ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A bill attempting to head off possible human cloning is starting its travel through Minnesota’s Legislature.

The human cloning ban is a priority of the state’s dominant anti-abortion group, Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. The legislation would make it a felony to attempt, perform or aid in cloning by combining embryonic eggs with the nucleus removed and other human cells.

The bill’s first stop is Tuesday in the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. A similar measure awaits a House hearing.

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  1. Mark Edwards says:

    I really do wish these people would do their research on this subject.
    Cord Blood America, Inc. (
    This company is doing miraculous things in giving eye sight back, regrowing organs, where otherwise people would die.
    I do not believe this is a yes or no question.
    Sounds more like the state wants to throw the baby out with the bath water.

    1. Dr. Roger Gibson says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more Mark. My name is Dr. Roger Gibson, and I am the founder and director of Helix Genesis Labs ( We are currently in the process of producing the the world’s first human clone. If you visit our website, you can view ultrasound video of ‘The Helix Three’.

      I fully believe that my research IS the future for current medical and fertility concerns. The cloning bans in Minnesota are clearly a reflection of a political system which is only willing to make progress when it is “Minnesota Nice”!

      1. Jan says:

        Good for Dr. GIBSON,.helping infertile couples.

  2. Stella says:

    omg HUMAN CLONING stop and think where this would lead…it is not about saving lives or finding cures…it is about replicating an exact model of one human being.. it is sick to even think this is a good idea for society. Would you want another Hitler, Stalin or Armedinajhard where is your head.?

    1. You have lost you mind! But with “cloning” you could get a better one possibly one day. You sound very foolish for your information. To deny this is to deny heathcare! PERIOD! Any person that is against this against life liberty and freedom!

      1. brian says:

        lol… what gutter did you crawl out of?

      2. BIGOT = Someone who wins an argument with a liberal says:

        This is comment #2 that I would rank as the most insane on this thread, and low and behold, it’s from the same person. “To deny healthcare?” “Against life, liberty, and freedom?” “PERIOD?”

        I spent 3 years in Minnespolis, originally from back East and now glad to be back here. You people are absolute rubes.

        1. Fg says:

          You are wrong prove it

    2. Tom says:


      Get a grip! Nobody has even suggested that! Look at the group that is bringing this up that says it alll. They don’t live in reality!

    3. gwp0001 says:

      i-g-n-o-r-a-n-t…. this is about saving lives and finding cures… Why would you think we would use stem cells and the like just for the goal of replicating a human being? It’s not about replicating a human being but about providing people with choices and the ability to live a sustainable life. Put yourself or a close loved one in the frame of reference of someone who would benefit substantially from this. You obviously don’t have children. Second of all, people aren’t genetically born like Hitler or Stalin, you have to take into account their environment and the way they were raised as well as genetic predisposition. Where is YOUR head?

    4. Steve B says:

      How about another Jesus?

      1. Not In MN says:

        Yea, I agree…then we could have all the answers to these questions and it would quelch the the non-sensical whining of religious zealots everywhere. But let’s not stop there; clone Buddha, Muhammad, crazy-Joe Smith, pedophile L Ron Hubbard…so we can get to the bottom of all the questions the majority of the world does not care about–> what is the correct religion? haha

  3. runaway from overtaxed MN says:

    Cloning, really? Minnesota should be more worried about its immigrants – people who DO NOT want to be part of MN, will bring sharia law to MN and the end of “minnesota nice” forever!!

    1. jimmy says:

      I think Minnesota should be more afraid of immigrants from North Dakota that are running the state house. Those people are nuts.

      1. John Rice says:

        Are they illegal immigrants from North Dakota??????????

      2. Fran says:

        Amazing…when you have an opposing point of view….character assassination is the first tool used. Then ridicule, based on childish perspectives that have never really left the brain.

        Remove God from life and we become GOD. Simple, to the point and oh so true. We are heading down the slippery slope at full-speed…going where? I could give a suggestion based on the ever-increasing hatred of Christians by non-Christians…but sooner or later some of us will get there….and some of us won’t. Three cheers for the brave and courageous members of the Minnesota legislature. You will continue to be persecuted…wear it as a badge of honor.

