MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s known by several names including 2 C-E and Europa. Officials say you can buy the drug online legally and it has the same effect as the drug Ecstasy. Wednesday night it was responsible for the death of a 19-year-old man and the hospitalization of 10 other young people in Blaine.

Kirk Hughes of the Hennepin Regional Poison Center said the drug is a legal man-made hallucinogenic stimulant that can be very dangerous. He said there are drugs in the same class as 2 C-E that are controlled.

“There are some within this class, there’s something called 2 C-B, and this is something they call a Schedule 1 drug. So there is no medicinal or medical reason to use it and has a high addictive potential. So that’s already been identified.” explained Hughes.

Several other analogs are uncontrolled but they do fall under what they call a Federal Analog Act, because their so similar and are treated like they can be controlled.

According to Hughes the drug are easy to obtain on the Internet and what is being sold may not actually be what your purchasing.

WCCO’s John Hines Interviews Kirk Hughes

“The purity may be in question. What’s being reported as being sold is not necessarily what is. And even if it is what’s being advertised it can still be very dangerous as we’ve seen,” said Hughes.

Symptoms of an overdose of 2 C-E varies from person to person. Hughes said there are common symptoms you can look for.

“What you would see is an increased heart rate, maybe increased breathing, increased blood-pressure, and the biggest thing is it increases your body temperature to the point where things don’t work too well.”

After the situation that occurred in Blaine this week, Hughes suggests if you ever see someone who overdoses on a drug, legal or not, call 911 if it’s an emergency. If it’s not an emergency or you want more information call the Hennepin Regional Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

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  1. Elenute Nicola says:

    “effect” not “affect”

    1. DJDonna says:

      Thank you, wish people could learn the difference.

    2. Carolyn says:

      And “you’re” not “your”

      1. Olaf says:

        don’t forget “because THEY’RE so similar, not “THEIR”

  2. Mike says:

    Angie P. We care because we are not self centered examples of perfection, like you assume you are. Do you feel the same way about the eldely or infirmed?
    Do you wish all people would die that are not like you? In my understanding you are good example of a sociopath.

  3. Charles says:

    Natural selection!

    1. Stop the source says:

      I would assume that the Police or DEA are tracking the source of this product to prevent further overdoses?

  4. KM says:

    The title of this article leads one to believe there would be some information given as to what has been seen at Hennepin Poison Center, when in fact the article states nothing of the sort. Maybe ‘CCO should be more concerned w/less dramatic headlines.

  5. JAE says:

    The editors need to do some work on their proofreading skills before publication. For example they’re not their, in the 4th paragraph, and either “drug is” or “drugs are” but not drug are in the 5th paragraph. Pretty sloppy.

  6. SG says:

    Why are we harping and focusing on gramatical errors and typos? News articles are typlically written at a fith grade level and we all make mistakes in our proofing from time to to. Get over it.

    Lets focus on the real issue here. Someone lost their life because of this and nearly a dozen more are in the hospital.

    1. Jeff in SLP says:

      Nice to see you write at a “fith” grade level as well. It DOES matter – WCCO’s editors have been doing this for what seems like years now and it is very bothersome. Minnesota is known for having great schools and education but all this website does it make our state look like incompetent, uneducated morons. It’s really that bad. And yes, I am sorry that someone lost their life but ‘CCO has to get their act together.

      1. Jeff in SLP says:

        Oh, and “grammatical” – two m’s, Captain Spellcheck. Maybe you are the editor and can’t take some much needed criticism?

      2. Jeff in SLP says:

        See, I just proofread my statement and saw that “it” should be “is”. I would make that correction if the post allowed me to, but it doesn’t. WCCO has the capability to change these things but they don’t. GO GET YOUR DEGREE AND LEARN THE FUNDAMENTALS – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO WORK FOR WHAT I THOUGHT WAS A PROFESSIONAL, HOMETOWN NEWS ORGANIZATION! KARE-11, HERE I COME!

  7. Nate Lindahl says:

    The news people are so stupid, 2ce has no similar effects of Ecstacy. XTC is a stimulant it gets the heart going 2ce is a synthetic hallucinogen and you CANNOT, I repeat you CANNOT overdose from any of the 2C’s family. What they overdosed on was NOT 2ce so stop giving 2ce a bad name and get your facts straight!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Are you a doctor? NO. You’re a druggie defending a DRUG on the internet. Wow. Loser central here.

      1. Paul says:

        Alcohol should be illegal because it is so dangerous, but we all know how prohibition worked out…

  8. 666OBSCURITY says:

    These media reports drive me nuts… 2c-E is does not have the same effects as ecstacy.. Its not a methamphetamine… Its a phenethylamine… More similar to mescaline/peyote cactus…
    These kids must’ve been on multiple substances, ingested something completely other than 2c-E, or not weighed it and chopped into huge coke-style lines… You only need a small amount of 2c-E… This unreal and a total shame and pure evidence of lack of responsibility and common sense on the users part.. Ive tried 2c-E numerous times and had nothing but beautiful experience with it… It is a very useful tool for mediation, frequency harmonization and self reflection… The drug is not a toy or a party drug… Used in the right context it could be a very positive tool in understanding and evolving the human psyche…
    I feel safe and in control when I use 2c-E…
    Would be a shame if they put a movement in to ban it… And we all know how great prohibition works…
    We need a change in direction… Move towards education and safe practice instead of condemning an pointing the finger of blame.

  9. Paul says:

    One person dies after 40 years and they want to justify banning it.
    If that was really there motive alcohol would be illegal, but it’s not.
    I have used 2c-e, its the most beautiful thing out there, I found my soul for the first time. Don’t let them take this treasure away!!

  10. lophophora says:

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