By James Schugel, WCCO-TV

MINNETONKA, Minn. (WCCO) — Do the piles of snow and plummeting temperatures seem a little too familiar this year? We’ve seen all kinds of snow and on top of that we’ve had a lot of cold temperatures too. So with it being March 1, we found ourselves thinking, it’s got to be almost over, right?   

Well, technically spring will be here in just 20 days and if you look close enough you can find small signs of spring all across the Twin Cities.

One look at Tonkadale Greenhouse in Minnetonka and you know spring is just around the corner.

“This is my happy place when I come here. It just gets me in that mood too,” said Lisa Lacombe, who was shopping for flowers at Tonkadale on Tuesday.

The greenhouse has been getting plants from all over the country. In just a couple weeks, the smallest buds will be blooming and the colors popping.

“Oh, the colors just make me get anxious for the snow to be gone and start planting,” said Lacombe.

“After a long, cold winter, we certainly look forward to this,” said Tonkadale manager Steve Risan. “Through all kinds of times, it seems people in this area just love spring, and I haven’t seen anything yet that will stop them from coming and enjoying the flowers.”

There are a few spring things we can all look forward to in the Twin Cities. In March, our average high temperature goes up about 15 degrees, so by April 1, we’re looking at a high temperature near 50 degrees.

Even before that, daylight savings time hits in just two weekends, so our sunsets will happen later in the day, near 7 p.m.

More people will be out running Minneapolis lakes once the snow melts but it might not happen for a while.

March is often the second-snowiest month, with an average of 10 inches of snow.

And with all the snow this season, coupled with continually cold temperatures, lakes in the Twin Cities likely won’t thaw until mid-April.

“Today the sun and March 1 and I’m getting a little antsy,” Lacombe said. “So I’m hoping it’s less than a month before I see the ground!”

It just can’t come soon enough for Minnesotans with their minds on our next season.

  1. Frank Rizzoe says:

    Tonkadale is a great nursery and in my 6 yrs in MN, I loved going there and spending a ton of money. I got to meet Steve Risan years ago in the nursery and we chatted about living in AZ and I complimented him on this great nursery. He was seemingly a great guy.

    Last summer, a gal friend and I went back with a withered hanging plant that had dried out in the heat. My friend and I had been digging in the dirt and looked the part on a Saturday afternoon, unlike the usual “glamorous” patrons that stroll thru Tonkadale. I never asked for a refund on the withered plant, but wanted to show what happened, and learn what plant might better sute my needs in the sunny location. I didn’t need the credit that Steve gave us after he delievered nothing short of a loud and angry lecture on the plants death. I was shocked but very calm and reminded him we had met and discussed our AZ connection and how living in the desert wasn’t any fun….yet he kept on berating me and my friend at the checkout lanes infront of his customers. I never wanted the mere $40 refund or lecture, nor deserved the lecture. I was not there demanding anything or claiming that Tonkadale plants were subpar. In reality, it is supurb! I love that place….it’s a slice of Heaven. It really is…only it’s now tainted by the anger of Steves performance.that day. How embarrassed I was after I had boasted to my friend how great the Tonkadale nursery was enroute to her first visit…only to be treated by Steve Risan as some kind of troublemaker. I guess I need to put on a sundress and straw hat to get any respect as a customer from Steve….I guess choosing to drive there instead of buying more affordable plants elsewhere isn’t good enough for this millionaire Steve Risan. Oh, I’m going back…only this year, I’m not putting up with his bs again. And you will see me, looking odd in a sundress with broad shoulders and hairy legs.

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