MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The condition of a newborn that was thrown into a snow bank in south Minneapolis has been upgraded.

Minneapolis Police say the condition of the 3-week-old baby has been upgraded from critical to serious and now the baby is in satisfactory condition.

Witnesses saw the baby’s mother throw the baby down twice near Chicago Avenue and East 18th Street.

The baby was only wearing a T-shirt and was wrapped in a blanket. The baby was rushed to the hospital with a low body temperature and is now in protective custody.

The baby’s mother, 21-year-old Ashley Couch, has been arrested for child neglect.

Comments (26)
  1. Jeepneasy says:

    Sterilization Poster Child.

    1. ellis peterson says:

      Imagine the pain and neglect that this woman has endured in her 21 years of life to even have the capacity to do such a thing. I am not excusing her horrific and heartless act, but want to acknowledge the horror that she herself must have experienced to have lost her connection to her own heart.

      1. Mel says:

        Totally not her fault, right?!

      2. Skeezer says:

        I say they wind up and throw the 21y/o out a second floor window a few times and see how she likes it… Or perhaps leave her in the BWCA with a tshirt… Oh snap.

        Ya bout the kid… They probably grow up stooopid and end up in the system. But if asked about being dropped on head the answer will be Yes maaaaame !!!

    2. Sam says:

      A me na mah mah mah ma ne juh….HUH?!

  2. Julie says:

    and had she been white I would have said the same thing.

    1. Mark says:

      @Julie: I don’t think you would have. Be very careful- calling a black person a gorilla is classic racism. It’s okay to attack her for what she has done, but I find the blatant racism disturbing.

  3. Jackie L says:

    I would like to know why she was arrested for neglect? What she did is attempted murder!!! I hope that poor lil girl lives and goes to a loving family that will take good care of her. POOR BABY GIRL…………. When the mother is sentenced, IF she is sentenced. it should only be the DEATH sentence!!!

  4. chad says:


  5. jc's a dunce says:

    honestly – comments aren’t even needed regarding this “thing”. She’s a piece of trash

  6. Mel says:

    Why isn’t she being charged with attempted manslaughter? She threw a baby in a freezing snowbank!! If no one saw it happen and the baby died, she would have been charged with murder, so just because, thank the Lord, someone saw it happen and the baby lived, she’s just charged with neglect?!

  7. Sam says:

    Her parents should be proud. You know what I’m sayin’

  8. Webb says:

    She better never get custody back! but she will and the kid will end up dead. This is Minnesota……….our goal is to re-unite the family. Like that scum that’s going to get 90 days for beating his girlfriends 3 year old mercilessly – breaking arms, leg, ribs. 90 days. How could that be????

    1. Mel says:

      What?!!!! I guess children are still considered second class citizens. So awful.

  9. Saint James says:

    What kind of sick twisted Father would allow one of his children to do this to another?

  10. LA says:

    because that sick twisted father was in a domestic with the childs mother. the question is what were the parents thinking taking out a several week old infant in a t shirt and blanket in the middle of winter? its a shame,

  11. JustMyThoughts says:

    This society is a joke…now the mother and baby are going to be burdens of the State. We will be hearing about his baby growing up in and in 20 years doing some other dumb stuff. It is a vicious cycle, and it can only possibly end when humans realize we are all responsible to each other. We are all responsible to help this abandoned baby…however we can…we are resonbile to it and to each other to ensure that the cycle stops with this child. Having the attitude, “this sucks, but what can i do?” only prepetuates the problem. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem!!!

  12. Lower Middle Class man says:

    Believe me – She would get a worse sentence had she done this to a Dog than she will for a child. Minnesota put’s way more value on pets than they do children. This child will be back in this womans care i8n under a month.

    1. Wallys sipping a java says:

      totally agree. Damn sad world we live in.
      Why be surprised I guess – we spend billions od pet food and people starve and are homeless. Fascinating place, this US of A

  13. Edward says:

    Save me a nickel……..

  14. paab says:

    We don’t need to feel powerless on this issue. We can get the name of the prosecutor and put public pressure on to have the charges expanded on this woman. Take any other children from her and see she never gets them back.

  15. Mary says:

    I agree, she should be charged with more than just neglect, we need to protect our children, no matter what color. Hopefully the prosecutor comes to his/her senses and realizes this.

  16. samuel says:

    Her parents sold her for a crack rock.

  17. Someone's Mother says:

    Someday….maybe someday….people will have to apply, show they are capable and then be allowed to bear a child. Does this sound horrible? Or thinking about what that baby’s life/hell must have been prior to being thrown, when he/she hit the ground…the pain…the fear.. or worse yet…what would this child’s life be like if left with either of the biological parents. Let’s face it…there are too many people who should not bear children at all. These are two of them.
    Someday…we will have to do something to stop this horror.

  18. josie says:

    This story just breaks my heart! how dare you do something like this to a child. As a mother you are their protectors and because she choose to be in a abusive relationship the child suffers. i just dont get this at all! She should never see that child again and should be charged with attempted murder. Their comes a point where people need to stop playing the victim card and start taking responsibility for their actions.

  19. Alicia Willingham says:

    first off yall dont know her like that to judge her! what she did may have been wrong but she is and always have been a young lady with problems! i grew up with her and knew her for years. i know that she didnt mean to hurt the baby she was just ovr powered by her anger! im not saying that she was right< i just know how she is and the type of person she is!

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