MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Stillwater, Minn. is preparing for the rising flood waters.

Chief of Police John Gannaway said that the city will start to build an emergency levee to hold back water from the St. Croix River on Wednesday or Thursday.

Gannaway said that motorists can expect delays during the construction.

MnDOT crews will be also begin testing the Stillwater Lift Bridge Tuesday afternoon. Starting at 1:15 p.m., crews will start raise and lower the bridge to make sure the lift motors are working.

The bridge hasn’t been raised up since last fall, so crews want to make sure it’s functioning in case they have to close it due to flooding. Tests will be done at 3 p.m., but drivers can expect 10 minute delays during the whole process.

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  1. joe says:

    I can’t wait to hear “ALL” the tree hunger and rich people complaining when the bridge comes crashing down into the river. Hopefully no one will get hurt, but it is going to happen. These people have cost the two states millions of dollars over the last 25 years and will cost the states millions if not billions more in the coming years. Thanks DNR and Tree Hungers and Rich A-H….s

    1. Paul Choi says:


    2. N kilpatrick says:

      Just think of the environmental impact of those levees! They shouldn’t be put up ’cause the blue eared ground mole mating grounds are being disturbed. Let the flood waters come in an wash everything out , it’s the only environmentally way to handle this. I’m sure all those townhomes an condos along with those evil business can only benefit from being under water, right?

      1. MP says:

        Who, specifically, benefits from downtown Stillwater being underwater? The families that have their homes damaged or destroyed, or the businesses on main street that will have to shut down? I’m not clear why you referred to them as “evil”; you should realize that they are operated by people who depend on their business to support their families, and additionally, stimulate Stillwater’s economy. I would rather see the number of blue eared ground moles slightly diminished than have families dislodged from their homes, or lose their means to support themselves. I’m not sure what prompted your egotistical aversion for the people that may be affected by floodwaters in Stillwater, but you need to get down off your pedestal, somehow acquire some humility and empathy, and help fill some sand bags.

        Additionally, check your spelling and grammar before posting your message; unless you’re eight, or a caveman, have a little respect for the people that have to read your inane drivel.

  2. Sandy says:

    Lived in Stillwater, not rich, believe you have a very dilusional perception there Joe!

  3. vixxen36 says:

    I think it s”Tree Hugger?”

  4. gtV says:

    Test the bridge. If it doubts arise-close the bridge until the flood waters subside! Play it safe and take detours around Stillwater to cross the river. Enough said! Let’s get on with the rest of the news. We have more pressing problems than arguing again about the Stillwater Bridge.

    Besides the way everyone complains and squawks, the old bridge is way past it prime so close it and be done with it. It will make a nice pedestrian or hikers’ crossing of the St.Croix.

    Twenty-five plus years and millions of dollars wasted over arguments as to where to build a replacement. At this rate, the bridge will probably close itself due to neglect, rust, and/or collapse. Oh, well, that’s the MN way of progress for you!!!

  5. inminnesota says:

    If ice takes the lift bridge out,I hope a new one is not built, or better yet rebuild the lift brigde exactly the way it stands today. The only way to prevent major urban sprawl in western Wisconsin is not to build a new bridge. The Stillwater lift bridge should have a toll right now for crossing it. For all the hoopla over the bridge issue both Minnesota and Wisconsin could have each built a nonstop 60 mph highway to the Hudson bridge for millions less than a new bridge. If it ever happens it should be a high priced toll bridge for anyone to cross. Let those who use any bridge at Stillwater pay for its maintenance and or its construction. After all it is the choice of Wisconsin residents to live there and commute to work in Minnesota. I hardly ever have a reason to cross the Stillwater bridge and it’s really nice to not see a freeway cutting through Oak Park Heights and Stillwater. I’m not so much a treehugger as I am a freeway, stripmall hater. I’d bet that all that traffic in downtown Stillwater would thin out really fast with a toll fare to cross that old lift bridge. Hmmm…people could buy a monthly “BRIDGEPASS” for say $120 – $160 or go to the Hudson bridge and cross for free.

  6. BB Bayport BULLY says:

    A new bridge is way over due. I have lived and Stillwater and the traffic is ridiculous!! If u have ever waited in that traffic line that can stretch back to Sunnyside, you would know what i mean. It turns Sillwater into a zoo instead of the scenic small town feel we all would enjoy!! What should been done is for the good of the majority than a few one sided views!!!

  7. Erica Johnson says:

    All I know is I am not looking forward to driving to work from New Richmond to Hudson/94 bridge and back up to Oak Park Heights.

  8. Swamp Fox says:

    With all due respects to the commenters here, thanks for the entertaining discourse over the proverbial St.Croix bridge crossing. Nothing seems to have changed, over the decades, in the discussion except the complaining &/or whining about the traffic or commutes etcetera has become more rabid or vitriolic. –A real modern day tearjerker soap opera that seemingly has no end.

    Here’s a solution that may placate everyone true-huggers and anti-anythings alike, why don’t you have a modern artistic, environmental, and, traffic ergonomically designed highway[4-lane] “toll” bridge crossing the St.Croix?

    Meanwhile, all through commercial vehicles, IE. semi-trucks and such, be banned from using the downtown Stillwater streets and old bridge. Also, the Old Lift Bridge, now also a toll bridge, be used for auto traffic only. Hopefully, eliminating frivolous crossings of said bridge by errant/lazy commuters. The end result to all of this is a viable visitor friendly downtown Stillwater. At least the bridges will be generating revenues for upkeep and operating costs.

    If other parts of the nation have resorted to toll roads and the like then why not MN? The time for toll roads &/or bridges have come of age. Otherwise at the present rate this St.Croix bridge discourse is heading the old lift bridge will be in ruins and all traffic will have to detour around Stillwater all together. Is that what we desire? Think about it! Otherwise the neo-stone age cometh!!!

  9. willia schultz says:

    Stillwater bridge still open

  10. WI res says:

    I live in WI and travel to MN to work. Why is it about MN making the bridge a toll. I see a ton of MN cars in WI on the weekends. Maybe WI should hike property tax rates for non-residents. Both states spend money on the upkeep of the bridge. They need to build a new bridge for the safety of everyone involved.

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