MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 9-year-old boy is in the hospital after he was hit by GMC Yukon while getting off a school bus in Hayward, Wis.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation said around 4 p.m. Friday, the boy had just got off the bus and was crossing Highway 27 when he was hit by the vehicle.

The boy, whose name won’t be released to protect the family’s privacy, was brought to St. Mary’s Hospital with life threatening injuries

The SUV was driven by a 16-year-old girl. She was not injured.

The preliminary investigation revealed that the school bus had safety lights on and required equipment was activated.

The Wisconsin State Patrol continues to investigate. It’s not known yet if the teen driver will face charges.

Comments (30)
  1. parentofteenagers says:

    Yet another reason why 16 year olds should not be driving!!!

    1. Clarence says:

      I agree-although I think a lot of people of all ages I see daily should NOT be driving!

    2. Amanda Arntz says:

      yeah i’ll be she was oh the phone or texting.

  2. paul says:

    Hopefully, there will be some sort of punishment for this young woman but don’t hold your breath.

    1. Jon says:

      Paul, her punishment will be waking up every day knowing she almost killed, if not killed, a 2nd grader. Hopefully this young woman will recover mentally from this incident, but don’t hold your breath. Of course my prayers are with the family of the 2nd grader.

  3. craig rhode says:

    probably busy answering a very important text.

  4. Stephanie Krinke says:

    I’m more interested in knowing about the boy’s condition, then punishment at this point. I hope he is alright. Thoughts and prayers for his family.

  5. sueabke says:

    Was she on a cell phone? Was the radio on? Were there friends in the suv/ ll are a NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Tom Sue says:

    1st. I hope the 9 year old is going to be okay. 2nd. the 16 year old driving a GMC, comes froma rich fam I see. So I hope the 9 year old childs fam sues the 16 year old fam for being stupid. Let’s be real for a minute, it’s how we work… There is no: “let’s forgive, and forget”. 16 year old is about to have a change in life exp.

  7. laurie says:

    Well wishes to the boy & his family. Obviously the young driver was not paying attention. Who can’t see a stopped bus!! She should have her license taken away for at least six months! We need to rethink the driving age for our teenagers. Also, wear a seatbelt!!

  8. Shannon Thompson says:

    This is tragic. My prayers go out for both families involved. Do not assume and point fingers. This could be your child hurt, or your child driving. Have a little compassion.

  9. Tiffany Carson says:

    have a little compassion for what?? the little boy for sure. There was a snow day here and a plow driver almost hit kids at a bus stop because he was in such a hurry. if you are driving you need to pay attention!! compassion for the girl driving?? absolutely not you need to watch where you are driving there is no reason she should have hit that little boy

  10. DH says:

    What do you mean,don’t point fingers!!! She hit the boy, now answer to the law. She wasn’t paying attention for awhile. We all know when we see a bus far ahead coming, we SLOW down, whether it is stopped or not. Safety first ! My prayers are with the little boy. The driver better be on her knees and not on her cell.

  11. Thomas says:

    If you are the driver you take the responsible, The driver should watch out carefully, She is careless of her driving, she has no respect of our children. She should pay the big prices for she did. If you not ready for your responsible don’t drive.

  12. lib says:

    I certainlly hope the little boy is going to be okay, but I don’t understand Wcco’s emphasis on the type of vehicle. No matter what type of car hit this child it could cause serious injury.

  13. gtV says:

    This is another cruel and tragic example of an ignorant driver not paying attention to the driving environment! I hope the 9-year old comes out of this incident okay and I hope the WISDoT throws the proverbial law book at the SUV driver. Regardless of the driver’s age or vehicle, there should be no excuse not to observe a school bus with its lights flashing to slow down down or to stop!!!

    Also, with he aforementioned said, I sincerely hope the school bus driver did everything he/she could to do to stop this careless accident from happening. As a former school driver I know there are things that could be done to facilitate enhanced safety vigilance to prevent accidents. However, in this case, upon further research the SUV driver was not paying attention as such to the situation at hand. The driver was doing everything in his power to avoid what transpired.

    Let this be a lesson for all of us. When you see any school bus in your view of travel SLOW DOWN and observe what’s going on! Someone’s life is at stake.

