By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

Anyone who has any doubt about Rep. Michele Bachmann pulling off a presidential bid can bury those doubts now. A leak yesterday that Bachmann might someday create an exploratory committee to examine a race for President landed her a front page analysis on the New York Times website today.

The article looks at who would be hurt and who would be helped by her run. The conclusion essentially is that everyone from the Republican Party — her likely Republican opponents including Tim Pawlenty, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin — would all be hurt.

And who would be helped? Why Michele Bachmann, herself, of course. After smashing fundraising records in her 2010 Congressional race, Bachmann has a national fundraising machine of her own creation at her disposal. All this from a three-term congresswoman from a sprawling exurban district in what some of the rest of the country considers flyover country.

Blunders like referring to Concord, N.H. as the site of the first shot of the Revolutionary War seem to have no impact on her supporters.

Michele Bachman the GOP nominee? A long shot. Or maybe not.

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  1. Republican Clowns says:

    Rep. What is your opinion on funding healthcare vs, stadiumcare? 200 million for healthcare to Minnesotans or a Billion dollar stadium for a billionaire an multimillionaires?

    1. Victim Du Jour says:

      Stadiums put people to work and make football Americana, free healthcare is a reward system for lazy hypochondriac socialists.

    2. Daniel says:

      I think it would be prudent journalism (if such a thing even exitst anymore) to report on specific accomplishments Bachman has produced while in congress. All we ever get is her rants bashing the opposition. All the local and national media does is crank up stories on the horse race. This really makes me wonder how so many uninformed viewers see the media as having a liberal bias? Hey Esme! Are you a journalist? Do you have a degree in journalism? Are you doing journalism or just reporting what other outlets have to say? It appears you are unbiased and have a high degree of integrity but you are slowly melting into the spin media like eveyone else just reporting things on Twitter, Facebook and cable media. Your interviews are thoughtful regardless of which political stripe you have as a guest. Good luck! but if a news consumer really wants good journalism, we have to really work hard to find it and you won’t find it on FOX or MSNBC and the rest of broadcst news media are following suit. Newspapers still are the best source of TRUE journalism but unfortunaely they won’t be around much longer.

    3. StraycatStrut says:

      Maybe GE should pay its fair share……. ooops…. GE is OBamas biggest supporter. Lets go tax someone else……. and blame the Elphants!

  2. Dave K says:

    Anyone worried about President Obama’s inexperience and “ineptitude” in foreign affairs better think long and hard before voting this home-schooling housewife to lead the world’s largest democracy. The way the Middle East is right now what could be worse than having Bachmann or Palin making decisions? We need pragmatism and experience not ideologues getting on-the-job training in the middle of a crisis.

    1. Luke says:

      Do you really think Obama has any experience. He has never run a business let alone running the country. I would take a house wife mother over Obama any day, at least she will make decisions.

      1. Tom says:


        What are you on? Because it is effecting your judgement BIG TIME!

        1. Chris says:

          Luke, You are OK… keep the faith Man!

          At least she tries to be honest and doesn’t claim to know everything…

          Unlike Obama, who hides the truth and claims to be the answer to everything!

          1. Tom says:


            When you make the statement that she ‘doesn’t claim to know everything” that is a MAJOR understatment!. She doesn’t know anything.

          2. Todd says:

            Honest? Really? She says whatever the people in front of her want to hear and it changes to fit each crowd. Check Politico some time, no lies on there just the facts of what she said.

      2. Orville says:

        Decisions based on incorrect facts are worse than non decisions. Bachman has shown repeatedly she care little if what she says is true or not. Has anyone found a WMD yet? Jimmy Carter and George W Bush were the only recent presidents to run a business. One raised peanuts, the other sold oil wells that produced little oil and ran a baseball team that was only win under his watch was to get the state of Texas to build them a stadium.

      3. richard says:

        Luke, I spent 45 years in “business”. That experience does not necessarily translate to “leadership”. Large and small corporations and businesses are sometimes run by literal morons. They don’t have a clue about human nature, don’t understand many phases of doing business and are egomaniacts. I think bachmann qualifies under all of these categories. Their biggest fault is they have no objectivity and lack common sense which she excells at. Then she has other issues like lying and not being able to “play nice”.

      4. Rob says:

        I agree 100% Luke. He did not have enough experience to run for Dog Catcher. All I have to ask is “How is that Hope and Changee Thingee Workin'”?

