ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Minnesota legislators are arriving at a self-imposed budget deadline.

Friday was the day the Republicans who lead the Legislature wanted all budget bills to move through finance-oriented committees. Some committees are bumping up against the deadline.

The budget-setting task is made more difficult this year by a projected $5 billion deficit for the next two years. Republicans say they set early deadlines to avoid the typical end-of-session logjam.

Democrats have been critical of what they see as a rushed process on decisions of consequence.

The real backdrop for getting a budget done on time is months off. Session is due to end by May 23 and the next fiscal year begins July 1.

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Comments (6)
  1. Orville says:

    The AP writer does not know how quickly 59 days can go. Given the differences between the legislature and Governor it will take all 59 days.

    1. Orville says:

      I did not put the link to the ad in the (the green words).

  2. Purple pride not Pruple Welfare says:

    I hope they don’t hurry and pass the new stadium tax I love the Vikes but they really should pay for their own place to play Football. If it is such a no brainer for the NFL then all the teams should pitch in 30 mil and build new stadiums for which ever teams they feel need them. NO BAIL OUT FOR BILLIONAIRS AND CRYBABY PLAYERS

    1. Head Chef says:

      Why play football at all Adrian Peterson said it’s like modern day slavery (Adrian you can come and work for here at my restaurant k we need a new busboy)

  3. Skeeter says:

    i WISH i COULD AFFORD TO BE oFF FROM may 23 til mid july.I am sure they will vote them selves a big ol raise too!Get the stadium done with state casinos or alot of jobs will be lost all the way down to the Doritos delivery guy it affects

    1. Alex V says:

      Actually, they are “off” from the end of session until next year’s session starts next winter. However, nearly all of them have full time jobs, and they also attend countless meetings while not in session that they are not paid for. Legislators are some of the hardest working people you will ever meet, believe it or not.

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