MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The Minnesota Twins are donating $25,000 to relief efforts in Japan.

The Twins say they are partnering with Feed My Starving Children and that the $25,000 will pay for more than 100,000 meals for victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

The Twins’ wives organization has pledged an additional $4,000.

The devastation hit close to him with Twins second baseman Tsuyoshi Nishioka. The Twins signed him from the Japanese leagues this winter. Nishioka will be the first Japanese player to play for the Twins in the major leagues.

Nishioka has said his family was not hurt in the disaster.

Feed My Starving Children is a non-profit that works with other organizations in Japan and throughout the world to feed hungry children.

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Comments (9)
  1. Skeezer says:

    Really ??? $25,000 ? THAT’S IT ? This is disgusting when wealthy individuals are donating in excess of $1 million by themselves. I’m so happy that’s all this ‘ball club’ could come up with. Pathetic.

  2. Jobu says:

    @ skeezer – they could’ve donated a big fat donut! I do not think you realize how much money the Twins Community Fund donates yearly to charities.

    I haven’t heard of the Vikings, Wild, or Wolves donating anything? Oh, have you?

  3. Funnyrabit says:

    I realize The Twins donate a LOT of money every year. They donated to my local ballfield we were building in a tiny little rural town, but $25K isn’t all that much.

  4. kate says:

    25,000 is chump change with lint from their pocket on it. The Twins ballclub is worth 480-490 million and is ranked #12 on the Forbes list for wealthiest ball clubs. Not to mention that these donations are tax write offs.

  5. Goob says:

    Right around $6.00 a guy per game @ 25 players and 165 games…Bored tonite…

  6. helper says:

    Whoa… don;t blow your budget or anything Twins…


  7. Daniel says:

    Please leave us with evidence of YOUR donation along with your criticism of the Twins donation =)

  8. Daniel says:

    Its so interesting how the mind works, isnt it? The Twins donated money to Japan relief. So we look at the numbers and talk a lot of smack. Now, if the Twins did not donate anything, you must realize that this subject would have never come up, right? Well at least if you are intelligent.

    However, since the Twins did donate to Japan relief, it is in human nature to make a list of comparisons. As I stated in my brief previous post, please inform us of YOUR donation before you criticize the donation of the local baseball team.

    And also take a moment to realize – if the team never donated anything, this would not be a story, and therefore, you wouldn’t be creating a reason to complain.

    What is it about human nature? Why is it that a story about a sports entity donating money prompts us to instantly scream how it isnt enough? Before the Twins donated anything, how many of you were complaining that they had not donated?

    Please, review your comments and ask yourself: What is so bad about the twins tossing 25k to Japan?

    Why is this a reason to complain?

  9. Saywhat? says:

    Good job TWINS! excellent choice in FEED MY STARVING CHILDREN.

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