By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO/AP) — Christi Rowan-Hecker, the wife of beleaguered auto mogul Denny Hecker, has been sentenced to 14 months in prison for stealing money that belonged to Hecker’s creditors.

That’s the maximum sentence applicable to the charges Rowan-Hecker faced for committing bankruptcy and wire fraud. Rowan-Hecker was also ordered to pay about $36,000 in restitution and serve five years of probation.

Rowan-Hecker, who was just recently married to Hecker in an over-the-phone ceremony, had been accused of continuing to use American Express accounts even after a judge ordered the accounts to be seized by the FBI. She pleaded guilty to bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud last year after admitting that she lied on a credit application to purchase a Land Rover for Hecker.

She also admitted to falsifying a W2, claiming she was an attorney for the parent company of KARE-TV, when in reality, she was a salesperson for the station.

U.S. District Court Judge Joan Ericksen earlier threw out a plea deal that would’ve let Rowan-Hecker serve zero to six months in prison. The judge appeared infuriated that Rowan-Hecker had used the credit accounts to charge luxury items such as a $400 hair appointment. Prosecutors say she also spent thousands of dollars in gift cards that were supposed to be turned over to authorities.

“It’s mind-boggling to take money that was in the custody of the court and the FBI,” Ericksen said on Tuesday morning. “It takes your breath away.”

Ericksen said Rowan-Hecker deserved the maximum sentence because of the seriousness and brazenness of her actions. She said her conduct showed Rowan-Hecker had no respect for the law.

Rowan-Hecker’s attorney asked for leniency, saying she was one of Hecker’s victims.

Rowan-Hecker, dressed in a white blouse and black skirt, showed no emotion as she was sentenced.

In an unusual move, Rowan was allowed contact with her children following the sentencing. Her 14-year-old sobbed during and after the sentencing.

Rowan-Hecker is asking to serve her sentence at a prison camp in Greenville, Illinois. Minnesota does not have any minimum security federal prison camps for women. With good behavior, Rowan-Hecker could be out in less than a year.

Hecker has been sentenced to 10 years for bankruptcy fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

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Comments (73)
  1. Justice says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer person =-)

  2. mossy says:

    Bad Mom no Biscuit

  3. tbone says:

    The eyes, they never lie ,Chico

  4. gartrek says:

    Psycho! I hope she finds a nice ‘girlfriend’ to keep her warm!

    1. Ralph bets it's about to become says:

      PARTY TIME – can I come ?

  5. Sue says:

    I agree, 14 months is not long enough when time and time again she and Denny Hecker dismissed everything the court had said and thought they would get away with it like it didn’t matter to them they were going to do whatever they wanted, even 10 years is not even enough time for Denny Hecker I would have given him life, and all he said was I’m sorry and I’m a good person yeah right.

  6. Nick says:

    She got off too easy. The law is weak.

  7. John says:

    They probably have stashed their money somewhere. So after they come out, they still have more money than many of us. How is that working for the justice system?

  8. Roger Wilson says:

    I expect that Denny married her so that she couldn’t be made to testify against her.
    Then, when she gets out, she will be able to enjoy the illegal off shore accounts that are likely scattered across the Caribbean.

    1. Stu says:

      That’s exactly what I think. He “married” her so she couldn’t testify against him. The next thing the courts should do is declare their marriage illegal, since it was. Marriages have to take place IN PERSON. Their pastor is a moron for falling for their latest trick. The state will probably now have to take care of her unloved unfortunate children. No more ill gotten toys for Hecker’s children.

  9. Joy says:

    I feel bad for her kids who clearly don’ rate higher than money and greed with this stupid woman. Their mother is going away and that’s all they know right now.

  10. Alan McAllister says:

    @John…if I was breaking the law in that way…I sure as heck would have stashed some money someplace so when I am out in 10 years, I would have something to fall back on. Am I saying that is OK? No, not at all, I hope he was not that smart. But if it was me…I would have stashed a bunch of money. But I am not a criminal so that would never happen…just sayin if I was..

  11. Joe says:

    Maybe she will meet ” Juile ” the jaiil babe and they can give each other wax jobs and get her hair done

    1. frustrated says:


    1. Rachael says says:

      and strap her down 🙂

      1. Thomas gets it says:

        Then send in
        Bozo the Clown lol

      2. Gizzards and stuffing says:

        If he don’t werk
        I’m her jerk

      3. Hey there bangbro says:

        straps …. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
        where she at? Come on ….. where she at?????

