MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Two men charged with a rash of burglaries and arsons that destroyed cabins and businesses in over three Minnesota counties back in 2008 entered guilty pleas on Tuesday.

In September 2010, Brandon Lind and Christian Eichert were charged with setting 10 vacant cabins and a sportsman club on fire near Big Pine Lake near Finlayson, Minn.

On Tuesday, Lind pleaded guilty to five counts of felony arson and two counts of felony burglary. Eichert also pleaded guilty to five counts of felony arson and three counts of felony burglary.

Judge James Reuter ordered a pre-sentence investigation and set their sentencing for June 7, 2011.

The fires caused much more than $1 million in damage.

Comments (6)
  1. JamieinMN says:

    Put them to work! Make them rebuild ALL of the destroyed cabins from BOTTOM to TOP!

  2. FLAMING MAD says:

    @Jamiein MN..I’m with you! These two MORON LOSERS need to PAY for what they did!!!! And the LIGHT sentance they serve (I bet it will be like 18 months of probation or something like that…) will not make up for the YEARS and YEARS (if not decades!!!!) of the WORK the people put in to maintain/build/pay for their cabins!
    Or..just give me 10 min alone with a baseball bat…a book of matches…..and 6 OZ of ligher fluid…and we will see who is “sorry”……

  3. Anna says:

    I agree put them to work!! Rebuilding everything top to bottom!

  4. sad says:

    The one has scabs on his face, meth head? I do agree with restitution, they should be required to rebuild peoples cabins or pay the damages. How senseless.

  5. sad but true says:

    If you understand insurance, and what most peoples cabins look like, i bet most will have a much nicer cabin than they did thats the bright spot

  6. Doug says:

    Would you live in any structure these two would attempt to build???….yikes

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