By Peter J. Nelson, WCCO-TV

Starting Monday the Twins are auctioning off one of the center field trees from last season! These distracting naturally green beauties were removed after last season because they made it hard for the batters to see the ball.

This tree is the PERFECT way to ring in the Twins Season.

I say, plant it 407 feet away from your home, decorate it as the symbol of Twins Territory it is and try to hit a baseball to it.

I swear if I had enough to buy a house with a large yard …wait….uhhh… scratch the house …all I need is enough to buy a small empty plot of land and then this tree could be mine!

Here’s an artist’s rendering of what my Twins tree would look like.

twinstree Twins Blog: O Twins Tree!

(credit: Nicole Lind)

Oh well…too bad all my money is going to 2011 tickets. Worth it.

The proceeds of the tree auction go to the Twins Community Fund.

The auction ends at 5 p.m. on March 17.

Let’s make sure it gets a good home.

***editors note: A special thanks to Nicole Lind for the artist’s rendering of the best looking tree ever.

  1. poollaaveks says:

    be happy and love. kiss

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