ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Former Vice President Walter Mondale and other seasoned politicians are asking Minnesota lawmakers to give up their power to redraw political boundaries and let retired judges do it instead.

State legislators and members of Congress will run in newly drawn districts next year.

The redistricting proposal backed by Mondale is getting little interest in the Republican-run Legislature this year.

House Redistricting Committee Chairwoman Sarah Anderson says the Legislature has a constitutional responsibility to do redistricting.

Mondale says the plan would remove much of the partisanship from the once-a-decade process, which has landed in court for the past four decades.

The Democrat appeared Tuesday with former House Speaker Steve Sviggum (SWIG’-uhm), a Republican; former Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe, a Democrat; and former U.S. Rep. Tim Penny of the Independence Party.

Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton says he supports the principle of an independent commission for redistricting.

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Comments (9)
  1. Jake says:

    I bet we could get Charlie Sheen to do it for $5 million.

  2. whatever says:

    This will not help anything. If my district was redrawn to include the low life’s who don’t care about their kids and want to blame their kids stupidness on teachers I would simply open enroll my own or send them to a private school.

  3. John Sherman says:

    absolutly no,never,not another reason for not letting this happen its a continuation of DFL,Progressive philosphies that make Minnesota tax and elect wateland how many people really know the judges now and in the past they have voted for?

  4. Duh Winning! says:

    Oh the winny baby’s. Get over yourself already. We WON you LOST. That is how politics is played. So if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You know their really hurting when the DFL drags “Mondale” out of his nursing home. Tim Penny…doesn’t surprise me, he’s to busy plying his guitar to be of any benefit and Sviggum …well he always was a democrate in Republican clothing…Hey look the Emperor has no cloths…Just a thought

  5. Norge says:

    Just so typical liberal, we lost so lets change the rules….or what? your gonna leave the state??? Promise?? If we have Senators that leave the state like Wisconsins did, we should pass a law refusing them re-entry, you leave= your gone! Mondale was always an over-sold self-centered egotistical under-acheiver, but hte liberal press still loves the name and HHH connection. This state could probably make a real economic come-back fast if we didn’t have the dumbest govenor in the world playing puppet for his masters.

    1. MNTom says:

      that is so much the truth

  6. don nelson says:

    Too bad Fritz – YOU LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cache says:

    I thought we relegated Mondull to the trash bin of history…he is not relevant and never was…but he keeps coming to the top gulping for relevancy…not…never. He just doesn’t get it…just like Arne

  8. Steve says:

    Since when are judges non-partisan? Do they leave the human race when they become judges? The only difference would be that the general voting public would be unaware of the politics of those carving out the districts. Apparently the former vice-president has determined most judges are Democrats, unlike the current legislature…which was elected by the voters after openly declaring their politics. No thanks. Too many decisions are already made behind closed doors. This suggestion would be completely laughable except for the fact that we have seen proposals come to fruition at the national level during the past two years that previously would have been thought impossible.

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