ST. CLOUD, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — Alumni will always be welcome at St. Cloud State University, but homecoming is dead.

The school has decided to end its annual homecoming celebration, which has been in place every fall since 1925.  It will be replaced with a series of “school spirit” events scattered through the year.

The St. Cloud Times reports that homecoming has become tough to schedule because of a limited number of home football games. The school nearly dropped football last year because of a budget shortfall. Homecoming has also bumped up against popular events like the deer hunting season.

The decision has many students and alumni furious.

“(It’s) contrary to the idea of building a community school for life,” said John Zanmiller, mayor of West St. Paul who’s a 1994 graduate of SCSU. “I think it’s the finest state university we have, and I really hope that they rethink this.”

Zanmiller says the school’s decision to eliminate homecoming means he will not be giving his annual donation to SCSU.

“They’re not getting a check from me this year.”

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Adam Carter Reports

The school plans to create new events and expand old ones such as the Lemonade Art Fair, Trivia Weekend and Family Weekend.

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Comments (9)
  1. Jobu says:

    shut the place down. I’d never give a job to a graduate of this “college”…

    1. LC says:

      So Jobu, you’re in an elite position of hiring personnel? If so and with that attitude, I wouldn’t want to work for you either.

  2. gtV says:

    Homecoming is an integral event for collegiate life and alumni traditions [fund raising too]. It is a once a year event that gathers all those connected with their Alma Mater to gather, enjoying relationships &/or having fellowship with friends and such alike.. Granted, some schools might not have a big boisterous celebration but this Homecoming tradition does try to bring everyone connected with the institution together at least once a year or, for some, a once in a lifetime return to their collegiate roots.

    Getting rid of Homecoming, for any or whatever reason, would be a irreconcilable mistake for any collegiate institution to undertake. It’s a tradition an institution does not mess with except say make it better and well planned.

    Eliminating Homecoming and related events will even affect an institutions bottom line in fund raising endeavors. Ask any school who actively fund raises what would happen if their Homecoming tradition and time was eliminated. St. Cloud should reconsider this fateful decision now! If implemented totally, this almost irreversible elimination decision will haunt St. Cloud well into the future. I rest my case.

  3. J. Denver says:

    as it should. Take some steps to regain some respect as a college and a city. everyone knows st cloud is not what it once was. slowly turning into a dirtball town ravaged by drunks and crime.

  4. John Sherman says:

    thats sad for the student athletes and body if the school is hard up for money maybe they should look a bit deeper as to why. But if they do this maybe the U of M should just look at dropping the whole atheltic program to save money as it is so bad but then we have UMD a national champion HUM…..

  5. FlippppppIn crazy says:

    the students outta pack up and transfer. They want you to have unity and stuff and then they play this chit. Hey – WI has a lot of good schools too. 😉

  6. gtV says:

    As the old hippie once said; “You can cut out Homecoming but doing so is removing the alma mater’s pride and alumni memories. I’m all for changes but keep Homecoming. it’s the reason I keep coming back here. Peace brethren!””

    This comment story has a happy ending; the old hippie gave his school $! million for a student scholarship endowment fund. The school has no athletic program to so speak of but it has an annual Homecoming festival. Homecoming is one of this school’s premier event celebrating school loyalty, pride, history, and ‘fund raising’. Maybe, St. Cloud State should take note! It’s five times smaller than SCSU!

  7. John says:

    This article seems like a joke. It interferes with deer season. Really? So then would every other schools homecoming. Time to hire a new alumni affairs president.

  8. Tyren M. says:

    Wow. This and a smokeless campus in the same newsday. They really are trying to finish off the university. Between steady declining enrollment, scaring off new kids and showing how much they cherish alumni (I know, just money but still.) – there won’t be anymore “Husky style” celebrations anytime soon. Sad.

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