FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) — A Fergus Falls man accused of stealing thongs and other articles of women’s underwear over a period of a year has been convicted on burglary and stalking charges.

Twenty-three-year-old Joseph Bruce Johnson was sentenced this week to 120 days in jail. He was also fined $500 and must pay over $1,900 in restitution.

Prosecutors say Johnson broken into the apartment of a female acquaintance in 2009. The woman told investigators about $1,000 in underwear, lingerie, high-heel shoes and DVDs were missing.

Another woman who knew Johnson also told police someone broke into her home a few months later and stole underwear belonging to her and her daughter.

The Austin Daily Herald says police executed a search warrant and found women’s underwear at Johnson’s home.

Investigators say Johnson eventually admitted to the burglaries.

A telephone listing for Johnson couldn’t immediately be found.

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Comments (25)
  1. Calvin Caliente says:

    I think this punishment is way too harsh, let’s start catching the real criminals. All he wanted to do was probably to wear the lady’s thongs, no harm no foul, she should have been flattered.

    1. Frank Herold says:

      I agree with Calvin, I mean who hasn’t stolen some woman’s panties (usually their own girlfriend’s) to have fun with later…dancing around the house and posing in the mirror and doing general “thong-goofing”.

      1. cal and frank says:

        did ya’all miss the “broke into apartment” part?…cheese!

    2. Greta says:

      no harm no foul? wow. youre messed up dude. what if i broke in your house and stole something of yours? Would you be flattered? Sicko.

    3. Pmil says:

      This is how real criminals start out dumb a$$. Look at his age.

    4. SPIRIT LIFTER says:


  2. captainobvious says:

    so if some1 broke in your moms house and stole her underwear ud laugh it off?

    1. CaptainJerk says:

      You could never break in to my mom’s house, she has really good locks and a security system, you would not outsmart my mom. Why are you threatening moms anyway, you are quite pathetic.

      1. Doug says:

        whats the address??

      2. captainobvious says:

        Your mom lives in a trailer it has a aluminum door enuff said

  3. Realist says:

    I think you guys fail to realize that to obtain them, he burglarized two houses. Not only did he steal over $1000 worth of underwear, he also violated these womens sense of security. I think the punishment fits the crime in this case.

  4. Me says:

    Who spends a $1000 on underwear??? I can buy a 10 pack of Hanes for less than $20. Maybe you should have spent some of that money on an alarm system.

  5. Greta says:

    Wow you commenters need help. This guy stole. Period. He broke in to people’s houses. That is a crime. If he is this bold to break in to someone’s house to steal shoes and underwear, it will only be a matter of time before he is bold enough to do something worse. I hope none of you who are saying that this is no big deal live around me. If you try to break in to my house for some underwear you are going to meet the business end of a rifle.

    1. fcdfc says:

      Murder won’t make you go free in any case. If there’s no way out of you house, you’ll still be tried for murder.

  6. Bryson Powers says:

    That’s gonna be a great nickname in prison–“Underpants”.

  7. admittadlythisissick says:

    the sicko would be the one who posts a comment wondering if the guy took only clean undies ,or did he grab at some in the laundry baskets to to cop hisself a good snif

  8. Santamer says:

    This type of crime when not caught often goes to the next level… not funny then… when people are hurt.

  9. Victim Du Jour says:

    My home got broken into, someone made off with almost $3,000 of stuff. The police seem too busy too care.

    I think a cop has a crush on one of the victims and someone at the news desk is mad at men for having fun genitals this weekend.

  10. tiredandretired says:

    I have some old briefs he can have, skid marks and all. What a perv!

  11. Duh says:

    People need to realize when people make sarcastic remarks instead of going on self-righteous tirades…

  12. Iconoclast says:

    Talk about a news brief.

  13. D'Andre Fippins says:

    I swiped a bra once from an ex-GF as we broke up. I sometimes wear it under my suit to work. Is that so wrong?