    2. linda says:

      Anyone who thinks that inept air head of a Bachmann would be good for this country needs to see if they are mentally stable. Sure she can raise money from those idesologist and yet where would this country be if we had let all those companies fail. Bachmann would be the first to critize the white house did nothing and all MY people are out of jobs. Bachmann is to caught up in herself importance. All we have to do is look back at how many goofie statements and inaccuracies she has said and realize she is not even close to be being qualified for anything but pres of the PTA

    3. M. says:

      Dave, we’re a constitutional republic, not a democracy. There actually is a difference.

      What we really need is someone that will keep us out of the rest of the world’s business. We are not the world’s police or nanny, nor should we be. Our foreign policy is a joke, regardless of which political ideologies you hold.

      “The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connexion as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.” – George Washington

      1. Todd says:

        Actually we are a democratic republic.

    4. Shemp9971 says:

      I would just like to say to Dave K, right on there. I don’t think the Obama Haters want the President to look good because they wouldn’t look good in the process. They don’t have the guts to admit how weak and pathetic they really are.

  3. lib says:

    Go Michelle! You may have a tough road as the liberal media won’t be on your side, but for people who know the Constitution, Federalist Papers, and the Bill of Rights you are an answer to prayer. You willl have many supporters, they just won’t make he news.

    1. David says:

      For the love of God, Michelle is NOT an answer to a prayer!

    2. Tom says:


      What is color of the sky in your world? It is going too take more than just a bunch nut jobs too get her elected!

      1. Charlie says:

        Tom, Then get some of the other fence sitters to step up and take a stand already! Right now, she is the better of who? And we can only compare her to Obama, which is a futile excercise with his lack of sense… So she wins!

        1. Tom says:


          She is better than no one right now! And for you to claim that she has a better “sense” than Obama that is MAJOR stretch!

    3. Jake says:

      ha – yeah – blame the media…but then where would Michele or Sarah be with out the media?

    4. Shemp9971 says:

      I would like to say to ill-informed individuals such as “lib” that their more wealthier conservative counterparts own the media. For example, Universal owns NBC. How lazy can you be in your thinking habits. As for Bachmann, she represents a very small contingent of voters overall. Most voters are moderate to independent. (Sarcasm Alert) You guys who support Bachmann are delusional.

  4. Rachel says:

    I see a triple ticket…Michelle Bachmann/Sarah Palin/Charlie Sheen. What a crazy, mixed up world. Keep Obama in office!

  5. Common Cents says:

    Bachmann could never win because she’d need votes beyond the sixth district boundary lines. Let’s all thank the Lord above for that.

  6. mike says:

    The guy in charge is getting on the job training, when he’s there. I don’t think she can be any worse than what we have now. She spends a lot of time running around too though.

  7. worryfree says:

    But perhaps this is a way to get her out of Minnesota politics!

  8. Lisa Gonyea says:

    A Federal Tax litigator vs a community organizer…and one who has run a business plus actually balanced a family budget…who is the better qualified

    1. Orville says:

      Could you explain what happened to Michelle Obama and the kids. Is daddy not a part of their lives.
      Bachman’s own website with the US house does not mention her as running a business by herself. If anything stood out in her litigation career, it would be trumpeted far and wide. Her knowledge of tax laws has done very little as the tax laws are not getting any simpler under her watch. Do you know why they are not? One guess would be ineffective leadership by Bachman. The other guess would be she is a tax attorney protecting her turf. If it were easy her friends would be out of work.
      President Obama was a professor at the law school in Chicago.

      1. Lisa Gonyea says:

        no he wasn’t ..he was a lecturer…get your facts straight. He has no PhD

        1. Orville says:

          You do not need a PHD to teach law as JD stands for Juris doctorus
          I see you couldn’t argue my point of the minimal work in Congress Bachman has done.

  9. Rogelio says:

    I do believe more than 50% of ignorant and uninformed voters from this dwindling country WOULD vote for a phlegm such as MB.

    1. JRay says:

      This is a very scary thought!!!

  10. Sw says:

    I say if she runs it will just make it easier for the Democratic party to win again! Yeah!

  11. Tharen S. says:

    All I can say is that her and Palin are an embarrassment to the women of this country, the women’s movement has struggled and strived for much more than these two, whose images are definately “man-made”.

    1. Southern MN Mom says:

      Dear Tharen-

      Please do not criticize others when you cannot deliver anything substantial. With your lack of spelling and writing skills and your obvious jealously for these two attractive, successful and strong willed women, the only person who should be embarrassed is you.

      1. Rhonda from Stillwater says:

        cal them what they be … skanks and ho’s. thx

        1. Southern MN Mom says:


          I would never call you a skank and Ho! I bet your real MOm would not like you using those kinds of word about other women!


