you are not then suffer the consequences of your actions (or in this case inaction).

  61. cheryl says:

    So…does this mean it is all right to klill the loser humans that were chasing deer with the snowmbolies in Waupaca, WI? They killed 4 and a 5th had to be eutahnzied.

  62. LOL says:

    Pretty awesome. Props. Idiot owners take heed…keep your dog leashed, or it might become crow food.

  63. melvin chute says:

    domestic cats kill upward of 6 million wld birds each day, people go to work and put their cat out to hunt all day. Most dogs chase deer because of no ” Lease Law” or do not feed their dod. A hungry pack of dogs chase and kill dee, they can run all day especially on hard crusted snow while a dee sinks in. All cats should have a small bell to warn wild birds. Put a smal bell on your flea colar. Keep your dog on a leash. THe biggest problem in the Northeast currently are huge packs of Coyedogs, killing hundreds of deer and rabbits , partrige etc. each year. Mel from nh

    1. ROC says:

      I see the typical Yankee can’t spell or write decent English. But that aside, you are right about the cats. And to add to that is the amount of fuel / carbon/ emissions involved in producing food for all these animals we have at home these days. Scientist in England have blamed domestic cats for causing extinction of some bird species and now red squirrels are in danger..

  64. Observer says:

    Too many dogs, most have been neglected by the owners. Once a dog begins this behavior there is no turning back. Rid the dogs and fne the owners.

  65. Annette says:

    It is tough to leave a comment when everyone is name calling – what is wrong with driving a Prius..?? And what is wrong with a dog chasing a deer? It is natural. Shooting a deer for sport is not natural. And if one more hunter tells me that they do it to be out in nature, I say get a camera. And if another hunter tells me that they do it out of a sense of duty (because there are too many deer), I say then why are there so many wolves encroaching on communities… (because we have messed up the ecosystem big time). And if you are a hunter and call yourself a Christian (or religious in any way) I ask you “what would God do?”… I don’t think he would put on camo and shoot a dog OR a deer.

  66. USMC_TOP says:

    Well thanks MN. Now this means that I have to be armed when I go in the woods with my dog. Sorry folks but my dog is my family and deadly force will be applied with extreme prejudice to anyone pointing a gun at him.

  67. Daniel Williams says:

    USMC_TOP is the man,

    1. sprink says:

      Amen Brother. If somebody shoots my dog and I see it done… They had better hide out for a while.