By Reg Chapman

By Reg Chapman, WCCO-TV

CHANHASSEN, Minn. (WCCO) — Fireworks Monday night at a Chanhassen city council meeting.

Homeowners are mad that the city won’t pay for the clean up after sewage backed up into their homes.

They are especially mad because after the city paid another homeowner last year for the clean up when leakage from a water main break damaged his home.

For more on the story, watch the video above.

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  1. Minnesota plumbing code does not offer any justice to this problem. If a home owner has problems with their main sewer or water line coming into their house they are responsable for repairs. This includes STARTING AT THE CENTER OF THE STREET AND CONTINUING INTO THEIR HOUSE. That’s right the center of the street folks! Now when sewer backs up and runs into these houses in a perfect world the city should pay for this. It really is the cities problem by having a block in a main and then having the users fill it up untill it runs into basements. Fair to say the city should pay for it? Or fair to say the residents should pay for it? Well now read this. In some cities in Minnesota new homes are required by local plumbing code to have a backflow preventer installed in the main sewer line. These can work in times like the Chanhassen issue or they can cause problems when least expected. Thats is why they are not required everywhere by now. There is also the homeowner that is one step ahead of this and does not risk his or her basement to raw sewer. What this person does is purchase a cheap but effective $6 plumbing part. This is an in floor drain backflow preventer. By screwing this part in it will most likely save the homeowner every time. Problems occur in life but homeowners paying heavy taxes should not have to worry about sewer back ups. At least not in a city that has cobble stone sidewalks, extra fancy street lights, a several thousand dollar sewer vacum truck, and people 24/7 to go out and clear the lines! I do not live in the city like some might think but I know a great deal about it. If the city does not pay for these house repairs I suggest the home owners hire a good lawyer and go after the city for the repairs. After all if a investigator would go into the new public works building they would find several code compliance issues inside the new multi million dollar building itself! What are the sewer lines like then if the new building is not code compliant???? This is my two cents and I hope people from Chanhassen read this and take action for what is right!

  2. MNParent says:

    I really feel for these people, but you are supposed to have sewage backup protection as part of your homeowner’s insurance. Most people don’t bother because it’s slightly more expensive. Unless Chanhassen was negligent and caused the backup, they are not responsible. It’s a good reminder to check and update your insurance policy.

  3. Jon says:

    Since we don’t know what caused it I can’t really give my opinion on it. If it was because of nature, like flooding, then tough luck. If it was because the city is cutting back and is not doing routine maintenance or something like that then I am sure we will see a few lawsuits. We really don’t know the details though.

  4. Tea and peas says:

    2 great posts that make sense on a ‘cco site even!
    Folks jump to conclusions and state sometimes the most absurd comments here – I honestly can say that in the 2 years I have perused this board you both stated some of the most well thought out comments yet. Thanks
    And in agreement with you mostly too. 😉

  5. Howard to you says:

    one problem here – that one they covered on 2010. That one was not necessarily the fault of the City but they addressed it.
    I realize times were better and budgets a bit stronger then. The fact is no one has their mill rates decrease for taxes since then either – oh chit. Happy it’s not me but feel for the victims

  6. Mel says:

    With the number of homes that were damaged it’s hard to not blame the city.

  7. ROSS says:


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