          Your writing is once again letting you down!


          Have you been smoking pot again?

          Shame on you all!


      2. Tharen S. says:

        Thanks, spelling aside, jealous I think not, attactiveness, is only skin deep, and that’s all they have, substance is what I look for in leadership.

      3. Jake says:

        You seriously just scoulded someone on grammar and spelling with a retort filled with spelling and grammatical errors? Southern MN Mom – that would make you a hypocrite.

      4. Shemp9971 says:

        Baxhmann and Palin are just nauseating. Their fellow Republican, actress Angie Harmon is far more attractive than Bachmann and Palin combined. Neither Bachmann nor Palin can ever hold a candle to Margaet Thatcher. She’d beat both of them easily in a gang rumble. Give me a break with this nonsense about attractiveness. That’s all this country seems to be about. Palin is obviously a woman scorned.

  12. J says:

    Democrat ready to vote republican – BUT NOT THIS REPUBLICAN!! Enough instability in the world. In a few months – she will be today’s Palin. Just in it for the money$ and 15 minutes of fame.

  13. Tom says:


    You are a good reporter but you really missed the boat on this one. Before you made those statements in your blog you should have taken into consideration the group of people she is talking in front of. They aren’t exactly SANE people! It doesn’t take much too impress a bunch of people who don’t live in “reality”.

    1. Charlie says:

      Tom, Lighten up on Esme… she only reported an observation…
      Nothing wrong with it at all… she did not say she is going to win or even should win… just stating that she has some clout and cash to boot, so she is a contender. Leave the messenger alone!!! Thanks, Esme…

      1. Tom says:


        If you would have read my entire post instead of only parts of it I did say that Esme is a good reporter.

        And when you read about her gaffee in New Hapmshire about the Rev War and that didn’t seem have an impact on her supporters that pretty tells you what their intelligence level is.

        1. Slim says:

          Tom, Who is insane?
          Obama is the best for the US?
          Lack of intelligence by supporters?
          We wish it was that clear…
          And you must be a genius too!
          Thanks, but you offer no solutions…
          Esme, pretty rough crowd, but hang in there!

          1. william says:

            Speaking of no solution. Bachman has offered nothing new. In terms of offering solutions, reread your post. I see nothing there. I am making no pretenses of offering anything but an observation of your post.

            1. Chris says:

              So William, where are your suggestions?
              We can’t wait to see them because all of our problems will be solved!!!
              I will be the first to back you up if you want to run… I think…
              Since we really don’t know what you propose…
              And don’t expect me to offer solutions, I am fresh out of them too…
              Good luck! C.

              1. william says:

                @ ChrisShort version since it blew up my piece of satire.
                It is the economy first and foremost that needs to be fixed. About the only way of bringing in new money to this country is through ideas. This country now produces people who are famous and rich for having a camera follow them around Thanks not Paris Hilton). This is further blighted by some of these people blathering nonsense and people believing what they say. Now some of these blathering idiots want to be President. Couple that with half the messages on any message board you can feel that there might be a brain drain. That is why I am not hopeful

          2. Tom says:


            If you are comparing Bachmann to Obama :
            Bachmann Insane, Obama Sane. When was the last time you heard Bachmann put together a whole sentence that made sense?

            Bachmann: Supports not very intelligence. Obama: More intelligence. Bachmanns supports don’t live in reality they live in Fantasy.

            It is VERY CLEAR….Just not for conservatives.

            Never claimed too be Genious. But everybody knows a nut job when they see one and hear one.

            Solutions: Right now there is no clear fornt runner for the GOP and their probably won’t be. Everybody has too remember it is easy too win over your base. The ones that you have too impress are the Independents. And I just dont see Bachmann getting their voted, unless they all have one major brain fart.

            And Slim I dont know why but for some reason the conservatives seem to have memory loss,because they seem too forget which party was in charge from 2000-2006, and that says it all.

            1. Shemp9971 says:

              I would just like to say that I don’t believe that Obama is a saint by any stretch of the imagination. But I will say that he offers a far more consistent message whether you agree with him or not. Hate to say it, but the GOP lost it’s way and got drunk on it’s own power in the process.

  14. The Watcher says:

    It would be great press if this nut job ran. Non-stop coverage just to capture another goofy rant.

    1. Chuck says:

      Yeah, so get someone else to take responsibility…
      I cannot understand why anyone, even Obama, would ever want the job…
      MB is only crazy in that she does not need it, but may jump in anyway!
      We can’t say that she is the best candidate, only the first candidate…
      The election is coming up fast, so let’s get with the program Mit!

