ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Department of Revenue is reeling back 14,000 electronic tax refunds after it discovered that they were inadvertently sent out twice.

The refunds were dispersed to taxpayer bank accounts Friday and were accidently sent out Monday as well. The state tax department learned of the error shortly after and reversed the second round of payments. Those affected should expect to see two identical refund deposits; one will be reversed Wednesday.

The department blamed it on “human error” and is investigating ways to prevent it from happening again.

Nearly 670,000 refunds have been sent out so far this year.

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Comments (6)
  1. Ha ha ha says:

    Closed my account. Good luck with the recapture. Thanks for the bailout, suckers!

  2. You are dumb! says:

    Likely their enforced collectors are hunting down your email address from this post right now. They have a criminal investigation division and a seizure unit. They actively hunt their money down. They will file a lien against you for the debt and once that is a public record all banks, credit unions, anywhere you cash a check by law must give all your account numbers to the state so they can file a bank levy to get the money you now owe them. Ever read the statement when you open up an account…they will cooperate with federal and state agencies! Put the money in a wifes or girlfriends account too bad so sad, they can get that too. Ever hear of a wage levy or garnishment anywhere you work has to comply or pay the debt themselves and they won’t do that for you. If you can’t pay you should call them and set up a payment plan. And by the way, they post tax cheats on their web page for everyone to see your name. Who did you say the sucker was?

    1. Idiot says:

      Even if his comment is real, the State can see who they have not gotten the money back from, and then track these people down. Have fun filing in the future because they will say you owe them extra money!

    2. Ha Ha ha says:

      @ You are Dumb! …. You are an angry, angry person. get a life.

  3. Kevin says:

    “human error”, can’t fire him or her though. Guess why.

    1. state worker won't be fired says:

      ha ha ha..state workers right??!!

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