  4. Brady says:

    how many sci-fi movies have you watched?? are you really that dumb?? they aren’t going around cloning entire replicas of living people… they are cloning different parts of the body so people don’t have to live their life without an eye, limb or organ. use your brain and stop letting others think for you…

    1. Gabe Christiansen says:


      I don’t fault you for thinking that total human cloning seems far-fetched. However, there are in fact efforts to do exactly that: clone an entire replica of a living human being.

      If he hasn’t commented on this thread yet, Dr. Roger Gibson of Helix Genesis Labs will eventually speak up on this forum page. I urge you to educate yourself to the true dangers of where this research is headed.

  5. Muriel Puce says:

    How is this nonsense about creating jobs in Minnesota? It is time for the Republicans to focus on what matters and forget this kind of nonsense.

  6. K says:

    Ok. Grand. Lets ban all the progress. First they ban cloning. Then what? Computers? Cars? Cellphones?

    1. Homegown says:

      You so stupeed…

  7. Homegown says:

    Like Olie needs two Lena’a ! C’mon he can’t even handle one.

  8. Kristiane says:

    There is no fountain of youth. Our bodies age and we die. Cloning humans or using aborted babies for body parts is beyond comprehension. Some only see good coming from this and fail to see the horror. Adult stem cells from living donors are doing wonderful things today. Cord blood can be frozen for future needs. No,
    man thinks he has the mind of God and wants to play with creation. Fools. Yet, the same has the boldness to claim “we can fix global warming”. This new religion where man is in the place of God is very dangerous.

    1. I ask you this……..fifteen years ago someone said there will be this thing that is called the internet. It will change life as we know it. So much that I can not even explain to you at this date. Do you have the same answer back then as you do now? My point is that we don’t know if there is fountian of youth per say. But we do know that we can regrow organs limbs and other body parts. I myself have two damaged discs inmy back that will never be normal again. With future research and new advancments I have hope that one day “cloning” will help me be normal again. Now argue this with everyother person with cancer, disease, disability or deformity! You should be ashamed of you beliefs!

      1. BIGOT = Someone who wins an argument with a liberal says:

        @Married to the truth = I think the only reason you support cloning is because you are, in essence, a deformity, and you see this as an eventual opportunity to be something that you’re not. So let’s spend billions of dollars replacing parts on our bodies so that we can all live to be 200 years old, the liberals will never raise the retirement age, and we can all pay for people’s 135 years worth of retirement. Then, you can abort as many of your babies as you want to, because after all, it’s all about you.

    2. Beth says:

      Well said, Kristiane. I am with you all the way. Those in favor of cloning using the excuse “everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” fail to see that cloning humans denies that human of its own rights. You simply cannont create another person and destroy it so someone else can live. Why does man reserve the right to say who lives and dies? We age and die. That is all there is to it.

  9. Joe Astroturf says:

    I’m against cloning generally but if they can make more heroes like Governor Walker Ok then. Thanks Mr Walker good job as Governor. Don’t worry about being the governor anymore though. President will be more to your liking. I’m sure Ann Coulter will forgive you for being a little slow also. Watch out for the purple shirted SEIU thugs. I think one of the guys climbing through the window of the capitol was the guy that tried to kill Ken Gladney. I wonder if Obama was telling ugly Andy Stern to talk to the new SEIU president to do that in return for making him rich at SIGA now. If the democratic party thinks that just because they have the union power and all the people like Barney Frank and the Safety school czar (real teabaggers) calling us teabaggers we’re going to let these creeps ruin the country their sadly mistaken.

