MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Police say they have found live ammunition scattered on the ground around the Wisconsin Capitol.

University of Wisconsin Police Chief Susan Riseling says 41 rounds of .22-caliber ammunition were found Thursday morning scattered at several locations outside the Capitol. The revelation came as state attorneys asked a Dane County judge to order the Capitol closed for a security sweep. The judge made no immediate ruling on the request.

Protesters are in their third week of demonstrations against Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to repeal nearly all collective bargaining rights for most public employee unions. State officials said about 100 protesters remain in the building, which has had limited access since Sunday.

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Comments (22)
  1. Get rid of the crazies. says:

    OK, the psychos are coming out of the woodwork. They had better clear the place out and have a cool-down period before someone uses the opportunity to do something crazy (or worse yet, deadly).

    1. LBADGER says:


      1. PK says:

        Agreed! Why would ammo be scattered without a gun close by. Was it left there so the gunman could have easy access when he/she makes her violent attack on the Capitol? This is insane!. The protesters have been peaceful from the get-go. The nay-sayers are mad because no one has thrown a punch (Fox newsman made that one up while taunting the protesters) or destroyed anything at the protests!

      2. Joe Hanson says:

        You know? Have you provided that information to the Capitol Police?

      3. Matt says:


        Did the aliens come and visit again last night? Did the FBO kill Kennedy? and you wonder why no one takes the left serious.

  2. The Greatest, Not Greediest, Generation says:

    Check the ammo for Scott Walker’s fingerprints.

  3. WHAT????? says:

    OMG .22 ammo, they are going to kill the political squirrels and rabbits!!!!

    1. LBADGER says:

      That’s not the point..the point is keeeping the capitol closed to the people

      1. WHAT????? says:

        What point are you talking about? What about my comment did you not understand? Do you know what a joke is? Then calm down and for everyones sake get a hug.

  4. RbotronZ says:

    That’s what I’m thinking…..sounds to me like dirty tricks by the republican leadership to quash the protests. I don’t understand why they hate hearing the opinions of the people so much, isn’t that who they’re supposed to serve, and not the Koch brothers?

  5. LBADGER says:

    WE know who planted the ammo..Republican backers trying to keep the Capital Bldg closed…typical ploy

    1. Ya says:

      You truely have no clue what you are talking about!

    2. Joe Hanson says:

      If you know, then provide that information to the Capitol Police.

  6. Justin Ulrich says:

    41 Rounds of .22 ammo? Scattered….
    If anyone had any actual intention of using the ammo it would be clipped up, not loose for a fully manual reload.

    Sounds like another fear tactic to me. Goes right along with the fake violent protest video Fox used last night.

    The real safety hazard is letting Walker and his regime continue to dictate the people of this state.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Sorry, but an elected Governor and the Entire Wisconsin Legislative branch is a republic, not a dictatorship.

      The 14 missing Senators are trying to form a dictatorship.

  7. Wow says:

    I love how some of you people blame the right,no proof nothing something bad happens and you point your finger at the tea party or the Repubs, you are not helping your cause one bit.

    1. Wow 2.0 says:

      I agree. I don’t affiliate with any party, but the Democrats really like to point fingers like this without any cause or evidence.

      This situation has gone on long enough that the crazy, irresponsible and erratic people are the only people left sitting outside the capitol, carelessly avoiding showers, sleep and a healthy nutritious breakfast.

    2. WHAT????? says:

      So are you trying to say that the tea party or repubs never blame anyone for anything??? Get off your high horse because you even know that you are lying. What was that old saying about throwing stones in a glass house? Talk about not helping your cause.

      1. Randy says:

        You are right it does go both ways, But when you say something stupid it doesnt help your cause it just makes you sound stupid

      2. WHAT????? says:

        What did I say that was “stupid”. Point it out or is this another post just to complain? I never said anything about a side, all I did was make a joke and then defended my joke, as well as informing someone that pointing your finger saying you should not point fingers is an irony. I ask again, what did I say that was “stupid”?

  8. Victim Du Jour says:

    Sounds like the same violent Protesters at the Republican National Convention.

    They even arrested college radicals making bombs at the 2008 RNC.

  9. Anonymous Coward says:

    None of you people are from Wisconsin. Ammo is in practically everyone’s pockets. Someone probably just got a hole in their pocket. Chill out…

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