By Caroline Lowe, WCCO-TV

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Wally the Beer Man’s case is now in the hands of a Hennepin County jury.

Four women and two men will decide if Wally McNeil and vendor Ed Stepnik are guilty of gross misdemeanor crimes for selling beer to underage police decoys in a sting last Sept. 30 at Target Field. There was no verdict on Monday, and jury deliberations are expected to resume Tuesday morning.

Their attorneys are arguing they were entrapped by police and plan to bring out the fact the police supervisor for the sting has been fired from the Minneapolis Police Department for allegedly lying in an unrelated case.

Last week a police supervisor said he couldn’t comment on the case because he is on the list of officers subpoenaed to possibly testify at the trial. But Lt. Chris Hildreth said officers played by the rules in the handling of the sting at Target Field.

Minneapolis city prosecutor Judd Gushwa told jury the vendors were chosen at random for the police sting and that Wally was not singled out as a target.

“They were not tricked. They were not coerced. They did it freely and voluntarily,” said Gushwa.

Comments (20)
  1. Beer Me says:

    So if he is found guilty of a gross misdemeanor, what kind of punishment is he looking at? I guess I don’t understand why he didn’t just pay the fine in the first place.

    1. Public Offender says:

      He’s facing 90 days in jail (minimum)

      1. jc's a luvin' it says:

        not if he copped the plea he wasn’t.
        Now – he’s lost control of what he gets. Or not – he got enough $$$ to buy that judge? lol

    2. idiocracyisnow says:

      I believe paying the fine would result in him losing the ability to sell beer for at least a year. If that’s all he does, he probably doesn’t have any other skills. Also, of course, it would tarnish his name.

  2. A says:

    No kidding!! Why is this such a big deal?

  3. Wally oh Wally says:

    He’s Wally is why

    Like a true blue freedom for me fighter – laws don’t apply to him. The other …. oh yeah lol

  4. chummy says:

    Cause he’s Wally the F’n Beer Man –

    1. another view of it says:

      Wally seems to be losing it.
      He like his beer? That’d explain a lot if so. 😉

  5. bob says:

    No jury in Mn would ever convict Wally The F’in Beerman!

  6. Elmo says:

    Good thing he wasn’t on Federal property. He would have gotten 3 years min. for 1st offence.
    Minnesota would be short jail time, the State doesn’t have the money like the Feds.

  7. Jobu says:

    GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!!!! Lock him up with Denny Hecker!!

    1. junior fretting Wally's fate says:

      Lock him up with Christi so he can have a final thrill.
      Go Wally !!!! This time use your head dude! lol

  8. Dave says:

    Some prosecutor or D.A. needs to be impeached or recalled.

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      If you say 18-21 year olds are adults, they remove your post.

  9. BS says:

    They are all want to make a name for themselves. We busted Wally.

  10. Victim Du Juor says:

    poor lil’ old Wally got picked on eh!

  11. Bruce says:

    If this is what the courts have to do, were in trouble. He probably is the only one who did this and won’t be the last. Repremand him and let it go.

  12. Elmo says:

    Minnesota tax payers paid $100,000 + on this case already, if you include all the Operations people involved. And DNC paid the $2,000 fine for each of the employees busted that night. I know I was there at Target Field. Now this is getting all the News, for a Beer Vendor that made an honest mistake, and lost his job.

  13. rich says:

    Murders on the streets,men and women assaulted,robbed gangs all over and the wonderfull minneapolis police have nothing better to do is waste time,money and manpower on this stupid sting.WASTEFULL and foolish

  14. Party poopers says:

    The entire State of Minnesota voted and ratified article 1, section 7 in the MN Bill of Rights.

    The Judge, the District Attorney and Wally’s Lawyer are suppose to lose their law license for ignoring that fact.

    18-21 are adults, and they can buy a beer at a good ole Fashion American baseball game.