    Please Check out song called teapartiers I can’t hear you at

    Here’s a verse

    Soldiers as you and your wife leave your last trace
    at least you won’t have to see Nancys botox face
    that chicken neck of hers wouldn’t look good on a snail
    her and a few of her pals in 2012 wil be in jail

    Tea partiers I can’t hear you

    You won’t have to see that venemous plastic face
    she wants patriots like Gladney to disappear without a trace
    she wants the purple shirts to call him the “N” word and bury him in place

    Townhallers I still can’t hear you

    She should put a botox needle in that flabby neck
    presently she looks like something from StarTrek
    If something goes wrong she can blame it on the Teapartiers Rush or Beck

  10. Scott Walker Rocks! says:

    Lets ban Unions and their brainwashed followers!

  11. Brendin says:

    Oh this is classic! Im sure glad the Republicans got voted in so they can share their religious values. I can sleep tightly tonight knowing my kids wont have to worry about clones. Now all I have to worry about is my kids catching the gay….c’mon politicians this power struggle is killing us.

    1. Lol. Catch the gay! Right on! I owe you a beer if we ever meet! Untill then stay safe and don’t cacth the gay when your out.

    2. BIGOT = Someone who wins an argument with a liberal says:

      Ooooh yaaaaaa, Brendin? The struggle is killing us?? You would prefer to have one party dictatorial rule, right? The argument has nothing to do with religious values, you rube, and your arguments have nothing to do with anything, given that you’ll never defend or present your own ideas for what we *should* do. Time to put on your big boy pants, you upper midwest yokel.

      1. Tom says:


        Well you are wrong!

        The argument does involve religious values when a person only uses their relgious views into the argument which happens quite alot. If you look at the group who wanted this legislation introduced was MCCL which is a right wing conservative group. This is the same group that anytime they bring up something base their argument on their Religious views. And they are doing the same thing here.. And BIGOT you also forget who was in power from 2000-2006. And that party tends too extend the hand too the Religious Right.

  12. Tom says:

    Scott Walker Rocks

    So you want too bad the unions and their brainwashed followers? Then what you suggest too the Religious Right and their brainwashed followers!

  13. jrizzle says:

    you people are idots. religious people are idiots. why would you believe in something you cannot see over real-world innovation and future breakthroughs of unimaginable possibility. and who is somebody else to tell a woman what she should or shouldnt do. people need to worry about themselves more. stay out of others business.

    1. Regulas says:

      And you are a fool.

    2. Logic says:

      Yeah jrizzle, why would people believe in something they can’t see like: oxygen, wind, gravity, or “God”. Yeah, and who is somebody else to tell a woman what she or shouldn’t do, because we sure as hell don’t want that unborn human to have a choice. Pathetic….

  14. Regulas says:

    Obama voted to allow evil doctors to just murder a baby if it born alive during a botched up abortion. The left have no respect for life and are on the side of Satan and evil.

    1. Tom says:


      There is a simple solution too this. If you and people like you think you should be able too stick your nose into other people’s personal affairs then turn about is fair play. So if you want too come between a woman and her Dr then we should allowed too come between you and your Dr.

  15. Mel says:

    This really comes down to what the definition of life is. The Sierra Club will campaign to protect eggs from an endangered bird because it has the “potential” to become said bird, yet we are willingly destroying human fertilized eggs for the sake of “science” even though these fertilized eggs have the potential to become humans. Adult stem cells have had more success in scientific experiments, yet our focus remains on embryonic stem cells. Hitler used Jews for scientific experiments because his viewpoint was that they were equivalent to animals and expendable. It’s the same view point that has killed millions of American citizens and now threatens to manufacture potential human life in a petri dish for the sole purpose of scientific discovery & research. The most dangerous place to live in America is a woman’s uterus.

  16. Concerned Scientiest says:

    This bill may sound a bit reactionary, but I think many take a very “head in the sand” approach to thinking about this entire area of medical research. Cloning isn’t an issue of creating carbon copy humans. It is about something very different. The record clearly shows, embryonic stem cells have extraordinarily potential; however, that potential is matched by the difficulty in adapting them to new recipients due to their underlying genetic code. The solution is obvious and a bit scary. Develop embryonic stem-cell treatments (cancer, central nervous trauma, organ injury/deterioration, etc.) and circumvent problems of stem-cell line/recipient matching by cloning those needing the treatment, harvesting embryonic stem-cells, and destroying the remaining embryonic tissue never allowing it to mature.