  15. BUZZCUT says:

    It’s money game, MB has it. With $, you can get a lot of votes. She’s very serious contender.

    Personally, I think she done enough public service and should go back to the private sector. Ventura is the only politican that gets it. One term and get out. The Constitution doesn’t say a few should represent the many forever.

    1. JRay says:

      The problem is that it doesn’t say they can’t run forever!

    2. Shemp9971 says:

      My response for Bachmann is good luck in trying to run for the presidency.

  16. Edna Johnson says:


    Do they make a big enough cork to plug her mouth!!!

    1. jc's a luvin' it says:

      My foot, rather the foot and boot combined would do the job. 😉

      BTW – I’ll wager on Charley Manson becoming a president before this witch will.
      Think she’ll get Esme’s vote? I see a lot of resemblence when I think aboit it and …..

      1. Chris says:

        Wow, some of you guys are really over the top on this…
        I doubt Esme is a GOP and doubt she is a MB supporter either…
        If you guys can just stick to the facts and quit making stuff up!

  17. ap says:

    I love how this article tries to sneak in a low blow at the hand. Are people ever gonna realize that our media is trying to sway our view of politics and politicians to who they want us to support or not support. I make my assumptions on who would be a good politician by whether the mainstream media likes them or not. If they are liked- I stay the hell away from them. If they are not liked- you can bet that they probably honest people trying to do the right thing

    1. Shemp9971 says:

      No one’s swaying anyone. Your comment is self-serving and self-important nonsense.

  18. Sharon says:

    If Michelle and the Tea part want to stick to the constiution, she can’t be the president, so say teh constitution. No woman shale be elected to the office of President

    1. barfed up my GOP platter says:

      MB sticking to aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah what??? LMFAO

      she Tuitty Fruitty the Hag Mouth. No rules apply to her ….God told her so 😉

    2. Paul says:

      Nicw speling ther sharen

  19. Greg says:

    I try to never underestimate the stupidity of the American public, but I can’t believe she would ever get a plurality of the vote.

  20. Steve says:

    Well, Any of the potential republican candidates are more qualified than Obama, with the exception of Pawlenty. I think the focus coming in to the 2012 race has to be on who can defeat the Obama machine. I was a McCain supporter in the last election. But he was a poor choice. I think now the race will be between Huckabee, Romney and Gingrich. The only one without a lot of baggage is Huckabee.

    1. helper says:

      “The only one without a lot of baggage is Huckabee.”

      LOL That’s hilarious! Such a high and mighty christian man I’m sure you will say… Isn’t this the same religious slimeball that cheated on all of his wifes…. heated on 2 of them while they were in the hospital on their deathbeds…

      This d-bag makes John Edwards look like a freekin patron saint ..

      1. Tom says:


        It is just amazing how much the Religious Right will let slide if they like somebody.

        1. would not get wood says:

          Michele hasn’t cheated — but only cuz no one would touch her. Oh wait – I forgot about Huckabee 😉

      2. JRay says:

        Think it was Gingrich not Huckabee who did the cheating but doesn’t matter to me, don’t like either one of them anyway.

    2. Gordon says:

      About the only Republican without baggage would be one of the generals like Petreus. That would only happen if (a 24 point letter size if) he can get Afghanistan tidied up in the next year and probably a deadlocked convention. Other than that it would take a relatively unknown politico within the party. I don’t know if that exists

    3. Shemp9971 says:

      I’d rather see Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal in the White House. Most baby boomer Republicans are too often stuck in Reagan’s shadow and have either little to no substance. It’s no wonder Ron Paul won that CPAC straw poll. The GOP doesn’t really have a lot of substance left overall.

  21. AS says:

    Eveyone is forgetting all of the bull spit comments MB has made in the past, Don’t worry to much as soo as and if she gets the nomination all of her past blunders will catch up too her and she most likely won’t be elected!!

  22. red says:

    Spare me, who in gods name would vote for this b… for presidency?

    1. FB says:

      The same people that that voted for G.W. and we all know how that turned out.

  23. Jon says:

    I hope she runs for President. I will not say why I hope she runs. however.

  24. Charlie Sheen says:

    Michelle, come here babe … we gotta talk. Love those pretty red shoes ya got. You and me babe … we’d make a pretty good team. Speaking of weed, ya got any?

  25. Carlo Montgomery says:

    It’s no mystery that Michele Bachmann plans to run for President, where have you been Esme?

