ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) –– Gov. Mark Dayton is criticizing a House health care budget bill for counting on federal permission to cut Medicaid spending.

The Democratic governor said Tuesday that it was “fantasy island” to bank on $300 million in savings from a federal health care waiver that might not come through.

Dayton says the proposal is “not responsible.”

GOP Rep. Jim Abeler of Anoka, the bill’s sponsor, says the state has to change the way it does business to avoid even deeper cuts. He says the waiver has a good chance of winning approval.

Abeler’s bill would cut projected health and welfare spending by $1.6 billion over the next two years, in part by slashing aid to programs for seniors and disabled people and eliminating MinnesotaCare health care for 7,200 adults.

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Comments (17)
  1. Deb says:

    Shame on you republicans, shame on you!!!! Cut your benefits, and insurance before you cut anything to seniors or those in need!!! Shame on you!!! How can you live with yourselves!!

    1. Bill says:

      Hey deb, if you feel so strongly about it then donate more of your salary but don’t allow this idiot governor to force it upon me. Let me guess, you make little or no money anyway and don’t even pay taxes…

      1. Paul Solinger says:

        More likely, Bill, Deb is a compassionate, caring Minnesotan who doesn’t appreciate the Republican legislature giving tax breaks to wealthy and corporations and the expense of the sick and the elderly.

      2. Joan says:

        No Paul. Deb likely has her head in the sand and only sees the nice things in the world and has fooled herself into believing that everyone only has good intentions. We need to stop living in this fantasy land that we should live til we’re 90 no matter the cost to others. We don’t have endless funds for everyone to have whatever they want. There are plenty of abuses of the system and allowing foreigners to come in and expect money handed to them. They and those that are able bodied need to work and be decent to others and quit expecting a handout.

    2. Hannah says:

      This is not about seniors who NEED the care!! It is about the “stooges” who have been taking advantage of this!! My husband went into a social security office in St.Cloud and saw around 60 YOUNG and ABLED people that should have been working but instead made it to line of social security! The people there were Somalis, blacks and hispanics! My husband had a suit on and during his lunch hour went in there to get some information on social security since he is turning 62!!

  2. here my plan...... says:

    as soon as u house and senate and the state take a 50% cut in pay and we elimate waste in local goverment planning..along with a tax increase for even come up with ideal’s like this…i’ll support it…other wise it’s unreal that u ask for a cut in elder and disabled and support a race track…..with that kinda of leadership we the people seriously need to connsider voten the right people in that know tax’s and cut’s have to balence and it should not just be one group of people…everyone should cut there pay…starting with the house first….and i’m not talking 3%

  3. some econ says:

    Of course it is fantasy island if it doesn’t pander to Dayton’s base. Here’s what I’ll say: Get some experience within some of the mentioned programs and you will be shocked by the pure waste and abuse that goes on. The time has come to get the spending under control. I have to respect Dayton for doing what he said on the campaign trail but he is simply out of touch with today’s reality. Let me introduce you to some of ‘those in need’ Deb. The ones with nicer cars, cell phones and dental work than most of us. The days of shaming people and using words like ‘fair share’ are simply past.

    1. dphilips says:

      Hey some econ Lets cut your salary and benefits Go Gov Dayton!

      1. some econ says:

        dphilips… seriously? At a certain point the cuts will have to take place and even you at the bottom rung dphilips will be affected.

    2. william says:

      Econ.From a medical standpoint I think you are impacted. If you know of fraud, should you not be reporting it. It would be real interesting to see what person who is totally disabled driving a nice car. Please, tell me when and where to meet so you can show me the seniors and disabled getting these benefits. For your medical condition I would recommend a TWE (go find a nurse to tell you)

      1. some econ says:

        William, disabled doesn’t only mean totally disabled in a wheelchair with a joystick. It means many things. I wasn’t referring to or focusing on totally disabled folks but it certainly hits your emotional talking points. Maybe mention something about the children as well and always mention fair share in there too. Fraud and abuse is rampant as is the entitlement mentality. We are at the wink and nod stage when we talk about these things there is no need to report it. TWE that is cute by the way. Why don’t we all just put our money in a big pile and divide it up equally.

  4. Business as usual. says:

    No soul that is how. You think these people care about anyone but the companies that pay for their trips and elections? Maybe you should be asking yourself why this is new news and why this should be a shocker since this is all that politics are now.

  5. Trudy says:

    Governor Dayton is in over his head. He needs to quit and declare he’s the worst governor ever.

    1. Pat says:

      define “worst” , Trudy. What has Dayton done or not done that makes you think he is worse than either Ventura or Pawlenty. Ventura was driven out of office by his own egoistic approach to the office, and Pawlenty left us with a $5 billion dollar short fall. So what’s worse, Trudy?

      1. Joan says:

        It’s a bit more complicated than that, Pat. Pawlenty believes in being conservative with the taxpayers money but you don’t seem to understand he couldn’t get everything he wants done just because he was governor. There are others that were elected to the house and senate, lots of democrats who believe in spreading the wealth and maintaining their voting base with the poor folk who want the taxpayers money. Sometimes don’t want to work for it even though they’re perfectly capable but have decided to use drugs and alcohol to make it palatable to themselves.

  6. Bill says:

    Dayton is a fool.

  7. Funnybunny says:

    One of the problems is that most people see the need for cuts, but doesn’t want to be the ones to lose services. Let them over there in THAT department have their services cut, but not me. NIMBY. (Not in my back yard). THIS WILL BE PAINFUL PEOPLE, but has to be done.