  17. Brad says:

    It’s truly amazing to see how many uninformed lunatics have access to the internet. Let’s be certain to avoid any progress in science that may possibly improve our lives and society. Thank god that the polio vaccine wasn’t deemed as evil! Then again there were probably some people who thought it was…

    1. BIGOT = Someone who wins an argument with a liberal says:

      Yeah Brad, why don’t we just cut off access to anyone who’s views your disagree with? Typical Leftist solution. Just remember, you upper midwest rube, the 2nd amendment is there to enforce the 1st amendment.

  18. cupcake says:

    While I agree with your statements, who is to say anyone ever dies before their time?

  19. Owl Creek Observer says:

    Two words of caution, Minnesota: Al Franken.

    1. Hazmat77 says:

      That’s 3 words!

  20. Simon Jester says:

    I don’t have a problem with this. Nobody I know wants more Minnesotans.

  21. Bankroller says:

    The first US President to be cloned was Jimmy Carter; when will the Camp David Presidential Cloning center be shut down? Just askin’!

  22. roughman says:

    I was not aware they HAD any humans in Minnesota…

  23. jake49 says:

    Whew thank god. We do not need another congressman like “me Al Frankin”

  24. Jerry Atrick says:

    Good. This would protect us from more Al Frankens.

  25. Mark B. says:

    Maybe this would prevent another Al Frankin. If so, I’m all for it.

    1. Rocket Man says:

      Outstanding comment. Couldn’t agree with you more.

    2. Tom says:

      Mark B

      Maybe it would prevent a another Michelle Bachmann!

  26. DJ says:

    The US already has a ban on Human Cloning. This is just another example of politicians wasting time and money trying to get in front of a camera instead of solving real problems.

  27. Hank Warren says:

    Useless politicians and their useless laws, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our right:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama and sweep out the Congress.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  28. Liberal Minnesotans... says:

    Liberal Minnesotans: Do you ever wonder why your state sucks? It’s because of you. Minnesota would be a pretty sweet place, like Colorado or Wyoming, but you liberals had to hunker down and defecate on everything you come into contact with. I suppose the good thing is that no matter what the topic is, cloning or otherwise, you’re losing the argument across the wide range of public discourse. It doesn’t even matter who you’re arguing with–you couldn’t articulate a point if you’re life depended on it. You merely survive day to day, as the product of public schools, thinking that emotional and ad hominem argument can take the place of logic. No one is buying it folks.

    1. Tom says:

      Liberal MN

      If you are trying too claim that private schools teach their students “logic” then you are perfect example of being taught “fantasy”. You take for example what happened in TX when the school board was dominated by conservatives they wanted too re – write text books to fit conservative ideas even if real histroy didn’t see it that way.

  29. Ron says:

    There’s no one in Minnesota I’d particularly care to clone anyway.

  30. Elizabeth says:

    By the time cloning becomes an actual option for extending life, Minnesota will be more than happy to overturn this “outdated” legislation. We haven’t even begun to figure out why clones die so early–by the time we do, and THEN develop ways to use it to extend our own lives? This will have passed decades before.

    1. Alydia says:

      We won’t be around that long….think about what you are saying!! Thank goodness….I seriously doubt God would allow this act of evil.

  31. Gomalio Fung says:

    Too late. You already have a half man, half alimentary canal in office. It’s called Al Franken.

  32. Matt says:

    Will this ban also include twins?

  33. Robert Carrs says:

    Tis is a really good idea because we really cant have cloned Minnesotans running around. Number one its just plain ugly and number two, its does noting to raise Minnesota’s collective IQ. I support this law for Minnesota and maybe Utah

  34. Crosscut says:

    No Minnesotans should be cloned after seeing the kind of lowlifes they have electeded to the Senate and House.

  35. Alydia says:

    So,you want to piggy back on the weak and innocent? You know, the ones that can’t help themselves? What a barbarian you are to want to clone another human just to get the “good” out of them!
    Shut up and accept this fact because we are ALL going to die one day.
    P.S. With your bad spelling and grammar let us hope YOU ARE NOT CLONED!

