MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Teachers in Hudson. Wis. will need to make up for skipping class last month.

On Feb. 18th, a bunch of teachers called in sick to protest the cuts to collective bargaining in the state.

That forced the school district to cancel classes for the day.

Now, the district has decided the teachers will have to attend three, two-hour “development sessions” without pay. And two days that were supposed to be “late-start dates” will now start at normal hours to make up for the classroom time missed.

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  1. White Guy says:

    Good! They should have been fired!

    1. steve says:

      Oh, so you’ve never used your sick days for something other than being sick? I would hate for my employer to follow me around every time I use one of my earned sick days! GET A LIFE WHITE GUY!!!!

      1. Tom Willard says:

        Wake up there Steve-O. No one was sick. They are under union contract. This amounted to nothing more than a Wildcat strike. You’re the one that needs to get a life, or at least learn something about the one you have!

      2. Get Real says:

        @steve, the difference is that “a bunch of teachers” all called in sick to protest, not just one person. Individually, we all use sick days, including teachers, when we are not sick. However, if “a bunch of engineers” or “a bunch of accountants” called in sick all on one day, there would be consequences to that, as the teachers are finding out.

        1. EdW says:

          “Individually, we all use sick days, including teachers, when we are not sick. ”

          Not all. Perhaps you do, but some of us still have ethics.

      3. EdW says:

        “so you’ve never used your sick days for something other than being sick?”.

        Personally, I have not. This would be unethical and I would consider that a dismissible offense. In less polite circles, I’d consider that fraud.

      4. mom says:

        If I use call in sick at my place of employment for a few days it doesn’t cause my employer to have to shut down the company or cause kids to miss out on learning that day. If my employer had to shut down our company because I called in sick I am pretty sure I would be out of a job on the day I decided to come back.

      5. Olaf says:

        Yes, I did call in sick when I wasn’t. I went shopping instead. Also got into a little fender bender. I haven’t called in sick when I wasn’t since then. I took that as a sign.

      6. Mel says:

        Imagine the reprecusdions of all of these teachers not showing up for work. I wonder how many parents of the studentd had to scramble to find childcare, or worse, lose wages because they had to miss work to stay home with the kids. If I were a parent who couldn’t go to work because I had to stay home to watch my kids that should have been in school, I would sue those teachers for list wages. So selfish and self-centered of those teachers.

  2. DR says:

    Steve, you sound like the model employee! There not “earned” days, they are given by the employer to use if your, believe it or not, sick.
    Now maybe not fired, they should be reprimanded for their actions.

  3. Teri says:

    This newstory is written very unprofessionally – it sounds like something you might read in a school newspaper – I mean the tiitle sounds like — “na na na na na – teacher’s punished for skipping school.” – there’s very little information provided and ” A BUNCH” of teachers called in sick…WTH! This article should give more information no matter what your opinion is on the issues involved in this situation taking place in WI. — is anyone looking these over when they are put out as one of your main news stories?

  4. Leslee says:

    My son goes to Hudson High. I recieved a progress report from a teacher that day so it should be noted that they ALL didn’t intend to miss the day.

    I don’t agree with the tactic. It caused many people to scramble for day care and many had loss of wages.

    1. YaGetWhatYaGet&YaDontThrowAFit says:

      Ya, no kidding……loss of wages and forced call-ins to work for many parents who had to scramble to find daycare …. or even stay home and watch their own kids (not that its a bad thing). They should all file a lawsuit against the district for something that was toatlly preventable, and then the district can recoup their losses from the employees however they see fit.

      I mean isnt that what we teach our kids “accountability” So good for them to make them be accountable.

      1. Lori says:

        Not to mention a HUGE loss of wages to these teachers and their families.
        I commend each and everyone of them. I would do the same to keep my current wages and my families security from being ripped to shreds by a pompus Gov.

  5. Hannah says:

    The teachers sure weren’t thinking about what was good for the kids and parents were they? They thought only of themselves!

    1. Jaclyn says:

      It’s a bit more complicated than that Hannah, but it looks like you’re a pretty simple person. I don’t agree with what they did and it was poorly thought out about what the consequences might entail. Most of them are likely very caring individuals and didn’t want to inconvenience the parents but felt they had to make a point.

      1. Hannah says:

        Yes the teachers should be able to make a point….but on their own time! They had the weekends to protest! They did NOT have to call in “sick”!

        1. Lisa says:

          This Gov was giving them NO TIME. They had to act fast and act NOW

  6. Rob Wagner says:

    Hey Steve, they are earned sick days for being sick. The teachers were not sick. What don’t you understand about that. I also think every teacher should have been fired.

  7. DK says:

    A relative of mine is a teacher in the Hudson school district and DID show up to teach that day. He was one of few that put the students first, unlike those that only thought of themselves. Those that did not show up must have forgotten what their profession represents, and that is for the good of the kids, not themselves.

    1. Jpeterson says:

      Sometimes you have to prove a point and this was obviously not the wisest way to do so, but sometimes it entails others indirectly sacrificing for the greater good. Now I believe that 107,000 dollars a year in salary in benefits is more than plenty for working as a teacher in WI. After all, they get their summers off and are able to take care of their own kids because when the kids have off, they do too. This is all on the backs of the taxpayers of WI, remember that.

  8. chris says:

    Where on earth do you get a salary of $107,000? Maybe an administrator makes that, but certainly not a teacher. Sometimes a stand has to be taken for the good of everyone. The Wisconsin governor is frightening and will destroy the public school system in Wisconsin if he is allowed to continue with these extremist ideas.

  9. stratman says:

    They can’t strike unless it’s apporved by the Board of Ed & the Teacher’s union; good to see that the teachers are held accountable for their actions