      4. Josie says:

        MyFreeProductSamples on October 14, 2011 @MsExoticBliss Hey tnhaks! I try to keep it nice and clean and only post stuff I’d order personally myself!

  12. Sandi says:

    She is lucky she only got 14 months. Too bad she didn’t think more about her children and less about money and she wouldn’t be seperated from them now. We, as parents, and I include myself, don’t think often enough how our actions affect our children. There really should be a training to be a parent. We have to get a license to drive a car, build a house, etc. etc. but not to raise children. Interesting, huh?……………..

    1. You there?????!!!!!! says:

      you want mandated parent licensure Sandi? More gubbermint regs?
      I get what ya saying but come on – can’t regulate stuoidity anyway now can we

      1. Sandi says:

        I never mentioned the government. I said “training” as in courses in parenting, which there are some. I never said I wanted parent licensure. I just think it’s interesting that you have to get a license for all those other things that are inanimate objects with no feelings. My post was just my thoughts, not an endorsement for more government regulations. There is plenty of that already!

    2. wakeupmpls says:

      No, not interesting. What? Children granted by government permit?

      1. Ralph bets license and mandated training talk soon says:

        and inseminated by the GOP or maybe the TeaPeas? Matters not – they shoot blanks mostly so

      2. Sandi says:

        Again, I say, I never mentioned the government. I was merely making an observation. I did not say there should be mandated parent licensure or children granted by government permit. Enough said on my part.

  13. wakeupmpls says:

    You all realize that politicians steal more than that from us every minute, right? Where is their punishment?

  14. DS says:

    hey denny, ever heard of the term “trophy wife”? if you marry a woman 20yrs younger than you for “true love” she should at least be hot. jeez get it together, haha!

    1. yesssirrrreeeee DS says:

      DS – ya ever see her in person when she can spiffy up??? just wondering 😉

  15. Kent says:

    Mean people..Mean People.
    But most of you are right!

  16. LJK says:

    I read where she got that $400 haircut at someplace called the Jon Charles Salon. Looks to me like she had it cut by Ray himself, at the Ray Charles Salon!!
    14 months is not NEARLY enough for this plastic, suburban, BEYOTCH!!

  17. Allan says:

    tbone. Like you reference to Scarface.

  18. Rufus says:

    LJK – you still bald no? So this must be jealousy a talkin’ ??????

    DAH: wet my whistle in the thistle of life

  19. mark from says:


  20. Hey there bangbro says:

    A) not human
    B) human enough if ya get my drift

  21. what is she really wanting after long days done? says:

    Got a brat on the grill

    1. Easy on the animals now says:

      a big thick juicy piece of real meat
      maybe coke on the side?

  22. Frances says:

    Trash, that is all they are plain white trash! Sorry her children have to suffer for their behavior.

    1. Frances les deuce says:


      1. Rufus says:

        Think we in political speak now? No? maybe?
        Mr. Hecker’s kids. Or Ms Rowan’s kids? Or Lordy only knows what she is talking abouts kids

        DAH: wet my whistle in the thistle of life

  23. jc's been there says:

    she looks a wee bit upset in her picture. Anyone know why?

    1. FlippIn crazy adult kids says:

      Taken a while back when a check from Denny bounced I heard. Dang it all she muttered

  24. so sick of them getting away with it says:

    maximum, yeah! at least that part makes sense. the fact that the max is only 14 months is a little disappointing.

  25. Victim Du Jour says:

    This all started when Hecker filed a lawsuit against bankers.

  26. Adam says:

    What I am still wondering about is how did the ex wife Tamitha end up getting the trustee to give her over 2 million dollars worth of money and assets? Wasn’t she married to him for like 14 years? How is it that no one has questions her knowledge in all of this. Wasn’t she spending other peoples money for years since apparently it wasn’t either of their monies in the first place? It doesn’t make sense to me why she gets a get out of jail free card. Can someone please explain this one?