  36. The real cupcake (NM) says:

    Are you people serious? This upsets you because there just aren’t enough people on this planet? Too much of the world is underpopulated? There are just too many gosh darn resources that must be used??? Morons.

    1. Mel says:

      Right, and Hitler thought there were too many Jews.

  37. Carlo says:

    How diabolical and debased and depraved do you have to be to even consider cloning humans? It’s disturbing in the extreme that there are actually people out there who are not utterly repulsed by the very thought.

  38. JL says:

    Bummer – and I was hoping for more folks to join public unions!

  39. Hazmat77 says:

    Like, wow- we don’t have enough unwanted people, now some of youse want to recreate human failures!

  40. smartin855 says:

    I don’t only want human cloning, I want genetic splicing to create mythical creatures like satyrs and centaurs and minotaur, and merpeople. If you cite religious reasons for not wanting this, you are weak minded. They don’t call you “flock” for nothing

  41. Paul says:

    PLEASE do not clone anyone from MN!
    They will just end up in Florida.

  42. dennis says:


    1. Keith says:

      There is much more promise from the technology of programming ones own cells so they regress to the pluripotent state. From that point they could potentially be used to generate any type of tissue needed, and even entire organs. Not only would this be guaranteed to not be rejected, it would eliminate any moral objections over creating a life for the purpose of destroying that same life.

  43. R Andrson says:

    One should thoroughly understand something before they ban it.

  44. Philips says:

    Man would I love to clone Nikola Tesla…

  45. Karl says:

    While I don’t dislike people from Minnesota, the State Government does seem backward in many respects.

  46. retired says:

    It sounds like you want to grow clones, to harvest replacement parts…

    Besides a clone will never be just like someone you lost.. .. because they are not only their body.. but also their life experiences.. And a clone would never experience life like they have..

  47. Mel says:

    I also love how wcco identifies pro-lifers as “anti-abortionists”, and pro-choicers as, well pro-choice. Why not use the same standard and identify pro-choicers as anti-life? But that couldn’t possibly be a double-standard, right? I mean anti-life would be offensive and inappropriate, and we definitely wouldn’t dare to offend the left; especially those who fight so hard to maintain the right for a woman to kill her off-spring. “Get your laws off my body!” Right? I am hard-pressed to find a woman who would look at her child, even on the worst day, and wished she had aborted him/her, yet I have talked to many women who daily grieve the choice they made to abort.

  48. Woody says:

    Awww, geee. Can’t they wait a couple of weeks. I’m almost done.

  49. jb80538 says:

    Human cloning should be banned WORLD WIDE!!!!

  50. Just saying says:

    If God thinks cloning should be banned, why’d he invent twinning?

    That’s right, folks, clones are simply identical twins by different means.

  51. John Hand says:

    hmmm,,, can I get a clone of myself to send to work and all the other things I find displeasing?

  52. Rick says:

    Totally unsurprising from a state that would elect a dimwit like Michele Bachmann.

  53. Chippy55 says:

    The Democrat Party already bans cloning, it’s called abortion, and they’ve done so 50 million times since Norma McCorvey vs Wade, and I saw her all over the news stating that she changed her mind, and abortion is wrong. Well, that’s a woman’s prerogative isn’t it? 50 million aborted Democrats, tha’ts what separates the two Parties, one embraces life, and the other has an ex-Speaker who insists that “not enough the Catholic Church can determine when life begins” (wrong), I heard her say that, and I also heard the Vatican’s response which took all of 5 minutes. Quick, count backwards from 270 days and tell me when you get to the point where life is no linger life.
    Michelle Bachmann are beautiful women who speak the truth, and Liberals are so used to lying that they continue ad hominem attacks, because they can’t argue the facts.

    1. Tom says:


      Yes that woman at the center of Roe v Wade has changed her mind and she entitled too do that. But for you to say that conservatives base their arguments on fact and liberal base their arguments on lies is very far fetched. Liberals base their arguments on facts and real science while conservatives base their arugments on pure fantasy..

