By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In a surprise move Denny Hecker’s girlfriend Christi Rowan has decided she will not fight charges that she stole money that belonged to Hecker and her creditors.

Rowan was expected in court Wednesday to answer charges that she continued to use American Express accounts even after a judge ordered the accounts to be seized by the FBI.

Rowan will now have  to stay in jail until her sentencing,  and  she will almost certainly face a much stiffer sentence than the zero to six months she was originally looking at.

Legal experts who asked not to be identified say Rowan’s decision not to go to court and fight the latest bombshell allegations against her are an indication that she had little chance of winning.

Last week Judge Joan Erickson was infuriated by new evidence that after the FBI had seized American Express cards, Rowan continue to use the card numbers to charge luxury items such as a $400 hair appointment.

Last week, Judge Erickson threw out a plea deal that would have let Rowan serve zero to six months for committing bankruptcy and wire fraud.

Now instead of a maximum of six months in prison — Rowan could face a maximum of 10 years. But experts say the likely sentence is less and by not going to court on Wednesday, Rowan faces better odds with both prosecutors and the judge.

Rowan and Hecker remain in separate units in the Sherburne Co. Jail. No sentencing date has been set.

On Monday, the bankruptcy court ordered Rowan to repay $14,000 the court says belongs to her and Hecker’s creditors.

Comments (8)
  1. Ralphose says:

    smart move by Christi – she could have really opened up a bigger can of snakes by doing so.
    I got the nightshift tonight here – who’s got tomorrow?

  2. Heck Her? says:

    I wish the site would put a side by side of these Bozos. (Hecker and Rowan) They look like they could be related. Hmmm, maybe they are! Perhaps this is the look of her gettin’, and him given’, it up the old hershey highway! yea ha, bend over missy, yo rinny!

  3. fab says:

    friend said she’d seen her many nights playing hundreds in pulltabs and just acting like a witch to everyone at the wayzata muni.sure that was more money that didn’t belong to her

  4. scott says:

    I say she is good to go for ten solid years in prision! Why not????

  5. Rich Z says:

    Rowan in the Muni???? Asked a buddy of mine this am if he’d ever seen her there (bartender) and he laughed. “Rowan in this dive? They’d laugh her out even if she dared!”
    That was my thought too – she’s to arrogant to do the Muni. The drinks don’t cost enough. lol
    I’d do it to it though

  6. Dumb & Dumber says:

    What a POS she is … Hecker too. The Twin Cities’ Bonnie & Clyde. May they both rot in the slammer.

  7. I'll consider it_ not says:

    beware of disease bulls

  8. Isabel says:

    BBEP appears to have edoptad the recent labelling shift by American fundamentalists to describe themselves as Evangelicals as if their literalist brand of Christianity is the only possibly way to evangelise. Evangelism is preaching the Gospel of Christ to the unsaved , surely? There are a lot of Christians who are not biblical literalists who nonetheless do missionary and witnessing work, and there always have been.

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