COON RAPIDS, Minn. (AP) — The teachers in the state’s largest school district will start voting Tuesday on a merit pay and enhanced evaluation program that could bring in about $10 million a year to the Anoka-Hennepin public schools.

Teachers union president Julie Blaha says the voting on the Q Comp program will continue Wednesday and official results are expected Thursday.

If at least 75 percent of the teachers who vote approve the program, and the school board signs off, she says it would trigger about $6.5 million in state money and permit the district to levy another $3.5 million.

The state Department of Education has already approved the district’s application.

Under Gov. Mark Dayton’s proposed budget, Anoka-Hennepin would be the last district to qualify for Q Comp funding.

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Comments (11)
  1. Dang Straight says:

    Q Comp is a joke, but it’s the only way any teachers are going to see an increase to their income for the foreseeable future.

    1. fedup says:

      Yeah, give the teachers a raise and let the kids suffer the consequnces…….SURPRISE, SURPRISE
      Wish I made $50,000 a year and only had to work 7 months of the year!

      1. WannaBe says:

        Under the bill passed yesterday, you can probably do just that. Go for it!!

      2. hmm says:

        Yeah, $50,000 . Maybe if you’ve worked 25 years and have a Master’s degree.

    2. dk says:

      wish i could get back to what i made 3 years ago, income decreased 50% but teachers are spoiled and dont know what the real world is like.

  2. Dang Straight says:


    Which SuperAmerica do you work at again? I forgot.

    1. fedup says:

      You wish! I happen to be a proffessional that has worked at my job for the last 30 years. We have lost our pension and other benefits and have also had to take pay cuts for up to 2 years at a time and have forgone any increases just to keep the business afloat. We are in the manufacturing industry and have lost more than 1000 employees over the last 8 years which was 2/3 of our workforce. I wish everyone had to walk in the shoes that our employees have had to then we would see who was crying the blues! Only a loser like you would write a comment about something you know nothing about. And before you get all bent out of shape I do know more than one teacher and they make good money and they also admit it!

      1. Dang Straight says:


        Cry me a river. With your stock options, two martini lunches, insider trading tips, bank accounts in Switzerland and the Cayman’s and sweetheart golden parachute deals, you business world types are living the American dream.

        See – I can be as ignorant about the business world as you are about public schools. I’ve been in your world. Have you been in mine?

  3. Johnny Business says:

    I don’t think that most business professionals don’t give teachers enough credit. It would similar to you being a project manager for 300 employees all making sure that each one is up to date and then reviewing each and every employees work. And only making 33,000 (for 10 months, not 7 I don’t know what district you are in that they get 5 months off for summer) I think the state is getting a bargain. In the business world they should be making 100,000+.

  4. fedup says:

    Dear Dang,

    I wouldn’t want to be you. Your ignorence is showing. No stock options, no drinking on the job and no offshore bank accounts, just hard work and enough sense not to spend money I dont have. It amazes me that our children are not getting the education they deserve and you think you deserve a raise? I think you should be paid based on performance just like evreybody else, after all you are not anymore deserving than anyone else. As I said before the kids are the ones that suffer and you apparently do not care.This shows just how greedy people have become. Besides you have the option of finding another job that pays more money if yo so choose.


    I don’t know what district your in but in the district I live in the kids get an unbelievable amount of time off and most of that time the schools are closed which means the teachers are not there either. I don’t believe anyone in business is worth 100,000 + per year, again that is just greed and a false sense of self importance.