  14. Rob says:

    Interesting how it is the SUV that did the act and not the driver. I am absolutely amazed at how erratic the driving is around the schools. The bulk of the erratic drivers seem to have cell phones or ipods in their ears when this happens. Why do I take note of this? I drive a school bus and I try to account for all the abnormalities around me when I have 60 or more little charges in my care. Dump the cells and ipods and drive carefully–please! That text or call can wait a few minutes.

  15. Mike says:

    I hope the boy is ok. I drive school bus and it’s amazing how many people ignore school buses with red flashing lights and stop signs extended out from them. Unfortunately it is difficult to get a license plate number as they pass by to write them up for a stop arm violation. Because of this I always make sure a vehicle is going to stop before I let a student off the bus. The bus driver in this incident should have been able to prevent this.

  16. Heathur says:

    We were there, and it was HORRIBLE.
    the bus driver could have prevented this incident. Bus drivers are supposed to signal to kids when its safe for them to walk.
    The boy had to walk across 4 very busy lanes of traffic, that bus route should have to drop him off in front of his house, no child no matter what age should have to walk across 4 busy lanes of traffic.. Knowing that the child had to walk across 4 lanes by himself, where was the mother? she should have been there waiting for him to walk WITH him.
    Life changes within a split second, that driver could have been anyone, NOBODY is a perfect driver, everyone makes mistakes driving. I am not giving the driver a free pass here, it is her fault for not stopping, but there are MANY ways to prevent horrible situations like this from happening
    its a school bus, that bus driver is responsible for EVERY child on that bus, flashing lights or not he should NOT be dropped off there by himself, and he should NOT have walked without that bus driver signaling to him that it was ok to walk.
    A change needs to be made to keep things like this from happening again.
    Our hearts go out to EVERY SINGLE person involved in this terrible accident.

  17. roxanne says:

    People need to STOP spreading rumors. she was not texting, and did not have head phone in.

    1. You there? says:

      You a witness?

  18. Makes me sad too Heathur but says:

    It was horrible – it also was an accident.
    @Heathur – come on. The bus driver now huh! Incredible you could even make such an outragous comment. He didn’t hit the child now did he. I bet you feel they need to walk the kids across the street while holding their hands too! Please …………..
    A young driver hit a child. maybe inexperience, maybe inattentiveness or just …. JUST ….. and accident. Maybe it could have been prevented – almost all can in hindsight. That is HINDSIGHT.
    And blaming the mother too – God, you are out of touch with day to day life Heathur, you just are way out there.
    An accident. It happened. The mother and the bus driver were not the ones who hit the child. I am sorry …. just not the case here

  19. megan says:

    I completely agree with Heather, I NEVER let my child walk across the street to our home by himself, let alone a 4 lane highway!! Those were my first thoughts when i heard about this on the news.

    1. Olaf says:

      Heathur & Megan–why is it the MOTHER’s fault for not walking the kit across the street–Why not the father, why not a guardian?

    2. Working mom says:

      What about the case of a parent that HAS to work and has no choice to be there to walk the child home? I’m sure the parents DO feel horrible they weren’t there to prevent this from happening, but be realistic, life today is not as it was on Leave it Beaver. No, I am not implying the kid is left at home alone after school, and I have no way to know there situation. I’m just saying that you can’t pass judgement as horrible as the situation may be.

  20. Vicki says:

    I hope the child will be okay. An accident is just that…an accident! Wrong place, wrong time. I don’t know the circumstances of it all, but it is tragic. My daughter was killed years ago in a sledding accident. The young driver that hit her certainly had no idea what was going to happen. I am sure the young girl involved is shattered as well as everyone else involved. It’s easy to jump to conclusions and put the blame on someone else. We all have to pay close attention to our actions and that of others when we are driving.

  21. heathur says:

    the mom was at home. she came out a couple min. after he was hit. we were there.
    and i agree about the Father/guardian, whoever looks after the kid should be there every single day to walk him across the street. not blaming them i am saying if it was my child i would not have left the responsibility to someone else to get my child across the street safely, especially that street , traffic is ALWAYS too fast, and always busy,
    and going back to the bus driving comment. Every bus driver is required to signal to a child when they can cross. Dont get smart and twist my words that the bus driver has to hold his hands too.

  22. wow says:

    apparently you cant read, not once did they BLAME the mother, there just saying there could have been many ways for it to be prevented.

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