    I just wish she would take the time to learn American history if she’s going to be spouting off about the Founding Fathers, Slavey and the Constitution. She’s a complete embarrassment to our district, our state and our educational system.

    This is a non-blog.

  26. Michele for my President .... grins says:

    I desire Bachmann to run so badly it hurts.
    My jaws are painfully anticipating the humor, the laughs, the jokes, the whole parade that she would bring to the thing.
    American’s are not the brightest bulbs on the tree anymore as it’s always stated by Ms Bachmanns – we have been slipping away. She shall bring new ideas …. lmao…. and rely on the dumbest of the dim bulbs to provide her the support to do so.
    She panders she begs, she scowls, she says the dumbest things at times – and that dim bulbed base of hers wants and craves more. Shucks – it’s America after all.
    Thank you 6th District for making it all possible 😉

  27. Lisa Gonyea says:

    BHO is a Constitutional law scholar…and his knowledge is rather pathetic..or he would not be creating all this over the top unconstitutional legislative craziness

  28. WOW says:

    Reading this blog is a good reminder that this country is destined for a revolution. You bottom feeders have forgotten your place in society. You have made evil all that has paid your way for far too many years. Your common sense is gone. MB represents what made this country great. That scares you because she threatens your entitlement lifestyle. Your begging ways have brought this country to its breaking point. She has the backbone to save this country from people like you.

    1. Jray says:

      Why is anyone who thinks MB is not fit to run for President a bottom feeder? Why is anyone who disagrees with you disagreeing because they live an entitlement lifestyle and are afraid of her? Why are they beggars? I and many of us on this blog object to her because she has done little or nothing benefical for her state or her country. I’m not sure how her or anyone else’s backbone is going to save this country because a smart mind able to read and interpret information and discuss or make plans based on facts would better serve the common good than someone who serves only their party.

    2. Shemp9971 says:

      No she doesn’t , “WOW”. Her comments have no factual basis whatsoever. Her supporters are unfortunately delusional.

  29. Common Cents says:

    What mjaor legislation has she sponsored? Oh yeah, the freedom to choose light bulbs act. Funny, considering she doesn’t have on over her own head.

  30. upnorth says:

    I am still confused that the Tea Party who wants to right all the wasted spending in America does not address the retirement and health plans for Congress. After one term they retain their current salary for life with cost of living increases each year. And have 100% medical and dental for life. This has to be a few billion right there – but I guess thats different. Whoever, is elected to higher office should have learn to engage brain before mouth no matter which party they hail from.

    1. JRay says:

      I agree with much of what you say but was wondering where you found some of this information about Congressional salary and benefits. If your facts are true (I have no reason to doubt them yet) it makes it even more ironic that some in the national and state governments continue to take benefits from the common people. Ironic may not be the right word, disgusting is more suitable.

      1. upnorth says:

        Just go to the gov web site and dig and you can see for yourself they get the salary and health benifits I said. The billion or so is just a guess on my part but think about it – you have 450+ folks per year elected at the federal level and elections every two years. So how many folks over the years are sucking us dry? I’d like to see congress pass no law that they themselves don’t also honor. What do you think they would do if they have to use social secuirty, which they exempted themselves of doing? So, my question is where is the Tea Party? Show action that hits you personally and I will get on board, as you go after others.

        1. JRay says:

          Thanks for the info will check for myself and join your voice!

  31. jeppy says:

    once again the manure spreader is at full capacity fertilizing the hatred in america. well done michele……well done.

  32. Bridget Affias says:

    I think that Bachmann should have to take a geography test before she can run! If she doesn’t understand basic geography and one of the most known historical moments in the US, how much can she comprehend of government?

  33. Worker bee says:

    MB is controllable by her Repuglican backers–that is why she is THINKING OF MAYBE running. Why is this news, Esme? Why such a stupid article? Or does this website need readership and your station need viewers? Who cares about MB? She’s just like Charlie Sheen….good for viewer and reader circulation, and that’s about it. Her divisive rhetoric and that of the Tea Party simply serve to turn all us middle class people against each other while the rich and powerful people and corporations who rule this country are laughing out loud as our attention is diverted from the REAL problems facing us such as the inequity of the tax code rigged to favor those same rich and powerful.

  34. james says:

    As I keep saying, Michelle will get federal matching funds and laugh all the way to the bank. She is so much a part of the system even though she cries rebel. Duplicitous at best is how I’d describe her. In the meantime she enjoys all of the comforts of an elected official, including federal heathcare, and a pension for as long as she lives, taxpayer paid. Some Tea Partier. UGH!

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