By Edgar Linares, NewsRadio 830 WCCO

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota doctor says people shouldn’t be entertained by Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior, but rather concerned.

Dr. Joseph Lee is the Medical Director for the Hazelden Center for Youth and Family. He’s sees patients with serious addictions and has been observing Charlie Sheen on his recent television interviews.

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Dr. Joseph Lee

WCCO’s John Williams Interviews Dr. Joseph Lee

Lee says after observing Sheen, he may be suffering from mania or hypomania, those are symptoms sometimes associated with a bi-polar disorder.

“He’s kind of ramped up with high energy,” said Lee.

He added that people need to learn from Sheen’s behavior instead of making it into a YouTube highlight reel.

Lee says the problem Sheen may be facing is that he’s surrounded by people who won’t call him out on his destructive behavior. If someone is in a position of power, sometimes the people around them won’t give them straight up advice.

“Imagine a lot of other celebrities in this context,” said Lee. “You have a bunch of people in your corner telling you you’re doing the right thing. And others are shaking their heads saying ‘no’.”

Lee says it’s possible that Sheen may also be addicted to all the attention he’s getting. He says it’s sometimes hard for celebrities to separate their lifestyle from all the publicity.

Comments (15)
  1. Analyze the statistics carefully. says:

    Maybe it is a well planned publicity blitz. In hollywood, there is no such thing as bad press.

  2. mike says:

    I haven’t watched primetime tv in years, it’s morons like Sheen that are the reason. There are alot of them. Sheens just about the worst.

  3. Nancy Aleshire says:

    Charlie Sheen is totally in denial. Until he accepts responsibility for his actions treatment will not be successful. Claiming to go through rehab in his home is just a cop-out. As a regular watcher of shows like “Intervention” a person has to go through an intensive in patient treatment plan of at least 90 days. With his current attitude it will never be successful.

  4. Dude says:

    I am a recovering alcoholic/addict. I’m not big on keeping up with Hollywood dirt, but Mr. Sheen intrigues me I guess. He’s giving me a window into how far removed from reality I actually was a few years ago.

  5. Glad I'm not a celeb says:

    He looks horrible. You can tell he is toxic. If I were a betting person he’d be on my dead pool list!

  6. red says:

    say goodbye to his tv show

  7. Northern Minnesota says:

    Just leave the poor man alone already.

    1. Sheen's a jerk says:

      Poor man? are you serious? He’s going to end up dead and then there will be the talk of “why didn’t anyone help him?” you can’t help people like him until they want they want the help or kill someone. I really hope California Child Protection get’s involved, his kids should not be anywhere near him while he is in this state of mind.

  8. Kathy M says:

    A rock star? No, my rock stars are all the men and women in uniform who service their country.

  9. Mrs. Garcia says:

    Those crazy Hispanics. And I would know, I’m married to one.

  10. qryptik1 says:

    Anna Nicole Smith with intelligence.

    ’nuff said. We miss you already Charlie

  11. Sandy says:

    I agree 100% with Sheens a Jerk, he is a Jerk and the person who posted hit it!

  12. Jeff Hamell says:

    I was somewhat thinking he’s just kooky until I watched the interview last night. He is not kooky at all but he likely is certifiably insane to some level. I see he lost custody of his kids now too. That’s to be expected based on all that’s out there to see. Imagine what the nut is like behind closed doors.
    Sad – he had some talent but it’s been a lond steady slippery decline for him. Substance abuse – sure. Seems even more than that. waaay more

  13. La Ronn Powell says:

    Do ya thang Charlie.. Society doesn’t understand the lifestyle you have chosen for your family.. I think its ashame that his ex-wife is jealous. Her only claim to fame is being Charlie Sheens baby momma.. I hope he gets EVERYTHING out of CBS and he should sue whatever state that took his boys for everything too.. Charlie is a grown man.. If he choses to do cocaine and have 2 women in his house who are we or you to say he shouldnt? Or that its wrong? America needs to stay out of other peoples business..

  14. CS says:

    Sick and tired of hearing about this guy. He is obviously having major issues and needs professional help. Please stop giving him the attention he’s crying out for — one day his little ones will be grown up and will watch footage of his manic behavior. Leave him alone and move on to better news stories.