MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota’s late-season slide was sharp enough to keep the Gophers from even getting in the NIT.

After losing 10 of their last 11 games, the Gophers finished with a 17-14 record that gave them no chance of an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.

But they fell far enough to miss out on the NIT, too, leaving a team that was ranked 16th in The Associated Press poll the last week in January out of the postseason completely. The fields were announced Sunday night.

There are two other postseason tournaments for Division I teams, the CIT and the CBI, but they’re primarily geared toward the low to mid-major conferences.

This is the first time that coach Tubby Smith hasn’t appeared in the postseason since 1993, when he was at Tulsa.

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Comments (10)
  1. extension... says:

    and Tubby wants a contract extension?

  2. LayOffTubby says:

    STFU…its not Tubby’s fault. How long was Clem Haskins here before they made it to the Elite 8 (or whatever it was that ONE year)?

    Minnesota is just not a marquee school for the nations top recruits. Have you seen the Ohio State squad!?! I mean come on….Tubby is a great coach..but even a great coach can only do so much with a bunch of mediocre players.

  3. Tubbydeservessomeblame says:

    Is the coach not responsible for recruiting the players that make up that team? If Tubby is such a great coach, I think Kentucky would of made every effort to have him coach the Wildcats.

    1. LayOffTubby says:

      Yes…some blame..but not all. I mean what coach could have predicted the Devou Joseph thing or season ending injury to Al Nolan? It was a tough year, no doubt….but you cannot put the majority of the blame on the coach. Players play and coaches coach. And your point about Tubby not being a great coach because Kentucky let him go…really? Are you just grasping for straws or are you really that dumb? If Kentucky didnt think he was great…why was he there for TEN YEARS!?! What about all the other great coaches in the history of sports who have been let go…tommy lasorda, flip saunders, bill parcels, rick patino, etc, etc, etc. Common dude…use your brain!!

  4. Gopherseasonticketholder says:

    LayoffTubby did he ever in his post says he was putting the majority of the blame on Tubby? I do not think so, Your personal attacks show your ignorance and also a lack of intelligence when it should read “come on dude” not “common dude!” Is your hooked on ‘hood eubonics taking over. Let me guess, balck fan protecting a black coach. Relax and let people state their thoughts on here that is what it is for. Nobody is looking to pick a fight, except you of course.

    1. YouGuysR2Funny says:

      Oh the vicious attacks like, “are you really that dumb” and “use your brain” have no place in decent conversation. Even if someone makes a stupid point about Tubby being a not good because another team let him go. So what!?! I am not agreeing with LayOffTubby. But you jokers need to get some thicker skin. It’s not like he called out the dudes mother or something. Wow, what a life you guys must have. (Ooopppss…sorry, I hope I didn’t offend your delicate sensibilities by insinuating you are a loser for coming on her and complaining about someone benign comments.)

      Ps. How can someone “pick a fight’ over the internet. If you found those words provacative, just dont read them. Or dont respond. But i guess that would involve intellegince and a higher order of thought. Anyways, i should let you guys go, that gym floor isnt going to sweep itself boys, get back to work.

    2. Agreed says:

      You didn’t like that guy’s statements because he made “personal attacks” and then you start in witht he race stuff. Good to know the Gophers season ticket holder is nothing but class!!! Racist pig.

  5. Tiredofstupidity says:

    Amen gopherseason ticketholder, Layoff Tubby, why do you not STFU! I am tired of reading post on here with people who are looking to start a fight.

  6. Observer says:

    Why doesn’t WCCO monitor these post more closely and take down the personal attcks of posters on other posters. LayoffTubby should have his comments taken off of here as he goes on personal attacks on others just stating their opinions.

  7. TheCommonMan says:

    Layofftubby is really Tubby! He has alot of free time on his hands now! Eas’ up on people buddy…relax..this is America and what is great about America is everybody is entitled to their opions and we can either agree or disagree but do not get into personal attcks on people.

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