  54. godsmotive says:

    Why would anybody want to clone someone from Minnesota?

  55. Meta_X says:

    You idiots! You keep talking about how it helps to have cloned body parts. Well, you obviously just looked at the title and did not read the article. Look, it says:

    ” The legislation would make it a felony to attempt, perform or aid in cloning by combining embryonic eggs with the nucleus removed and other human cells.”

    It doesn’t talk about body parts; it means an actual full functioning body.

    Also, you people keep saying we should make another Jesus or Joseph Smith or Muhammad or Buddha and the such so we can ask them stuff? Have you not sense? That wouldn’t be possible. Even if you tried cloning their brains, knowledge is learned through experience, you’re not born with it. Besides, their brain cells are long dead.

    1. DrRoger Gibson says:

      I operate Helix Genesis Labs, a scientific research facility dedicated to the advancement of human embryonic cloning. We have successfully cloned 3 human fetuses which have now passed the first trimester stage of development.

  56. DrRoger Gibson says:

    We are unable to do our work in the borders of most countries, including the United States. This law being presented in Minnesota is redundant and seems more like conservative religious posturing to stand in the way of progress and the promise for a better future.

    Human cloning is the next logical and progressive step in the evolution of man, science, and holds the promise for cures to many of the the world’s most dangerous and devastating plagues such as cancer, diabetes and others.

  57. DrRoger Gibson says:

    Religion as a movement against progressive thinking, and enrichment of the human condition, has been the culprit in the crippling of progress… this is the case it seems in Minnesota. It wasn’t long ago that one would be imprisoned or even executed for stating a belief that the world is anything other than flat.

    This bill in Minnesota is an incredible waste of public resources being used to hold that very society back. It is amazing that a progressive, scientifically-advanced state such as Minnesota, would bother to push for measures that not only go against the best interests of the state as a leader in the medical sciences, but the interests of mankind as a sustainable and progressive species.

  58. DrRoger Gibson says:

    Our laboratory, Helix Genesis Labs ( is unable to exists in the United States and hire U.S. researchers and pay U.S. taxes or otherwise contribute to the U.S. economy due to already stringent anti-scientific and religiously backed legislation… this law in Minnesota would only solidify the state’s firm grip on the dark ages of the pre-genetic revolution.

    – Roger Gibson, Phd

  59. Gabe Christiansen says:

    Well, “Doctor Gibson,” I read online that you are using an alias to “protect your identity,” that seems unusual for a man with such an ego. I also noticed that the main character in the film, “I’m Not Jesus Mommy,” about human cloning, is also named “Roger Gibson,” is that a coincidence? I’m very sceptical of your credentials and claims, but that aside we all should consider the following:

  60. Gabe Christiansen says:

    I am reminded of God’s ability to test our resolve in times of trouble. The state of Minnesota announced yesterday that it would ban the research and medicine surrounding stem-cells and human cloning. The resulting news reports widely attacked this decision with stories of suffering children whose diseases might find a solution in stem-cells and human cloning. Good and decent people, even self-proclaimed pro-life people, spoke out against this ban because their children are in need. I would be lying if I said that I was not moved by the stories of these suffering children. A child in pain is among the most difficult things to accept. We all want good and healthy lives for our children. Stem cell and human cloning medicines seem to usher in a new era of solutions to unresolved medical issues of the past, but at what cost? The systematic creation and then destruction of live human embryos as a starting point for a cure seems to me to be God’s test.

  61. Gabe Christiansen says:

    Do we truly believe in God’s world? Do we truly believe in God’s plan for us and for our children, even when that plan can be painful or difficult to endure at times? Or are we willing to accept a solution which undermines His authority within the world He made for us? There are moments in our faith when our true commitment to God is tested. To remain steadfast in our beliefs can be all but impossible, but will always make us stronger in our faith. To take the low road in these trying times can lead us away from God for good. I ask that you keep the families of these suffering children in your prayers, that they might see that the solution they seek is no real solution at all. God bless you.