  27. Rufus says:

    Why you now hearing this? Where from? Not something that I have ever heard – actually been said she is hurtin’

    DAH: wet my whistle in the thistle of life

  28. Adam says:

    Here is an article from the star tribune and I found a couple other ones where she got to keep assets. How is that possible?

  29. Rufus says:

    Adam –
    Thx for this interesting tidbit. I had no clue – she was being painted by many as a victim too. lol Nice victim huh
    Seems like it wouldn’t happen but as much as the BK people wanted to nail him I guess somehow it passed the sniff test. I know BK is treated different than something like Madoff’s scam. A million in jewelry – wow.
    So maybe ol’ Hecker , as in the ex-Mrs, pulled something off. Changes my view of her for sure.

    DAH: wet my whistle in the thistle of life

    1. Adam says:

      What’s even more interesting Rufus is that she was also granted $7,500/mth for being married to him. Does that money now come out of the assets that should have been paid back to the creditors? I also read another article that said the ex wife filed for divorce, retracted, then in 2008 when he went down she filed for divorce again. Does no one think she did know what was going on the whole time? Nothing about this whole debacle makes sense.

      1. Rufus says:

        Bizzare //// the whole sham that surrounds this last name is like an evil Patterson novel. You may be onto something that they can’t touch and don’t care to discuss publicly.
        The alimony has to come from somewhere – he can’t pay it if he has nothing and I doubt the BK Trustee would let this go without a front page fight. lol
        Unreal. The world is full of these kind of people but I bet not many can surpass in unknowns. Nice job Hecker (S) – you all are pathetic IMO. Just my .02 at that

        DAH: wet my whistle in the thistle of life

  30. JOE FROST says:

    “We’re good people helping good people!”

  31. Guy says:

    Aww … She DON’T look HAPPY …. too f-ing bad….

  32. Jake says:

    A guy got 90 days for beating a two year old – the boy had five broken bones – a broken elbow, a broken hand and three cracked ribs.

    What is wrong with this state?

  33. Vue says:

    She deserves to be locked up longer! She also looks like a drug addict!

  34. weee says:

    I say light her up and watch her burn like a human candle !!!!!!!!!

  35. Wow says:

    Was this her wedding picture?

    1. fitswell says:

      yes and that a good one

  36. fitswell says:

    she don’t care about her children or she wouldnot have done this it’s all about the money.

  37. Mary N says:

    WCCO please do not put those spooky eyes on the internet ever again. She should have gotten years in prison rather than a few months.

    1. Wendell in Mpls says:

      Why? She gets the max time for the crime she committed. Thats fair by me.
      Hell – they let drunks walk after DWI’s … walk away free and slap the hand. This witch gets 14 months – and at least she won’t kill me or you on the road with the crime she did do.
      ’nuff said

  38. hulioathome says:

    But for the Grace of God there go I.

  39. Doug Turner says:

    A little thick – so the Judge is upset – who cares? This is not abouto the judge… What does the Law say? And really – no respect for the law ?- Well that will get you put away for sure – everyday, if your the wrong person – this has been a wich hunt from the start and they toss us some scape goats to keep the mob happy – really-really bad law here….Class warefare central – good old minnesota….

    1. BenItsu says:

      arrogance gets one time even if there no crime….laladalada

  40. Hey there boys says:

    She looked smoking hot yesterday in court. 😉

  41. throatedbychristiwishesme says:

    didn’t know she had a teen daughter until today’s paper. Hard on the kids. Hope they got some outside support.
    Paper referenced all the stuff she had done to Hecker’s ex-GF’s. And she stayed in the fray? Doesn’t that infer some type on insanity almost? Obsessive compulsive something – sure hope the kids don’t have the same issues in future.
    What a wild story this has been

  42. Lauren says:

    I used to babysit for her children 4 or so years ago. Her children he so sweet and kind and I can’t believe that she is putting them through this. Her poor daughter has already been through so much that it’s unbelievable that she has to sit through even more and now suffer ridicule from classmates in the coming months. Thank goodness her son is practically too young to understand. The front she put on for all the years I babysat for her was amazing. She seemed like the ultimate woman and I often saw her as a successful business woman and role model. I never would have guessed any of this and was shocked, to be honest, when this all started to unfold last year. Now, looking back some of the bits and pieces fall into place and it makes sense. I hope that jail serves her well and that she learns from her mistakes.

  43. Andrea says:

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